The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 11 - Goodbye

Chapter 11: Goodbye

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“Xiaye, the person who let you down was me. There’s no need for you to target Xinyi like this. If it makes you feel better, I’m willing to compensate you.”

Han Yifeng was hostile as he hugged the tearfully weeping Xi Xinyi into his arms and stared coldly at Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye looked up slightly. As she watched Han Yifeng’s familiar yet strange handsome face, there was an instance when she felt a slight sorrow and a bunch of repressed emotions, especially when she saw the indifference and disappointment in his eyes.

She laughed bitterly to herself, yet that unyielding spirit and pride inside of her did not allow her to show any sign of weakness or pettiness, so she firmly met with his eyes and said calmly with not a single of warmth in her tone, “Compensate? How do you plan to compensate? Apologize to me, beg for my forgiveness, and sincerely wish that you two live a long and happy life together?”

A faint sneer flashed across Xiaye’s bright and exquisite face. “Or like what you did back then — toss me a huge cheque?”

When she said this, Han Yifeng’s expression suddenly changed and he did not know what to say.

“Sis, Yifeng was just hoping that you’d live better… We…”

Seeing Han Yifeng rendered speechless, Xi Xinyi could only sniff and wriggle out of his embrace. She wanted to grab Xi Xiaye’s arm again, but her sister did not appreciate the kindness and smacked her hand away.

Xi Xinyi could not help but cry out with restraint again. Han Yifeng was about walk up when a figure in burgundy had beat him to it and held Xi Xinyi steady. At the same time, her hand pushed her hard.


Xi Xiaye only felt her waist being shoved with force. Caught off-guard, she fell hard against the sink behind her. All she felt was a slight chill before her arm was suddenly electrified with pain too…

“Xiaye, even if you’re resentful towards Xinyi for whatever reason, you can just come to me. Why do you have to hurt her like this? Can’t you see that her leg’s already hurt? You’re beyond cruel!”

Yue Lingsi’s worried and disappointed voice came through as she protected Xi Xinyi in her arms. Her gaze towards Xi Xiaye plainly showed anguish. “I know that you’ve resented me for replacing your mother, but ask yourself if all these years, have I, Yue Lingsi, ever treated you unfairly?”

“Mother, don’t be angry, Sister’s already upset enough. Don’t provoke her anymore. I’m fine. I just sprained my ankle a little!”

Xi Xinyi was worried as she stopped Yue Lingsi’s wound-up fury. She was afraid that she would make everything worse.

“Xinyi, Mother knows that you feel bad for her, but look at her! She’s not even appreciative of your kindness, so why do you want to torture yourself?” Yue Lingsi glanced lamentably at Xi Xinyi, then she looked sorrowfully at her swelling ankle. “Look at your leg. It’s already swelling. Let me have a look at it.”

“Mother, I… It really hurts…”

Xi Xinyi moved her leg a little. When a piercing pain attacked again, she could not help but cry out loud.

“Enough, Aunty. Xinyi’s leg is quite badly hurt. Let’s bring her to get it checked at the hospital first.”

At this moment, Han Yifeng walked up and once again, bent down to carry Xi Xinyi. In a gentle tone, he advised, “Hang in there. We’ll go to the hospital first. It’ll be fine!”

Then, he carried Xi Xinyi and walked right out. As his gaze swept across Xi Xiaye, his expression become hostile instantly and was even filled with disgust!

Yue Lingsi shot Xi Xiaye an angry look too before she followed right after them.

Xi Xiaye watched indifferently as they left. Suddenly, hints of pained bewilderment rose in her eyes.

After a long while, she could only laugh bitterly and drag her fatigued body to walk out in a daze. Absent-mindedly, when she wanted to wipe the coldness on her face, a white handkerchief was suddenly handed to her.

She was stunned for a moment. She slowly looked up.

Then, she saw him…

It was him…

Mu Yuchen…

In his all-white tailored suit, his calm and reserved eyes had a faint look of concern. That still expression remained frozen on his noble and handsome face.

“Why are you here?”

She looked up at him, and after a long silence, Xi Xiaye lowered her gaze. She turned away, not wanting to let anyone see the dismay and weakness in her eyes that she could not disguise.

Unfortunately, her raspy and tired voice and that pale face of hers had already given away the fact that she had been enduring some kind of torture silently. She did not know that hidden underneath the calm stillness of the eyes of this man who stood before her, was a gaze so sharp that it could almost see through everything.

Mu Yuchen did not answer. His silent gaze focused on her bandaged hand. After quite a while, he said in a muffled voice, “Are you okay?”

When these words tumbled out of his mouth, Xi Xiaye was startled for a moment. She turned around and looked at him, her lips parting slightly. She wanted to say something, but after a long while, she still did not utter a word. She just silently accepted the handkerchief that he handed to her, and wiped the tears on her face away.

Xi Xiaye gripped the handkerchief in her hand. A long while later, she then took a deep breath and looked up. Pasted across her exquisitely beautiful face was a bitter smile. “Do you also think that I’m a sorry figure, very vicious, and unreasonable?”

When he heard this, something in Mu Yuchen’s eyes shifted. He then shook his head and his deep voice was very sensible. “I’ve never agreed with the concept of sacrificing to matchmake others. Everyone has the rights to control their own emotions. There’s no need to sacrifice yourself for anyone.”

Xi Xiaye silently retrieved her gaze. She turned to look ahead in the direction where it was already empty, her plain tone holding hints of fatigue. “If it were possible, who’d be willing to sacrifice themselves to matchmake others?”

Then, she could not help but take a deep breath and slowly turn around to look at him. She lifted up her hand that held the handkerchief and laughed softly. “I don’t feel comfortable letting you see me in a mess like this. You’ve come to my aid quite a few times now. I really don’t know how to thank you.”

Mu Yuchen took a long, hard look at her. The flickering dimness in her eyes seemed to bring an unnamed appeal. As he stared, suddenly there was a shift from the depths of his eyes.

He did not know why, but seeing her like this suddenly made him think of his past self…

When she saw him keeping quiet, Xi Xiaye asked casually, “Do you come here often too?”

However, the moment she asked, she started to laugh at herself. “I almost forgot that you’ve just returned to the country.”

Mu Yuchen’s indifferent lips showed a faint curve. He modestly lifted his still eyes and looked at the lavish and elegant walkway ahead. “This is a pretty strategic recreational area.”

Actually, after leaving the hospital earlier, Mu Yuchen wanted to return to the villa, but midway, he received a call from Su Chen.

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