The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1368 - Dead End 3

Chapter 1368 Dead End 3

The husband and wife were laughing all the way as they made their way quickly to the Western suburbs. They did not bring along bodyguards, so it was just the two of them.When the car slowly approached the Western suburbs, it was exactly 11 p.m. It was quiet all around while the rain silently pattered. The dim light from the streetlights fell on their faces through the car windows.

Xi Xiaye slowed the car down as Mu Yuchen looked ahead. After a while, the car parked steadily by the roadside.

“He’s already waiting there.”

At the sound of Mu Yuchen’s voice, Xi Xiaye followed his gaze and looked over too. Soon, she saw a figure standing by the pastureland railings. She then said, “It’s him.”

Then, she quickly turned off the headlights while Mu Yuchen took an umbrella to get down from the car. Xi Xiaye locked the car up and followed him from behind.

“Put this on.” Upon seeing that she trembled involuntarily, he considerately put the coat on his shoulders onto hers instead.

“I’m alright. Let’s go!” Xi Xiaye reached out to thread her arm through his and adjust the coat on her shoulders before picking up her pace and walking forward.

The wind was quite cold, especially at midnight. It was Christmas eve tomorrow, and it seemed to be colder than usual at this time of the year.

By the railings, the wind seemed even more bone-chillingly cold, yet it cleared any semblance of unfocused thoughts and replaced it with a clear-headed clarity.

The husband and wife had just moved closer when Detective Zhang’s slightly lowered voice was heard. “How have you been, Chairman Mu, Miss Xiaye!?”

“It’s been a while, Detective Zhang.”

Mu Yuchen quickly stopped walking and slowly let go of Xi Xiaye. He handed a cigarette to Detective Zhang who accepted it and lit it up. Then, he casually lit one up for himself too after handing the umbrella to Xi Xiaye.

He casually let out a puff before turning to look at the solemn-looking Detective Zhang. “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

Detective Zhang clearly looked quite travel-worn. He wore a thick black coat with a regular sports t-shirt inside, and a pair of shades. Xi Xiaye did not think he looked like a private detective. Instead, he seemed like a middle-aged man who really liked sports.

“It wasn’t that long ago. I’ve just only arrived,” Detective Zhang responded softly. You could hear a hint of fatigue in his voice, then he took a drag of his cigarette before looking at Mu Yuchen and then to Xi Xiaye beside the man. Moments after that, he said, “When I was over there, I was already paying attention to your movements. Have you been well?”

“It’s all within control. Thank you for your trouble, Detective Zhang,” Mu Yuchen said very calmly.

“It’s just where my duty lies. I’ve already investigated all that you need thoroughly, and everything is in this folder. Take a look.” Detective Zhang did not delay further as he took out a thick folder from underneath his coat and handed it to Mu Yuchen.

He continued, “According to the information that you’ve provided me, I’ve investigated the case file from years ago in detail. Indeed, I found that some things were fishy. I’ve explained them to you in the things I left for you in the safe.”

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen nodded quietly and calmly responded, “Mmm, I’ve taken a look at those. I’ve also handed it to the police. Right now, they’re monitoring the car repair factory owner.”

“I know. Chairman Mu, you sure are farsighted. Back when I found out through my investigation that Doris is involved, I flew straight to England and I found the factory’s previous lady boss. From what she remembers, and according to the information I got ahold of, I could roughly figure out the whole situation—”

At this point, Detective Zhang’s tone suddenly became heavy as he frowned and took another drag before continuing, “Actually, six years ago or even earlier than that, Doris already found out about Gu Qiwu and Mu Zi’s relationship. That means that since a very long time, she already found out about Gu Qiwu and Mu Lingtian’s father and son relationship. In this document, there’s a DNA report from seven years ago. The test was done in a hospital in England, and it’s a report on Gu Qiwu and Mu Lingtian’s DNA. The report proves that the two of them were father and son.”

When Detective Zhang finished, Xi Xiaye was stunned. Shocked, she turned to the man beside her, but his reaction was calm, and his gaze remained steady.

“A day before yours and Gu Lingsha’s decided upon wedding date, Mu Lingtian drove Doris and Gu Lingsha to the temple. On the way back, the car broke down, so they went to that car repair factory. Glenn went through Lin Ling Er, his schoolmate, who also went on to become his mistress, to get the factory owner to do something to the car. So…I think back then they didn’t dare to use the chance to get rid of Mu Lingtian. Otherwise, they’d have been too ambitious. They could only tamper with a part of the car and let it wear down slowly. Mu Lingtian had always been a lover of cars, so…”

“Yes, I know that.”

Detective Zhang did not stop when Mu Yuchen interrupted him gruffly as his handsome face was colord with faint gloominess. “Back then, his car was a Maserati. He begged Grandfather for a long time before Grandfather agreed to give him half the money for the car. He had to think of a way of getting the rest of the money by himself. Because of this, he was a little unhappy about it. After all, he wanted this car as a present for Gu Lingsha, but in the end, Qi Feng presented her with one first. That’s why he kept it and would never let anyone else drive this car, not even Lingshi.”

Mu Yuchen began to somewhat fall into a daze as he recalled these past events. He had thought that Mu Lingtian just loved cars, but it was only when he got that information from Mu Tangchuan did he understand…

Sadly, Mu Lingtian had just been extremely in love with Gu Lingsha…

What an ill-fated relationship!

Mu Yuchen suddenly thought of these two words to describe the relationship. Perhaps this was fate. It was no wonder that Gu Qiwu willingly pushed Gu Lingsha to him regardless of everything. Apart from worrying that it would his relationship with Aunt Zixi would be exposed, it was probably also to guard against Mu Lingtian and Gu Lingsha from ending up together.

Mu Yuchen could not help but laugh bitterly to himself. The last generation’s grievances had unfortunately implicated the next. Right now, he did not know how he should evaluate his own aunt.

He had to admit that sometimes, the truth made one suffer more. It was terribly hard. Perhaps, all of this was so-called fate. It was inevitable, and you could only resign yourself to it.

As Mu Yuchen flicked the cigarette ashes between his fingers, he watched the flickering sparks and fell silent.

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