The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 17 - Violet Cloud Swordsmanship

Chapter 17: Violet Cloud Swordsmanship

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“Alright! You may leave…” Qi Wuhui waved his hand, indicating for Qi Hao to leave.

After Qi Hao left, a youth excitedly walked in and greeted him. “Master, I have broken through to the second stage of Qi Mastery…” The youth said as if he was seeking credit. He was very happy in his heart. He had just broken through and wanted to share this joy with his master.

Who would have thought that Qi Wuhui would look at him with disdain? His gaze became even more disdainful when he thought of Lin Qingzhu.

This youth was none other than the disciple that Qi Wuhui and Yang Wudi fought over the other day, Li Caisi. Initially, he had thought that he had picked up a treasure. Now that he compared her with his own, he felt as if he had eaten sh*t. He was only at the second level of Qi Mastery after five days, but Lin Qingzhu was already at the fourth level of Qi Mastery.

“What’s there to be proud of?” Qi Wuhui spoke coldly. When Li Caisi heard this, he immediately felt disappointed.


He could not figure out how his master’s attitude had changed 180 degrees in just a day’s time, becoming so unfamiliar. Had his performance disappointed his master?

“Just a little achievement and you’re already gloating over it. How can you accomplish great things with such a disposition?” Qi Wuhui continued. They were both born with divine bones, but why was it that the disciple of the other party had attained the fourth stage of Qi Mastery in five days? And his disciple was only in the second stage?

Could it be that he wasn’t as good as Ye Qiu?

It was impossible. He would rather believe that he had taken in trash than believe that Ye Qiu was better at teaching disciples.

Li Caisi was very depressed. He had thought that his master would be happy if he told him about his breakthrough. Unexpectedly, not only was Qi Wuhui not happy, he was even very angry. “Master, I am wrong! I will work harder and strive to reach the heights that you wish for.”

“Alright, you may leave!” Qi Wuhui had no expression as he spoke calmly. He no longer held any hope for this disciple. He only hoped that Qi Hao would be able to work hard. After all, he was his son, his future heir.

The next day. Early in the morning, the sun slowly rose into the sky.

“The plan for a day lies in the morning. The morning is full of vitality and is the most suitable time for training. Disciple, you have to understand! In the Great Desolate, if you want to survive, you can only rely on the sword in your hand. Only when you are strong enough will others listen to what you say.”

In the bamboo forest, Ye Qiu spoke with composure. Lin Qingzhu listened attentively.

“Today, I shall teach you the Violet Cloud Swordsmanship!

“This sword technique is a sword technique passed down from our Violet Cloud Peak. It’s a sword technique that has been passed down from the general principles of Heaven Mending Sect. After your grandmaster improved it, the power of the sword technique was maximized.

“The profoundness of swordsmanship is not something that can be mastered in a single day. You must cultivate diligently every day and not neglect it…”

Lin Qingzhu listened very carefully and nodded solemnly. “Master, I understand. I will cultivate diligently and strive to master our peak’s unique art as soon as possible.”

“Very good. The Violet Cloud Swordsmanship emphasizes on the ethereal and graceful movement technique.

“It might seem like a sword dance, but it’s actually more like a slow dance in the clouds. It might appear to be light and profound, but it possesses enormous might. Often, a single sword strike would cause one’s opponent to throw away their armor and flee.”

As he spoke, Ye Qiu picked up a piece of bamboo and said, “I’ll demonstrate it to you once. Later, I’ll impart the sword manual to you. At that time, you just need to practice according to the sword manual.

“If you encounter any questions you don’t understand, you can ask me directly…”

Ye Qiu didn’t use Cloudy Heavens Sword. The main reason was because this sword was too powerful. He was afraid that he would destroy his home. With his current strength at the Hidden Life realm and the Cloudy Heavens Sword, even strong practitioners at the Cardinal realm were not his match.

Ye Qiu had such confidence mainly because of the mental cultivation technique he cultivated. It was a god-grade mental cultivation technique. Its spirit energy was pure and its power was astonishing.

Moreover, he had the immortal sword, if he couldn’t even defeat a Cardinal, then that really would be too embarrassing.

Lin Qingzhu’s expression was tense as she stared at Ye Qiu in the bamboo forest. “Master, I’m ready!”

Ye Qiu nodded his head and immediately began his sword dance.

The bamboo turned in his hand and a beautiful sword flower bloomed instantly. A lotus flower pattern appeared beneath his feet. In that instant, Ye Qiu leaped up and danced in the air. His white clothes were like dust and he looked like a Sword Immortal from Heaven. As the sword rays swept forth, the bamboo forest began to turn around.

Lin Qingzhu was completely entranced by Ye Qiu’s swordsmanship. This kind of illusory swordsmanship, in addition to Ye Qiu’s white-clothed aura, made it hard for her to extricate herself. Soon, she fell into it. While Ye Qiu was practicing his swordplay, she gradually figured out a few things.

Suddenly, the sword intent of the originally ordinary sword technique became sharp in an instant, and killing intent surged. A bamboo in Ye Qiu’s hand danced with terrifying sword intent, instantly slashing down.

Suddenly, a crack appeared on the ground…

“This…” Lin Qingzhu was shocked. She had never imagined that such a terrifying sword technique would exist in this seemingly simple sword technique.

Soon, Ye Qiu finished demonstrating his swordplay. He slowly descended from above. With the bamboo behind him, he really did look like a Sword Immortal from Heaven.

“Disciple, did you see clearly?” Ye Qiu said guiltily. He had just learned it a few days ago.

Because of the Flower of Great Dao’s comprehension, he learned very quickly and grasped the marvel of the Violet Cloud Swordsmanship in just a few days. He did not know if Lin Qingzhu could understand it. It would be awkward if she could not. After all, he, as her master, had just learned it, and he was still trying to figure it out.

To Ye Qiu’s surprise, Lin Qingzhu smiled and said, “Yes… I saw it clearly. Although Master only demonstrated it once, I’ve memorized it all.”

Ye Qiu was a bit surprised. Did this girl have photographic memory? She could see it clearly?

“You really memorized everything?” Ye Qiu asked in disbelief while Lin Qingzhu smiled proudly.

“What’s so difficult about that? Let alone these few sword techniques, even if it was a thick Dao scripture, I would only need to take a glance at it to roughly remember it.”

Ye Qiu’s eyes lit up. This girl really had a photographic memory? He had really underestimated her. He had not noticed it after so many days.

“Very good! Since you have seen it clearly, take this sword manual and practice according to what I demonstrated just now. If you encounter anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask me.” Ye Qiu smiled and continued, “Although your memory isn’t bad, the most important thing about swordsmanship is comprehension.

“There are many sword techniques in this world, but no matter what kind of sword technique it is, its ultimate profoundness will always lead to a goal. And that is sword intent! Only by comprehending sword intent can the sword technique unleash its true might.

“It’s not an easy task to comprehend sword intent. Even geniuses with extremely high perceptivity would need at least a year or even several years to comprehend sword intent. Those with worse perception might not be able to comprehend sword intent for the rest of their lives.”

Lin Qingzhu listened very seriously. She immediately had a goal in mind after hearing her master speak of the sword intent with such difficulty. “Master, don’t worry. I will definitely cultivate well and strive to figure out sword intent as soon as possible.”

“Alright, go on! I trust you…”

Lin Qingzhu was delighted and left happily with the sword manual. Master said that he trusted me, which meant that he was very satisfied with me. It seemed that I did not disappoint him.

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