The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 852 Lian Feng’s Decision

Chapter 852 Lian Feng's Decision

"I'll take my leave!"

With Ye Qiu's order, the three disciples retreated, leaving only Lian Feng and Ye Qiu.

Lian Feng couldn't help but sigh as she watched them leave. "Hmm... Time passes so quickly. Unknowingly, more than ten years have passed."

Back then, when she first saw Lin Qingzhu, she was only a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl. Now, she had already grown into a peak master who could take charge and even had her own disciple.

"Yes, it's indeed quite fast." Ye Qiu agreed with this sentence. Among these disciples, other than Linglong, who hadn't changed at all, the remaining changes were quite big.

They had already grown up, but in Ye Qiu's heart, they were still the tender seventeen or eighteen-year-old girls he had just seen. They were inexperienced.

Therefore, no matter what, Ye Qiu was worried about letting them wander alone and protect them at all times. However, as they became more and more mature, this state would change sooner or later. They had to experience something.

"What are you going to do next?" Lian Feng's gaze was gentle and filled with worry as she looked at Ye Qiu. She was worried, but she didn't know how to speak.

Ye Qiu looked at her and saw the worry in her heart. He pinched her face ambiguously and said, "Haha... You don't have to worry about that. Let's talk about you first. How is it? Can you ignite the other two divine flames in three months?"

This was the most serious problem Lian Feng had encountered so far. If she was unable to ignite three divine flames in the next three months and break through to the Dao Sacrificial realm, she would be absent from the battle of the Dao Sacrificial realm.

Although this wasn't a bad thing for her, Ye Qiu hoped that she could stand on the same side as him and fight side by side.

So far, in their group, other than Ye Qiu and Ming Yue, the others had only ignited one divine flame.

It was the same for Ye Qingxuan, Ling Tian, and the others.

However, Ye Qiu believed that these large clans were going to start exerting strength next. He couldn't underestimate the strength of these large clans. They had been settling down. They accumulated tens of thousands of years of family assets and countless treasures in the clan.

At this critical moment, as the hope of the clan, they would definitely take out the most resources and bet on these people.

For example, Ye Qingxuan, as the nominal successor of the Ye Clan and the son of the Patriarch, Ye Wuhen, had such high talent.

As long as the Ye Clan was not a fool, it was impossible for them not to know this kid's potential. They would definitely take out a true treasure to help him.

Moreover, after the previous rebellion, the Ye Clan was already in Ye Wuhen's hands. He covered the sky with one hand, so how could he wrong his precious son?

As for Ling Tian, he was even more outstanding. His family had also bet all their hopes on him alone. He would definitely have his resources.

Therefore, in comparison, Ye Qiu and Lian Feng, who didn't have the support of a huge family, seemed a little down and out.

Three months seemed like a short period of time, but it was enough to change many things for those large clans.

The current Heaven Mending Divine Mountain seemed calm, but in reality, undercurrents were already surging and killing intent was everywhere.f𝒓𝑒e𝓌e𝚋𝘯૦𝘷e𝗹. c૦𝒎

Lian Feng knew this problem very well. As one of the successors of the Heaven Mending Goddess, she could not escape this dispute. After thinking calmly for a long time, she finally said, "Qiu, I want to give up my status as the successor of the Goddess."

Hearing this, Ye Qiu was stunned. He didn't understand why she would make such a decision, but Ye Qiu saw an incomparably firm gaze in her eyes.

This was her decision after careful consideration.

Ye Qiu respected her decision, but he was a little puzzled and said, "Why?"

Lian Feng smiled and walked to the small pavilion by the cliff. After sitting down quietly, she poured Ye Qiu a cup of tea. Then, she said, "Inheriting the position of the Goddess means that you will be tied to this divine mountain for the rest of your life. This is a fate that you can't break free from, and also a bond.

"The First Elder said that the Heaven Mending Pavilion was born because of the Heaven Mending Goddess. Whoever inherits the Goddess will also inherit the Heaven Mending Pavilion. This seems to be a supreme honor, but in reality, it's another invisible shackle.

"One day, this world will no longer be able to accommodate us. This also means that we will leave this place and find a wider world. At that time, this seemingly supreme honor will become a fatal shackle that firmly locks me down and traps me for the rest of my life."

Ye Qiu fell silent.

Lian Feng thought more than him because she was in the situation and knew very well the cause and effect.

This Heaven Mending Divine Mountain towered into the clouds, like a towering mountain pressing down on the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands. However, in reality, it was a tomb that one could not escape from in their lives.

Inheriting the Goddess also meant that she would never be able to leave this mountain in her life.

Lian Feng knew very well that Ye Qiu would one day find that wider world. She wanted to accompany Ye Qiu to conquer that world, not be trapped here for the rest of her life. Her previous conversation with Ming Yue had made her deeply understand this principle. Although Ming Yue did not expose her, she did not mention this topic.

However, it was this inexplicable conversation that made her feel a deep sense of danger. If she inherited the Heaven Mending Goddess, then the person beside Ye Qiu in the future would no longer be her, but Ming Yue.

Therefore, when she returned to Violet Cloud Training Hall, she pondered over this problem and longer be her, but Ming Yue.

Therefore, when she returned to Violet Cloud Training Hall, she pondered over this problem and seriously analyzed the losses.

If she had yet to obtain the inheritance of the Lord of Jade Platform, she might have chosen the same path as her Eldest Senior Brother back then to fight for the so-called position of Goddess.

Because she knew that her path was nothing more than that.

However, after inheriting the path that the Lord of Jade Platform had spent tens of thousands of years exploring, she understood a principle.

Her path was far more than that!

She still had a long way to go on this long and boundless path. She wanted to continue for the Lord of Jade Platform, Ye Qiu, and the faith in her heart.

This was her greatest hope now.

Among them, it was mostly to fulfill the lifelong wish of the Lord of Jade Platform, the master she had never seen.

Although she had never seen the Lord of Jade Platform, in her heart, she had already become the person she respected the most. She wanted to prove that the Lord of Jade Platform's life's work was not wrong, but a true supreme Great Dao.

This was the power of faith! Ye Qiu could already feel it from her eyes. He supported her and believed in her.

"Alright! Lian'er, no matter what decision you make, I will support you and stand behind you Ye Qiu was very happy. Once upon a time, he had hesitated that he would one day lose this person unconditionally to accompany you."

he loved. But now, this hesitation was no longer there. Instead, he felt at ease, and his heart was incomparably calm.

seemed a little down and out.

Three months seemed like a short period of time, but it was enough to change many things for those

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