The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 10 - Fireworks Are Beautiful, But They Don’t Last (2)

Chapter 10: Fireworks Are Beautiful, But They Don’t Last (2)

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Xi Xinyi started to sob as she stared at Xiaye’s stiff figure. She sniffed and then said, “I’ve constantly blamed myself, but Sister, I really love Yifeng, so please, please forgive us, okay? We can only be truly happy with your blessings.”

“Sister, you’re really important to me. I really need your forgiveness and blessings, please?” Xi Xinyi’s sobs and fragile voice were like cold, sharp needles stabbing into Xi Xiaye’s heart. It was so painful that she almost passed out.

How cruel…

The girl before her was her best friend. Then, suddenly, one day her father divorced her mother and the mother of this girl became her stepmother. Yue Xinyi became Xi Xinyi. She was her father’s illegitimate child, so she became Xi Xiaye’s younger sister and Xi Xinyi’s mother took over her mother, Shen Wenna’s place.

Xi Xinyi was really lovely. She was always so beautiful and kind as well as being smart and excellent at her studies. The moment she entered the Xi family, everyone loved her, including the grandmother who had always doted on Xi Xiaye.

As for Xi Xiaye herself, she was quiet and low-profile. She did not like to talk and her studies were mediocre. Aside from talking to her grandfather from time to time, she was usually a loner. People started to forget about her existence in the Xi family, and Xi Xinyi became the precious jewel of the family.

The engagement with Han Yifeng was a promise between Elder Xi and Elder Han; they were really good friends and hoped to build a deeper relationship between their families and become better partners. Xi Xiaye had always been thought of as the default daughter-in-law of the Han family, yet all of these evaporated with Xi Xinyi’s arrival.

What sounded the funniest to her was that this crying woman and her mother had destroyed her happy family. They took her father away, took her place in the family away, and even took the love of her life away, yet now she was asking for her forgiveness…

There was probably nothing more ironic than this in the whole world.

She was reminded that a long time ago, Han Yifeng and her were a couple envied by many others. They shared some warm memories between them, and now it was all nothing but a joke.

She thought she could still be happy even after losing the warmth of her family as long as she held onto her relationship with Han Yifeng, but who would have expected that things would end this way?

It was all just temporary fireworks. No matter how beautiful it was, they would just end up in the pitch black sky.

She looked up with a smile but her voice sounded extremely cold. “Both of you stabbed me in the chest. My wound isn’t even healed yet, and you want me to forgive you both. Xi Xinyi, you’ve really widened my perspective.”

“Sister, I know I’m wrong, I… I just don’t want you to look so miserable. I feel really tortured inside, especially when I heard from Mother that you haven’t been home in the past few years. Please… please don’t act this way… You’ll make everyone feel bad. Our grandparents and Father really miss you. They wish you’d go home…”

As tears started falling from Xi Xinyi’s eyes, she held onto Xi Xiaye’s shoulders firmly, yet her sister rejected her gesture.

“Get lost! Don’t touch me!”


Xi Xinyi fell backward and dragged the beads curtain down. Xi Xinyi accidentally stepped on some beads and tripped with a scream, falling down hard on the floor!

A cold, angry voice rang out. “Xi Xiaye, you’re really too much!”

In shock, Xi Xiaye slowly turned around and saw Han Yifeng’s face. He looked so mad and disappointed.

Those eyes were supposed to be like poisoned steel needles that caused excruciating pain to Xi Xiaye. However, the only thing she felt was just numbness.

Han Yifeng went over and helped Xi Xinyi up. In anguish, he asked gently, “Xinyi, are you alright?”

Xi Xinyi’s face looked pale and hurt. She bit her lip as she sobbed. “I… I’m alright. I just slipped… It’s not Sister’s fault…”

“I saw everything, Xinyi! You did nothing wrong. you don’t have to feel guilty.”

Han Yifeng felt agony as he looked at Xi Xinyi’s pale little face. Just as he was about to help Xi Xinyi up, Xi Xinyi screamed painfully when she tried to move. Her facial expression showed she was in great distress.

“It’s really painful…”

Sweat started to roll off Xi Xinyi’s forehead as she held onto Han Yifeng tightly. She was still trying to explain, “No, Yifeng, if it weren’t for me… things wouldn’t have turned out this way. I’ve always hoped for her to forgive me all along these years. If not, I’d still feel uneasy even if we get married. I…”

“Xinyi, you…”

Han Yifeng saw tears running down her cheeks. He squatted down and slowly held her up, but Xi Xinyi shoved him away and got up her own as she leaned against the wall. She walked over to Xi Xiaye in pain. Every step seemed to be causing her grave distress.

“Sister, I…”

“Be careful, Xinyi!”

Xi Xiaye did not say a thing. She just looked at what happened before her as she felt an iciness inside her. She could not help but look away.

She did not feel the need to explain herself, so she turned around and walked right between the two of them. She wanted to leave and act as if she had not seen anything.

As she passed by them, Xi Xinyi held onto her shoulder desperately. Tears were streaked all over her face while she begged, “I know you hate me. I’m really sorry… but next week is Grandfather’s birthday. He’s really concerned about you. Father, Mother, and Grandmother too… They are really worried since you’ve never gone back…”

“Let go!”

Before Xi Xinyi could finish her sentence, Xi Xiaye’s icy cold aura spread throughout the area.


“What did you do to me that could make me hate you so? Xi Xinyi, my mother Shen Wenna only gave birth to me, Xi Xiaye, so —”

Xi Xiaye shook her off and her eyes stared at Xi Xinyi was as if she was just looking at a stranger. Her voice sounded cold and strange. “I don’t have any siblings. Please stop putting up an act in front of me. You might not be tired, but I am, so that’s enough.”

Xi Xiaye’s sudden gesture almost made Xi Xinyi fall again, but Han Yifeng went up swiftly to hold her.

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