The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 853 Visiting Star Picking Pavilion Again

Chapter 853 Visiting Star Picking Pavilion Again

Lian Feng was touched. She couldn't help but hold Ye Qiu's hand tightly, as if she had caught the figure that was about to leave her again. She felt relaxed.

She knew that today's small choice would affect her entire life in the future. What seemed to be put down might very well be a new life.

"Qiu, do you believe that I can walk a path of my own?" Lian Feng looked at Ye Qiu lovingly. She had no family or friends. Here, she only had Ye Qiu. Therefore, her lonely heart seemed to want Ye Qiu's support and encouragement more.

She believed that if her Eldest Senior Brother was here, he would definitely support her unconditionally.

That Sect Master of the Heaven Domain's Heaven Mending Sect, Qi Daosheng! He was not only her Eldest Senior Brother, but also the elder who had raised her and treated her as family.

Ever since she was young, his character and ideals had deeply affected Lian Feng.

In the early years, Lian Feng had never thought of inheriting the position of the Goddess, and Qi Daosheng had never asked her.

However, at that time, Lian Feng could not bear to see the faith he had followed all his life shatter and took the initiative to walk this path.

She originally thought that she would go further on this path, but when she arrived, she realized that she was not the only Goddess. Moreover, this seemingly unreachable dream was more like a cage and shackles.

She felt guilty. She didn't know if her choice today was right or wrong, so she hoped to obtain Ye Qiu's affirmation.

This was very important to her.

Ye Qiu looked at her serious gaze. There was hesitation and uneasiness in her confused eyes. He subconsciously increased his strength and held her hand tightly. "No matter how difficult the path in the future is, I will accompany you forever.

"I believe you. I've always believed you. Didn't we successfully survive so many storms along the way?

After an unknown period of time, the flickering stars in the sky streaked across the dazzling scenery.

Lian Feng quietly enjoys the silence. A moment later, she finally spoke. "Qiu, accompany me to see "I firmly believe that it will be the same in the future. Perhaps one day, we will suddenly turn around and realize that we have actually walked a long way. This might not be as difficult as we imagined."

After saying that, Ye Qiu slowly hugged her with his right hand.

At this moment, Lian Feng was in a low mood. She blamed herself and felt guilty. She was conflicted between her confused choices. It was her habit to remain silent, but there were many things she wanted to say in her heart, but she did not know how to express them.

She quietly looked at Ye Qiu's side profile and thought of Ming Yue, that peerless figure. She silently nodded. If she hadn't appeared, these two people would have been born a perfect match. They would have fought side by side and advanced.

She wanted to fulfill them, but her true heart couldn't accept her dream of giving up on Ye Qiu and their previous agreement to conquer that sea of stars.

Therefore, after talking to Ming Yue, Lian Feng had already made a decision in her heart. This was her main goal for returning this time.

After an unknown period of time, the flickering stars in the sky streaked across the dazzling scenery.

Lian Feng quietly enjoys the silence. A moment later, she finally spoke. "Qiu, accompany me to see the First Elder."

Ye Qiu already understood her determination and nodded.

After meeting the First Elder, it also meant that she had completely let go. Ye Qiu didn't stop her because he always felt that the Heaven Mending Goddess wasn't Lian Feng's ideal choice. If it was really that good, Ming Yue would have chosen to inherit it back then.

"Let's go."

No matter what decision Lian Feng made, Ye Qiu chose to support her. This was the only thing he could do.

The two of them left Violet Cloud Training Hall and flew towards Star Picking Pavilion.

Under the night sky, the Heaven Mending Divine Mountain seemed especially quiet and peaceful.

However, behind this silence, there were surging undercurrents and killing intent everywhere. The various mountains and factions had already silently stretched out their hands to the darkness when night fell.

Ye Qiu ignored all of this. Instead, he watched silently as a bystander.

He believed that Meng Tianzheng also had this thought. As an absolute powerhouse above the Dao Sacrificial realm, his eyes covered the entire Heaven Mending Divine Mountain. It was impossible for anything to hide from him.πŸπ˜³πžβ„―πš eπ‘π’π‘œπ™«π˜¦π™‘. cπ‘œπ¦

But he did not do anything, which meant that he had tacitly agreed to it.

Ye Qiu didn't know why he did this, but he firmly believed that he must have some plan.

"Heaven Mending Forbidden Land! Idle people, stop!"

As soon as they arrived at Star Picking Pavilion, the two old men meditating at the door instantly opened their eyes and stared coldly at the person who had barged into the forbidden land late at night.

However, when they realized that the person was actually Ye Qiu, they immediately retracted their murderous gazes.

"It's you!"

The old man in the lead was Elder Li, whom Ye Qiu had seen back then. He could be considered an old acquaintance.

"Elder Li, long time no see! I missed you so much." Ye Qiu immediately walked up with a smile when he saw the other party. He looked very familiar, but in reality, they weren't familiar at all.

"Screw you! Stop smiling." Seeing that Ye Qiu was so familiar with him, Elder Li laughed and scolded for once. He hurriedly said, "It's so late. Why didn't you rest at the training hall? Why did you come here?"

He was very confused. In his impression, shouldn't Ye Qiu be at the Primordial Mine at this moment? Previously, there was news from the mountain that Ye Qiu and Ming Yue had been sucked into a time crack and their fate was unknown.

Why did he suddenly come back and come to Star Picking Pavilion in the middle of the night?

Clearly, many people still didn't know that Ye Qiu had returned to the Heaven Mending Holy Land.

"What else could it be? Of course, I came to Star Picking Pavilion to look for the First Elder. Otherwise, why would I be here? Am I free?"

Ye Qiu rolled his eyes. If it weren't for Meng Tianzheng, he wouldn't have come even if he was beaten to death.

The people here were all ruthless old men. All of them were bored to death. Other than cultivating, they were cultivating. Ye Qiu couldn't stand such a life.

He wondered how they had survived all these years. Wasn't this long night lonely?

What should they do if they were lonely? Ye Qiu had never seen a female elder inside. How did this group of old men solve the problem of loneliness? This was a very philosophical question! It was worth pondering.

"Looking for the First Elder?"

Feng beside him.

Clearly, Elder Li didn't notice Ye Qiu's strange thoughts. He looked at him coldly and then at Lian He was suddenly stunned!

He had seen Lian Feng before. She was the successor of the Goddess who ascended the earliest. When Lian Feng ascended, she had once come to Star Picking Pavilion.

However, later on, there was almost no news about her. There were several times when the First completely disappeared.

Elder summoned these successors of the Goddess, but she did not appear. It was as if she had He didn't expect Lian Feng to appear after so many years, and with Ye Qiu.

Elder Li had a deep impression of this cold little girl. This was because she had a temperament, especially like the former Ming Yue, so Elder Li had always paid attention to her.

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