The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 29 - Remnants of the True Dragon

Chapter 29: Remnants of the True Dragon

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She was not an innocent girl. She came from the palace and knew the dangers of the world. Compared to the scheming and infighting in the palace, she was more willing to enter the immortal path and experience all the sufferings of immortal cultivation. She wanted to live for herself, not be called a tool for marriage and marry a man she’d never even met.

At this point, her hatred and injustice died down.

“Yeah… good.” Ye Qiu nodded with satisfaction. He was very satisfied with this second disciple. “Alright! You just need to understand these common sense questions. There’s no need to think too much.”

Lin Qingzhu and Little Ling had yet to return from their hunt. Ye Qiu wondered if he should teach her immortal spells now. After thinking for a while, Ye Qiu gave up. She had just broken through to first-grade Black Finger and her mental state was still unstable. Teaching her now was a little too hasty.

Then, he said, “This precious bone has already perfectly fused with you. From today onwards, you just need to follow the method I taught you and absorb it. We’ll talk about the immortal techniques after you’ve stabilized your state of mind. There’s no need to be anxious.


“This precious bone is the precious bone of a primordial descendant at the Hidden Life Five Realms. It’s blessed by the heavens and earth with extremely dense spiritual energy. It can effectively help you raise your cultivation level.”

“Yes, Master, I understand.” Zhao Wan’er solemnly nodded her head. She could feel the powerful energy of the precious bone reverberating within her body.

As long as she absorbs this energy, she should be able to break through to the Celestial realm very soon, right? Thinking of this, Zhao Wan’er couldn’t help but secretly rejoice. Her luck was just too good.

She was actually able to acknowledge such a good master and immediately give her a precious bone. This was the precious bone of a primordial descendant at the Hidden Life Five Realms. Even her father would not dare to casually take out a piece for them to absorb.

This kind of master was really too good to his disciple. Just like what Lin Qingzhu said before, he never hides anything from his disciple.

The more she thought about it, the happier she became. Her gaze towards Ye Qiu began to blur, and she felt as if love was starting to bud.

Her master was not only steady, but also handsome. More importantly, he was very capable. Furthermore, he did not hide anything from his disciples. He was simply the best master in the world.

Zhao Wan’er was extremely glad that she hadn’t made up her mind to take someone else as her master. Otherwise, she would have missed out on such a good master.

“Alright, take this opportunity to consolidate your cultivation and stabilize your state of mind. Your senior sister should be back soon.”

Zhao Wan’er elegantly brushed her long black hair and pulled on her red robe. She wrapped herself up and instantly entered a state of meditation. According to the method Ye Qiu taught her, she consolidated her cultivation and absorbed the power of the precious bone.

Ye Qiu finally let out a sigh of relief when he saw her get into a meditation state.

“Phew… This girl is too seductive. No, my Dao heart will be ruined by you one day. Damn it, I’m getting excited.” Ye Qiu thought to himself and calmed himself down.



[You gave your disciple a precious bone of an ancient primordial descendant in Hidden Life Five Realms, triggering a critical hit.]



[Ding… congratulations, you have received 10,000 times Critical Hit, obtaining a Immortal Ancient’s Vicious Ten, a piece of the True Dragon’s bone.]

“What? True Dragon’s bone? Gasp… What the hell. This, this, this, System, are you sure? It’s really a True Dragon’s bone?”

[Host, this precious bone is the remains of a True Dragon. It is incomplete and not whole.]

The system seriously emphasized this point, but even if it was just a remains, Ye Qiu was still very excited.

Bloody hell, a true dragon!

Even a single mouthful of phlegm of it could kill a person. A piece of broken bone was still a supreme immortal treasure.

“Haha, I’m rich! I’m rich! I didn’t take in this disciple for nothing. The more I look at her, the more I like her. She’s really my sweet little darling.”

Ye Qiu couldn’t suppress the joy in his heart and took out the True Dragon’s bones from the system.

That shocking aura immediately surged over, and without any hesitation, he began to absorb it. As the power of the True Dragon surged in, a golden rune instantly appeared on Ye Qiu’s body and flowed on the surface of his skin.

“Hiss… Ouch, ouch, ouch…”

In that instant, his body seemed to have suffered a violent impact, and his limbs and bones almost shattered.

This True Dragon Bone wasn’t just for show! It almost made Ye Qiu die.

Ye Qiu’s body suddenly stretched out as if it wanted to explode as this rune continued to pour in.

Not daring to be stunned, Ye Qiu immediately used the True Primordial Record to try and refine this power.

After injecting the power of the true dragon into his five life springs, Ye Qiu’s cultivation started to rise rapidly in less than a moment. He leaped to level five of Hidden Life and was about to break through to the fifth realm to enter the Cardinal realm. Moreover, under the refinement of the True Dragon, his body underwent a qualitative change, producing golden symbols on the surface of his skin, making it incomparably sturdy.

“True Dragon Golden Body?” Ye Qiu sucked in a breath of cold air.

After absorbing the runes of the True Dragon’s bone, his body gradually became tougher. Under his tough defense, his strength also increased rapidly. Furthermore, a certain special ability had also been significantly improved. The continuous refinement of the spiritual energy within his body had allowed it to reach a state of absolute purity.

Ye Qiu was wild with joy after carefully feeling the changes in his body. This feeling was unprecedentedly strong.

Ye Qiu wouldn’t even need to use his sword techniques if he were to face the two experts from the Lin family now. He could completely crush them with his physical strength.

Violent power fused into his five life springs. Ye Qiu injected it into his Dao Flower and entered the Dao with his body, forming Dao Fruits. He had already reached the peak of the fifth level and was just a step away from becoming a Cardinal.

After a long wait, Lin Qingzhu and Little Ling returned. They brought back a wild deer. Just as they were about to report to Ye Qiu, they suddenly discovered a Dao flower blooming above Ye Qiu’s head.

The power of the Heavenly Cycle began to gather. The two of them found it difficult to stand still amidst the strong winds.

“This… What happened to Master?” Lin Qingzhu was flustered. She looked at the figure in the wind and was at a loss.

At this moment, Zhao Wan’er was also awakened by the sudden movement. She opened her eyes in confusion and was stunned on the spot.

“This is… entering the Dao with the body?” Wasn’t this situation exactly what Ye Qiu had described to her?

“Junior Sister, what happened?” Lin Qingzhu asked nervously as she helped Zhao Wan’er up.

Zhao Wan’er was also extremely shocked, but her mind was still stable and she quickly calmed down. “Master seems to have broken through!”

“Break through?” Lin Qingzhu was confused. After pondering for a moment, she suddenly understood.

“This… Master had become a Cardinal? How is this possible? Master is so young and has already become a Cardinal?”

This was the first time she had heard of such a young Cardinal. This was too unbelievable.

One had to understand that in the entire Heaven Mending Sect, the peak masters of the other mountain peaks, who were a few hundred years older than Ye Qiu, aren’t even a Cardinal yet.

From the time Ye Qiu inherited Violet Cloud Peak, it had only been ten years, but he had already become a Cardinal.

This talent could be said to be unparalleled in the world.

This was a true natural born supreme being. What bullsh*t king’s descendant, primordial descendant? Compared to him, there was no way to compare at all.

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