The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1369 - Dead End 4

Chapter 1369 Dead End 4

“Then, that must be it,” Detective Zhang spoke in a hushed tone, “Doris probably did a series of investigations on Mu Lingtian before making a move. I think she wouldn’t have thought that the matter would be exposed at Gu Lingsha’s wedding or she couldn’t have expected the whole escape incident. We can only say that this outcome was what she predicted, but timing-wise, she couldn’t have predicted Gu Lingsha and Qi Feng to be in the car as well. I’m afraid she couldn’t have imagined that Qi Feng could persuade for Mu Lingtian to help them escape either.”

The more he listened, the darker Mu Yuchen’s eyes became. Xi Xiaye could even feel the cold aura that he emitted, so she quickly reached out to hold his hand tightly and say, “Mr. Mu…”

Mu Yuchen did not answer. He just let her hold his hand as he did not move either.

“Detective Zhang, are you saying that Doris already knew about Gu Qiwu and Lingtian’s relationship, so she’s been thinking of getting rid of Lingtian all this while?” Xi Xiaye asked.

“You can say that. In the documents, I’ve written clearly the entire case process, and the evidence that Lin Ling Er has provided. Glenn personally signed the bill for the factory owner. Besides that, Doris and Glenn ordered someone to plant an obstacle on the road earlier, so you can arrest the car repair factory owner now. As for Lin Ling Er, I’ve secretly brought her back. It’s extremelyhard to get this woman to speak. If it weren’t for the fact that I got hold of evidence against her, she wouldn’t have cooperated. Previously, she even alarmed Glenn’s people.”

When he thought about the risk he had taken this time, Detective Zhang still had lingering fears. If it were not for his wits, he would have probably been a puddle of mushy flesh underneath a car, but thankfully he ran quickly enough. After all, that was their turf.

“Thankfully, you controlled Doris in time, Chairman Mu. If you didn’t swiftly return to City Z and cut Doris’s escape routes, she’d probably be far from City Z and back in England now. I don’t even dare think of how I’d have ended up. Even though I’m in an illegal line of profession, I do appreciate my life very much and am terribly afraid to die. This incident has implicated quite a number of areas. Any moment of distraction and I could’ve fallen into their traps.”

“Detective Zhang, you’ve worked hard. I’ll pay you double the price, especially since I know aboutyour risky encounters in England. Thank you!” Mu Yuchen held the document tightly while he spoke humbly in a deep voice.

“There’s no need for that. Just transfer the remaining amount to my account. I’ll take what I should get since that’s our rule. This is also for Elder CEO Shen’s sake. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be willing to execute such an arduous task.”

Detective Zhang played it down, but Mu Yuchen knew that actually, over in England, he ran into many dangerous situations every few days. It was all of Doris’s backups and the people that Alex had sent. It was all written clearly in the news that Zhou Zimo had reported.

When he saw Detective Zhang’s determined expression, Mu Yuchen then nodded and looked down at the heavy document in his hand. After a while, he said, “Thank you. I don’t like to owe people too many favors either. If you need help with anything in the future, Detective Zhang, feel free to speak up. I’ll definitely do my best. Of course, I’d like to also use this chance to say that I hope we can be friends. You’re an honest man.”

Mu Yuchen spoke humbly, and the smile on his handsome face was warm as he reached out a hand towards Detective Zhang.

In response, Detective Zhang smiled, and gladly reached out to hold Mu Yuchen’s slightly cold hand too as he said, “People always say that you, Mu Yuchen, are a virtuous person. Very few people can actually say that you’d befriend them. Therefore, I should be considered quite lucky.”

“Detective Zhang, you’re being humble now. To be friends with someone that’s acknowledged by Grandpa is my honor. I’m a businessman. I do usually meet quite a lot of friends, but to be able to meet someone like you is rare. I should cherish it.”

“Haha, Chairman Mu, you speak such kind words! Alright, it’s not early anymore. All you need to know is inside, so go home and take a look. If there’s anything, just send me a message via the private channel.” Detective Zhang then put out the remaining cigarette in his hand and patted away the moisture on his shoulders.


“I’m off now. Goodbye!”

“Goodbye, Detective Zhang!” Xi Xiaye nodded gratefully.

Detective Zhang quickly vanished in the twilight.

Xi Xiaye looked back at the contemplative Mu Yuchen as she said softly, “Let’s go home too.”

When she spoke, Mu Yuchen’s unfathomable gaze revealed clarity. He then handed the document to her and took the umbrella from her while he held her frail shoulders and walked towards the car.

He drove home. Along the way, the two of them spoke very little, unlike on the way over when they had chatted non-stop. It was completely silent now.

She thought about it for a long while before she finally could not help but ask softly, “The truth has finally come to light. Is there anything else still weighing on your mind? Why don’t you look relieved?”

Mu Yuchen skillfully steered the steering wheel while one hand was propped up against the car window to hold his head. He looked at her, then focused back on the road. His low voice then came after that, “So what if the truth is now known? Lingtian is never coming back. In fact, once this gets out, it will just be an old wound reopened to many people. In fact, Doris hasn’t been found yet.”

Before this, he thought that he would feel relieved after knowing the truth of these things, but now that he did, he did not seem to feel too different. He wondered if it was because he had been numb all the while, or because…

It felt like it was not that important anymore as long as the dead could rest in peace.

“I know that you’re actually very sad…” Xi Xiaye said softly. She sighed and did not look at him. Instead, she turned to look at the wet sidewalk. The cold streetlights illuminated the miserable scene of the downpour. Looking at it all made one feel somewhat bitter and desolate.

Upon hearing her say that, Mu Yuchen paused and did not continue. He only slowed down the car as if he was waiting for her to continue.

“If it were me, I’d be sad too. But, Mr. Mu, if you truly were doing things without expecting anything in return, you shouldn’t feel any more guilt or grievance. Instead, you should just feel a pang of regret. As long as you believe that you’ve done your part as an older brother, that is enough…After all, not everyone will respond with the same kinship and treat you as a brother or as their own kin just because you do that for others…”

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