The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 28 - I Suspect This Disciple Is Seducing Me  1

Chapter 28: I Suspect This Disciple Is Seducing Me


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After an unknown period of time, Zhao Wan’er finally woke up. At this time, her cultivation had already reached the first level of the Black Finger realm. Moreover, she had fused with the purgatory flames of the giant ape and successfully evolved her own divine bones.

The power of the precious bone had yet to be completely absorbed. In the following period of time, she only needed to convert the power of the precious bone into her own power, and her cultivation would rise rapidly.

This was the power of a precious bone, especially a descendant with a cultivation level of God Depository. The power it contained was enough for one to cultivate to the Hidden Life realm. As a result, in the Great Desolate, precious bones were equivalent to immortal pills. They were extremely precious.

This was also the reason why so many people wanted to snatch the precious bone.

After a while, Zhao Wan’er slowly opened her eyes. She was unable to conceal the joy in her heart.


When she opened her eyes and saw Ye Qiu sitting in front of her, she was so excited that she wanted to hug him. Suddenly, she felt a gust of cold wind hit her, making her shiver. She looked down, and a second later, her face turned red. She hurriedly grabbed the red robe on the ground and draped it over her body, blocking the erotic sight.

“Ah… How embarrassing… I wonder if Master saw anything just now. Ah ah… it’s so embarrassing, so embarrassing.”

Zhao Wan’er wished she could find a hole to hide in.

“M-Master?” Zhao Wan’er shouted shyly.

“Well, I didn’t see anything.” Ye Qiu said lightly. Zhao Wan’er’s face turned even redder.

You wouldn’t have emphasized it if you never saw it. Boohoo… How am I going to face anyone in the future?

Zhao Wan’er wanted to die. As the princess of a dynasty, she had always been steady and elegant. This was a noble temperament that was carved into her bones. She had not expected that she would do something like this in front of her master. Her master’s impression of her must have hit rock bottom, right?

The purgatory flames were too hot. Unknowingly, she had taken off her clothes, leaving only her inner shirt. In addition, she was drenched in sweat and her clothes clung tightly to her body, making her look almost transparent.

Her master must have seen everything that he should have seen. How was she going to see her master in the future?

Ye Qiu turned around and secretly glanced at her long, white legs. He swallowed his saliva.

“Disciple, you’ve already absorbed the precious bone of the Purgatory Giant Ape and fused it together to form your own divine bone. From today onwards, you’ve officially stepped onto the path of immortality. You’ve just entered the path of immortality, so you might lack some cultivation knowledge. It just so happens that your senior sister has yet to return from hunting, so I’ll take this opportunity to explain it to you.”

Zhao Wan’er’s eyes moved. She raised her head to look at Ye Qiu and found that there was nothing unusual about his expression. He was very calm.

She suddenly felt a sense of loss. It was a very strange feeling. She was even more curious.

What’s going on? Does Master not like women? He didn’t react at all to what I’d just done. Or is my beauty not enough to attract Master? Ah, what am I thinking? That’s my master!

Shaking her head, Zhao Wan’er tried her best to suppress the evil thoughts in her heart and finally recovered. “Alright, Master, please speak. I’m listening.”

Zhao Wan’er gracefully pulled on her red robe and wrapped it around her body. However, it was unknown whether or not her fair and long legs were intentionally exposed.

It made Ye Qiu’s dao heart unstable. This girl had evil intentions and wanted to harm her master.

“Yeah…” After taking a deep breath, Ye Qiu continued, “As cultivators, Qi Mastery is the foundation. The early-stage Black Finger means that you’ve just stepped onto the immortal path. Only by reaching this realm can one learn powerful immortal spells.

“Your current realm is first-grade of Black Finger. Black Finger is divided into nine minor realms, from first to ninth levels. After that, it will be the Celestial realm.

“Celestial, also known as Ethereal Enlightenment. Upon reaching this realm, it means that your control over your own aura has already reached the point of perfection. You can clearly sense the changes in aura within a radius of several kilometers. Your five senses are sharp and you can see all directions. This realm is also divided into nine minor realms.”

Zhao Wan’er listened attentively. Although she was from the royal family, she had been treated as a tool for marriage since she was young and had no chance to learn this knowledge. Most of them were told by others, but not in detail.

“Above the Celestial realm is Infinite Distance. Infinite Distance, as the name suggests, means there is no distance. At this distance, it can be a super-distance teleportation or a super-distance strike across time and space. This is a kind of law and order. You’ll understand when you reach this realm. It’s too early to tell you all this. Just like the previous three realms, this realm also has nine minor realms.

“The Hidden Life realm after that is different from the previous realms. This realm only has five minor realms. That’s why it’s called the Hidden Life Five Realms. One’s heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys are supplied with five life springs. The charm is hidden in one’s body, so it’s called the Hidden Life. Once you reach the realm of Hidden Life, you can restrain your aura and return to simplicity. One’s sharp sword is hidden in the heart and doesn’t reveal its form. The Hidden Life means restrain and it nourishes the mind.

“I am currently in this realm.”

After listening to Ye Qiu’s explanation, Zhao Wan’er was very engrossed. She looked at Ye Qiu without blinking, making Ye Qiu feel a little embarrassed. He seriously suspected that this disciple was really seducing him on purpose. With her fair and long legs exposed, she put on a charming expression that made one want to kiss her.

He had a deep sense of guilt. This was much worse than Lin Qingzhu.

Lin Qingzhu gave people a bone-chilling feeling. Even if you fell into it, you would quickly wake up.

As for her, she was the type that was gentle like fire, tender and moving. It was as if there was a flame burning in her heart, making one feel restless.

“Master, what about those above the Five Realms?” Zhao Wan’er rested her chin on her hands and asked softly.

Ye Qiu took a deep breath and pretended to be calm. With a calm expression, he said, “Above the Five Realms is the Cardinal realm, also known as Venerable. Generally speaking, those who are able to reach this realm are all the leaders of their respective sects.

“Our Heaven Mending Sect has two Cardinals, the first is sect master Meng Tianzheng. The second is the head of the Hidden Sword Peak, as well as the Disciplinary Elder of the Heaven Mending Sect, Qi Wuhui.

“At this level, one can already achieve the level of simplifying the Great Dao. A seemingly casual strike contains infinite profoundness. To enter the Dao with the body, to follow the path of the gods, to form a system, I am the Dao.”

Zhao Wan’er asked, “Master, are there any realms above the Cardinal?”

Seeing her curious look, Ye Qiu slowly explained, “Yes, there is still the Paragon realm above the Cardinal. A paragon being among men, unparalleled in the world! This realm can already be considered a pinnacle of existence.

“Of course, there is still the King-Ranked Realm above the Paragon Realm. Above the King-Ranked Realm is the Martial Monarch Realm. However, it’s extremely rare to find people in these realms. It could be said that there are none.

“It has been ten thousand years since a Martial Monarch appeared in the human race. The trials and tribulations that one must go through to become a Martial Monarch are unimaginable to you. Therefore, cultivation is not as simple as you think.

“All the hardships and tribulations that a famous expert has experienced before becoming famous are unimaginable to you.

“Disciple, you must remember this! No matter what difficulties you encounter in the future, you can only brace yourself and charge forward. Even if you are riddled with holes, you cannot back down.

“Cultivation is a matter of defying the heavens and changing fate. It will be a bottomless abyss if you take a step back.

“Do you understand?” Ye Qiu said with a solemn tone.

Zhao Wan’er’s heart trembled and she said with a firm tone, “Master, I understand.”

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