The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1367 - Dead End 2

Chapter 1367 Dead End 2

After Li Si received his orders, he left with a solemn expression.

However, Maple Residence seemed very lively today. Li Si had just left when a black Land Rover slowly drove into the parking spot just outside the entrance of Maple Residence.

What a flashy car! Who else’s could it be if not Su Chen’s?

Indeed, the car had just stopped when the door opened. Su Chen swiftly got down from the car and went straight into Maple Residence where only Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were. Mu Zirui had returned to the Shen residence while Mu Xiaocheng was at the old Mu residence.

Su Chen had just walked into the living room when he saw that it was empty. He subconsciously looked towards the kithcen, and indeed, from afar through the glass window, he could see that Mu Yuchen was busy preparing dinner. He then quickened his steps and pushed the door to enter.

“Mmm! What delicious dishes are you making? I haven’t been here in so long. It looks like I’m going to have a good meal today!” he said in a low voice.

Mu Yuchen, who was preparing the seasoning, paused for a bit and turned to look at Su Chen through narrowed eyes, then quickly looked away. “When would we ever leave you out?”

With a shrug, Su Chen then took off his overcoat and jacket. Like Mu Yuchen, he only wore a shirt and had tossed his clothes onto the sofa outside. Then, he casually undid his cuff links, pulled up his sleeves, and helped to wash the vegetables.

Hot air circled around in the villa, so it was rather warm, hence wearing a shirt was just nice. “Zimo will be back in two days. That whole fiasco over there is almost done now. He’s held on for so long now, but he was the one who caused the trouble, so that was a good lesson to him. If it weren’t for you, I think he’d probably still be stuck in there for a long while,” Su Chen swiftly washed the vegetables as he spoke.

“Li Si’s just told me abut Doris. I’ll let you play it by ear how you want to track her down. I’m a little overwhelmed,” Mu Yuchen said softly.

Su Chen glanced at him with a smirk and said, “I think you can handle it quite easily since you could force Doris into a corner like this.”

“Zimo claims great credit for himself.”

“You and him are considered quite the perfect partners all these years. This time, he’s finally got to reap something huge. At least, that’ll finally resolve what’s been gnawing at you all this time. Plus, Aunt Zixi’s incident can finally be clarified. Hopefully, we’ll be able to catch Doris soon and she’ll receive her rightful punishment.”

Dinner was soon ready, so Xi Xiaye came down to prepare the cutleries. When she saw that Su Chen had come, she was a little surprised.

The dinner was very harmonious and peaceful as the buddies drank and chatted while Xi Xiaye listened silently by the side.

After dinner, the two buddies went upstairs to the study to discuss matters. Meanwhile, Xi Xiaye swiftly kept away the cutlery, and instead of disturbing them upstairs, she went to watch television in the living room.

Time passed really quickly. After a while, it was late when Su Chen left. Since it was already past 9 p.m., Xi Xiaye was just thinking of urging Mu Yuchen to rest earlier when he suggested her to change her clothes as they were going to go out.

She reached out to take the car keys from Mu Yuchen, as she asked doubtfully, “Why are we still going out this late?”

“Have you forgotten what day it is today?” he squinted and prompted her.

When Xi Xiaye heard his question, she paused, thought about it for a while, and still could not figure out what the occasion was. She could not help but frown and looked at Mu Yuchen quietly. “What do you mean what day it is? Is it an anniversary? Or a holiday?”

“What holiday is it tomorrow?”

“Christmas Eve. Why? It’s not like we feel very strongly about this holiday.” She squinted her eyes at him.

He reached out to pat her head as he chuckled and said, “Indeed, since you had our son, your memory has been quite poor.”

She rolled her eyes at him, and could not help but feel wronged. “Did you think that the saying about how pregnancy makes a person stupid for three years is an unfounded claim?”

“Why do you insist on giving birth to a second one then?” he scolded her softly as he walked around the car and consciously sat in the front passenger seat.

“I like children. I won’t be happy if I can’t have a daughter.” She was quite thick-skinned as she glared at him and sat into the car, she quickly buckled up. When she saw that he leaned against the seat leisurely, she swiftly buckled him up too. “You didn’t say it clearly earlier. Where are we actually going?”

“The pastures in the Western suburbs at 11p.m. on the day before Christmas Eve,” Mu Yuchen simply said.

Now, Xi Xiaye remembered that they seemed to have agreed to meet Detective Zhang at this time! When she recalled this, she could not help but lift a hand to knock on her own head. She sighed and said in bewilderment, “How could I have forgotten? I almost made a botch of things!”

“That’s enough. Quickly start the car. It takes over an hour to get there, and you still have to pray that there isn’t a traffic jam,” he said, then he wound up the car windows and switched on the heater in the car before turning on some music.

She then quietly started the car, and the Cayenne quickly drove into the hazy night ahead.

He seemed to be in a pretty good mood that night. Even though he looked slightly worn out, he seemed quite spirited. The car sped all the way while he propped his head up with one hand on the car window, humming along leisurely to the music from the player.

“You travel in my memories. Every step surprisingly, I’ve walked many steps with you. I can’t bear to turn away…”

He hummed as his long fingers tapped away on his leg.

Xi Xiaye, who was focused on the road ahead as she drove carefully, frowned and turned to look at him. She could not help but chuckle and say, “Looks like you’re in quite the mood tonight. Tell me what’s worth being happy about. Let me in on the good vibes.”

He listened but did not answer as he merely looked at her from the side and continued to hum, yet something rippled faintly across his lips.

“How flirtatious!” she could not help but tease. Then, she began to hum along softly too.

The faint and alluring sound of a woman’s voice joined in, complementing the low and magnetic man’s voice quite well.

After the song was finished, he suddenly asked, “Missus, have I ever complimented you on how melodious your voice is and how beautiful you are?”

“Hmm?” Xi Xiaye looked at him without knowing what to say.

“Much better than those other people.”

“Is it because beauty is in the eye of the beholder?”

“How could that be? You’re so much more than that. That’s a commoner’s taste. Don’t cheapen our taste,” he went along with her and said.

She could not help but laugh out softly. “I think so too, but you’re really good at saying things to make women happy, Mr. Mu!”

“Your Mr. Mu is an honest man. I’ll never make women happy through elegant but insincere words, Missus.”

“Please! What nonsense!”

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