The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 27 - My Dao Heart Is Unstable

Chapter 27: My Dao Heart Is Unstable

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“From today onwards, you are my second disciple. The one in front is your Senior Sister. I will introduce her to you later. Get up first! We’ll talk about the ceremony after we return to the sect.”

“Thank you, Master.” Zhao Wan’er slowly rose to her feet. She had an elegant demeanor and was constantly exuding a noble aura.

“Hehe, Princess, congratulations. You’ve finally found a master to your satisfaction.” Little Ling congratulated her from the bottom of her heart.

Ye Qiu suddenly froze. Princess? This second disciple did not seem to be simple.

Even though he was puzzled, Ye Qiu didn’t ask. It was just as he said. He took in disciples and didn’t look at their backgrounds.


The battle ahead was nearing its end. Although the Red Serpent was extremely fast, it was still unable to escape death in Lin Qingzhu’s hands. Soon after, Lin Qingzhu killed the Red Serpent, took its precious bone, and calmly returned.

“Master, how was my performance just now?” Lin Qingzhu stepped forward and bowed. She looked at Ye Qiu expectantly. She had performed so well just now. Master must be very satisfied, right?

“Hmm, your swordsmanship is not bad. However, you lack combat experience and have missed several good opportunities. But it’s not a big problem. I’ll find a few more vicious beasts for you to practice on later. You’ll slowly get used to it.”

Ye Qiu gave a serious comment. Lin Qingzhu was somewhat disappointed, but after Ye Qiu said this, she deeply realized her own shortcomings.

“Alright, let me introduce you. This is the disciple whom I have just accepted, and she will be your junior from now on…” At this point, Ye Qiu suddenly paused. He turned around and looked at Zhao Wan’er. “What’s your name again?”

She seemed to have said it before, but Ye Qiu didn’t pay attention and forgot.

“Pfft…” Zhao Wan’er covered her mouth and wanted to laugh, but she restrained herself and explained, “Hello senior sister, my name is Zhao Wan’er. It’s our first time meeting, I hope you will take care of me in the future.”

Lin Qingzhu looked at Zhao Wan’er in surprise and couldn’t help but praise her in her heart. Isn’t this girl too beautiful?

She immediately felt immense pressure. However, on second thought, it didn’t seem wrong.

Violet Cloud Peak was too quiet. There wasn’t a third person in the entire mountain. Ye Qiu was busy cultivating and didn’t have time to chat with her.

Lin Qingzhu was very happy to suddenly have a junior sister because she finally had someone to talk to.

Thinking of this, Lin Qingzhu happily said, “Hehe, I finally have a junior sister! Hello, Junior Sister. My name is Lin Qingzhu. If you have any questions in the future, you can ask me.”

As soon as the two girls saw each other, they felt as if they had met before. They chatted happily.

Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched. He seemed to have been neglected.

After chatting for a while, the two of them finally had their fun. They gradually remembered that Ye Qiu was still being neglected by them. Both of them felt a little embarrassed. Zhao Wan’er didn’t know much about Ye Qiu and was afraid that her master would be angry.

Just as she was about to say something, Lin Qingzhu comforted her, “Don’t worry, Junior Sister. Master treats his disciples very well and never throws a tantrum. You’ll know when you get to know him better.

“Master is the person who treats me the best among all the people I’ve met.

“During the past few days when I’m in the mountain, my Master took care of me meticulously. Not only did he give me immortal pills and wondrous medicines, but he also imparted his cultivation to me. He also imparted the Violet Cloud Peak’s inherited treasure, the Violet Cloud Sword.”

Zhao Wan’er was shocked after hearing this. She was even more convinced that she had not taken the wrong master. There was actually such a good master in this world?

“Alright! Let’s talk on the way.” He looked at the sky. Night was about to fall. It seemed like he would have to camp again tonight.

“Alright, Master, get in the carriage. It’s windy outside.” Zhao Wan’er pointed at the red carriage behind her, indicating for Ye Qiu to sit in it. Ye Qiu didn’t stand on ceremony.

It had to be said that the princess’ carriage was indeed luxurious. It was even more comfortable than Ye Qiu’s wooden house on Violet Cloud Peak.

The three of them sat inside, and it did not seem crowded at all. Little Ling drove the carriage outside.

When night fell, Ye Qiu’s group stopped by a lake.

After successfully setting up camp and settling down, Ye Qiu called Zhao Wan’er to his side. “Disciple, your senior sister went out to hunt! I’ll take this time to teach you cultivation.”

“Okay.” Zhao Wan’er sat in front of Ye Qiu in a dignified manner. As she looked at the handsome face opposite her, her pretty face blushed slightly and she was a little nervous. However, when she thought about how she would be able to cultivate soon, she could not help but feel elated.

Ye Qiu said, “Your aptitude is average so I’ll help you improve it. I obtained this precious bone some time ago, the precious bone of the Purgatory Giant Ape. It’s the fire attribute. Today, I will give this precious bone to you to absorb.”

“What!” Zhao Wan’er was startled. She looked at the precious bone in Ye Qiu’s hand and was a bit surprised. Wasn’t this the primordial descendant of the Hidden Life realm?

Ye Qiu had spent a lot of effort to obtain it. How could he bear to give it to her to absorb?

Previously, when she heard Lin Qingzhu say that her master treated his disciples very well, she was still doubtful. Now, she finally believed it.

Wasn’t this too generous? Did he just give it away like that?

But she didn’t know that Ye Qiu wanted to give the bone to Lin Qingzhu to absorb when he got it. However, she had a piece of Mystical Ice Bone that clashed with this precious bone, so she couldn’t absorb it. If she forcefully absorbed it, it would probably affect the effect of the divine bones. Therefore, he kept this precious bone with him and did not know how to deal with it.

It’s a waste for him to absorb it. He could not absorb it, but he could not leave it there either.

Ye Qiu finally knew what to do now that he had accepted Zhao Wan’er as his disciple.

“Master, are you joking with me? This is the precious bone of a Hidden Life realm. Are you really giving it to me?” Zhao Wan’er said in disbelief. She felt that Ye Qiu was testing her.

Ye Qiu said calmly, “The so-called treasure depends on what value it can produce. If it has no value, then it’s just a piece of useless bone. Just absorb as much as you want. There’s no need to feel sorry for me. Since you’ve chosen to become my disciple, your master will definitely not hide anything from you.”

Zhao Wan’er was extremely touched. She was even more certain that she had not taken the wrong master.

“Thank you, Master.” She didn’t refuse and took the precious bone. She followed the absorption method Ye Qiu taught her and began to absorb the precious bone.

In less than a moment, it was as if a ball of fire had been ignited within her body, causing her entire body to heat up. She couldn’t help but tug on the red robe on her body and remove it.

When Ye Qiu saw that perfect figure, his body trembled.

The sweat flowed over her fair skin and emitted a faint fragrance. Ye Qiu’s hormones immediately surged.

“D*mn! Teaching a disciple almost caused my Dao heart to become unstable.” Ye Qiu cursed himself in his heart. He quickly looked away to avoid looking at her, but he couldn’t help but sneak a few glances.

At this moment, Zhao Wan’er’s body was burning with flames. She had taken off her clothes one after another, and she still felt very hot. Just as she was about to take off the last piece, she suddenly remembered that her master was still beside her. She immediately held back.

This disappointed Ye Qiu. Sigh… almost. Just a little more.

Settling her heart, Zhao Wan’er began to absorb the precious bone. In less than a moment, a fiery divine bone was slowly born in the depths of her prefecture sea.

This was a divine bone formed after absorbing the primordial descendant and combining it with her original bloodline. She originally had the royal bloodline, so her bloodline was naturally very noble. It was the same as merging the precious bone into her body when absorbing the precious bone.

The combination of the two resulted in the birth of a new divine bone. In terms of grade, it was no weaker than Lin Qingzhu’s Mystical Ice Bone.

As soon as the divine bones appeared, a smile immediately appeared on Ye Qiu’s face. He was very satisfied.

“Mhm…” With a light groan, Zhao Wan’er’s expression became extremely painful. She felt an incomparably itchy feeling when her divine bones grew out of her body.

In a moment of carelessness, an erotic sight had appeared.

“Oh… I think I saw something I shouldn’t have. My Dao heart is unstable.”

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