The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 18 - Cursive Sword Technique

Chapter 18: Cursive Sword Technique

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After imparting the swordsmanship, Ye Qiu returned to the training hall.



[You have imparted the Violet Cloud Swordsmanship to your disciple, activating Critical Hit Return.]




[Ding… congratulations on triggering 10,000 times Critical Hit and obtaining God Tier Sword Technique, Cursive Sword Art]

“Cursive Sword Art?”

Ye Qiu stared blankly. This name didn’t sound very strong.

[Do you want to learn?]


A golden scripture entered Ye Qiu’s mind. Ye Qiu immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Wild winds are blowing, every tree and bush are enemies…”

“Hiss…” With this glance, Ye Qiu instantly dispelled his thoughts.

This swordsmanship might sound weak, but it’s true might was far more terrifying than Ye Qiu had imagined.

“The sharp blades of the world are nothing more than trees and bushes! In one year, withers and thrives once each. They can transcend time and space and become murderous…”

Ye Qiu broke out in a cold sweat from this fierce killing intent. The Cursive Sword Art only had three swords. The power of each technique was unimaginable.

First Sword: Dazzling in the Grass!

Second Sword: Chaotic Dance Strikes the Sky!

Third Sword: Withers and Thrives Once Each A Year.

Each of these three sword techniques are moves that could deal a deathblow. The power was extremely astonishing, and the sword art was incomparably tyrannical, making it difficult for others to resist.

The third sword technique, Withers and Thrives Once A Year, was a divine technique. He could transcend time, space, and even the difference in strength to the point where he could replace it one-for-one in extreme situations. Even the Immortals in the Heavens would tremble in fear upon seeing this sword.

This sword was Ye Qiu’s final trump card. It would be a life and death struggle once his opponent was able to force Ye Qiu to use this sword, no matter who his opponent was and how strong he was.

“What the f*ck, awesome…” This time, Ye Qiu was completely excited! Three divine skills had appeared at once. Apart from the third sword, which he couldn’t use unless absolutely necessary, the other two swords were enough for Ye Qiu to gain a foothold.

In the entire Heaven Mending Sect, even in the Eastern Wastelands, one could not find such a terrifying sword technique. He had made a killing this time.

In the following few days, Violet Cloud Peak returned to its former calmness.

Lin Qingzhu was cultivating the Violet Cloud Swordsmanship, and she was becoming more and more proficient. Her strength was also gradually becoming stronger. Her cultivation quickly broke through to second level Black Finger.

Ye Qiu was also startled by her cultivation speed. However, after thinking about it, he quickly understood. It was difficult for her not to break through with the augmentation of the divine bones and her hard working mentality.

As for Ye Qiu, he was still immersed in the cultivation of the Cursive Sword Art. He continuously disassembled his moves and dismantled them. With the help of the Flower of Great Dao, he quickly grasped the mysteries of the Cursive Sword Art and cultivated it to Greater Mastery.

Ye Qiu felt as if he was floating with this sword technique as his foundation. It was so comfortable…

There were already very few people who could be his opponent right now as he has the Cursive Sword Art and Cloudy Heavens Immortal Sword. It was already good enough that he was not complacent.

On this day, Ye Qiu left Violet Cloud Peak early in the morning and headed towards the Jade Pure Hall.

Meng Tianzheng was sending them bad news in the Jade Pure Hall.

It was about the previous beast riot. This event had a huge impact on the Eastern Wasteland. Almost all of the immortal sacred lands within the Eastern Wasteland had been affected. Right now, the violent beasts at the foot of the mountain had yet to calm down. Violent beasts were everywhere on the Hundred Mile Plains. The people of the world have no way of making a living and living a tough life.

Regarding this, the Liyang Dynasty, Blazing Fire Dynasty, Oceanic Dynasty sent out invitations to various Holy Lands and sects in the Eastern Wasteland. They invited the disciples of the various Holy Lands and sects to descend the mountain together to quell the chaos.

As one of the most famous immortal Holy Lands within the Liyang Dynasty, the Heaven Mending Sect naturally received the invitation as well. That was why Meng Tianzheng suddenly held a meeting with the seven peak masters, wishing to ask them what they were thinking.

Everyone expressed their willingness to go down the mountain to quell the chaos.

Ye Qiu naturally had no objections. According to his original plan, he wanted to leave the mountain after the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting. But from the looks of it, there was no need to wait until then.

It was a good opportunity for him to train his disciple while they went down the mountain. At the same time, he could investigate the cause of the beast riot.

In the Jade Pure Hall.

Meng Tianzheng finally decided, saying, “Alright! Since no one has any objections, then let’s all go back and prepare. The sect will not interfere with the various factions. There are still two more months before the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting begins. Don’t go too deep, and try to rush back before it begins. Alright! Go back…”

No one had any objections. They started to leave and went back to prepare.

Ye Qiu quickly returned to Violet Cloud Peak. Lin Qingzhu was already waiting for him at the training hall.

“Master, did Uncle-Master find out anything since he called you over for a meeting urgently?” Lin Qingzhu asked impatiently when she saw Ye Qiu return. What sheu cared about the most was her parents’ revenge.

Ye Qiu returned to his seat and calmly took a sip of tea. He shook his head, “No. You don’t have to worry. I’ll let you know when there’s news.”

Lin Qingzhu was a bit disappointed. She even thought that Meng Tianzheng hurriedly called Ye Qiu to Jade Pure Hall because he got some information.

However, she quickly regained her senses. The most important thing now was to cultivate. Even if she found out now, she would not be able to take revenge. She might as well stay on the mountain and cultivate with her master. When she was strong enough, she would investigate this matter herself.

Ye Qiu could tell that she was depressed. He smiled and said, “Alright! Get ready. Tomorrow, I’ll personally bring you down the mountain to investigate the cause of the beast riot.

“At the same time, I want to train you as well. You’re already a second-grade Black Finger cultivator and you’re almost done with your swordsmanship. It’s time for you to have a real battle.”

“The impact of this vicious beast riot is too great. The entire Eastern Wasteland is in danger. The genius disciples from the various immortal sects and holy lands have already left the mountain before us.

“You should take this opportunity to witness the geniuses from the other holy lands. You should see the disparity between you and them. We’ll come back and discuss it after you see the differences.”

Lin Qingzhu’s eyes lit up. “Really? Master, you’re not lying to me, are you?”

“When have I ever lied to you…” Ye Qiu rolled his eyes at her. Lin Qingzhu was very touched to hear this.

“Alright, I’ll go prepare then?”

“Okay, go on…”

Lin Qingzhu was very happy because she could go down the mountain with her master. Although she had a fulfilling life every day ever since she went up the mountain and her master treated her very well, there was always a knot in her heart, and that was the grudge between her parents. She did not know what the old residence that had been destroyed by the ferocious beasts was.

So she was extremely touched when Lin Qingzhu learned that Ye Qiu was going to bring her down the mountain to train and also help her investigate the culprit who killed her parents.

When she returned to his room, Lin Qingzhu immediately started packing up and prepared to leave the mountain with Ye Qiu tomorrow morning.

Actually, she didn’t have much to deal with. She just needs to bring herself and her sword.

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