The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 14 - Too Drunk To Drink (1)

Chapter 14: Too Drunk To Drink (1)

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Even though she knew they would meet again, Xiaye did not expect it to be so soon or so sudden.

Approaching rush hour, people were milling around the New Era Plaza. Everyone hurried slightly bent over and walked through the breeze, briskly going down the busy street.

Han Yifeng’s tall figure stood steadily within the crowd. His cold face was still handsome as ever. The only difference from three years ago was his newfound maturity.

Xi Xiaye thought to herself, “It’s no big deal to act as if I don’t know the person.”

She tore her eyes away and focused on her documents. As she turned around and acted as if she did not see anyone, that certain someone called out to her and stopped her.


Xiaye paused and held onto her documents tightly. Her fingers became pale and she put on a bitter smile before continuing move forward. Her assistant saw what happened and did not say anything, just following loyally.

Han Yifeng’s expression darkened. He quickly tried to catch up and held Xiaye by the shoulder. “Xiaye! Stop, let’s talk!”

Xiaye was then forced to stop. She looked up at him and put on a smile, but her voice sounded dry and hoarse. “What else do we have to talk about?”

Her voice sounded calm and peaceful. She moved her shoulder away as Han Yifeng looked at her. She closed the document and handed it over to her assistant.

“Be careful about the latter part of the operation. Do a fresh market research tomorrow morning and hand it to me next Monday. Also, send me the third phase of the Grand Waves Villa project to me. I need it by tomorrow morning,” Xi Xiaye instructed simply.

“Got it, Director Xi!”

Assistant Xiao Mei nodded. “Director Xi, just now, Xiao Song sent the data for Imperial Sky Entertainment City over. Please take a look at it!”

Xiao Mei handed a blue folder to Xiaye.

Xiaye took it and flipped through it. She scanned through it and nodded. “Mmm, seems fine. That’s all for today. Send the things back to the office and you can finish for the day. Get the car over here.”

She closed the documents and handed the keys to Xiao Mei.

“Alright, Director Xi!”

She had changed a lot in the past three years.

The once-peaceful Xi Xiaye was nowhere to be found anymore. What replaced her was the current distant and hostile Xiaye. She emitted the aura of someone detached yet capable and firm.

Han Yifeng looked down at the cold street lamp, then glanced up to the girl across him. After some thought, he went up to her.

“Xiaye, I admit that I betrayed you in the past…”

He stopped behind her and then looked at the direction she was facing. The sky was dark outside with thick clouds covering it. It appeared all grayish. He blinked, then sighed, “Sorry, Xiaye… If this can make you feel better, I hope you don’t blame it on anyone else… Just blame it all on me…”

For a brief moment, Xiaye felt a heavy pressure on her chest and she almost passed out.

However, her proud and stubborn self would never allow her to show her weakness in front of everyone else. She chuckled without even looking at him as she gazed at the gray sky. “I thought like many others you’d ask me ‘Hello, how are you?’, but it seems…”

She did not want to think about who was the traitor anymore. She did not want to relive the suffering she had experienced all these years. She did not want to know anything about them, yet her heart still felt like the gray clouds. Without a huge downpour or a violent tornado, it would not go away.

Xi Xiaye, you’ve overestimated your determination.

Why are you so sad?

Because you never stopped caring.


I’m not sure…

She took a breath and turned over to look at the cold shadows below and then realized the sky had grown dark. The street lights started to light up, the refracted and unbalanced light seeming lonely on the ground.

She watched the crowd walking about in the plaza and sighed, “I really wished… we never knew each other… that I never met you. Then, at least, I wouldn’t have to suffer.”

She turned away and walked towards the row of streetlights. She did not look at him, her slender figure passing through the evening streets. “I’ve already let go. We’re strangers from this point onwards, so please don’t bother me ever again and I’ll do the same…”

She left him with these words and her figure disappeared among the lonely street lights like the wind.

As Han Yifeng watched her slowly disappear from his vision, he felt something in his chest as if something was leaving him. He clenched his fists as if he was trying to grab onto that something, yet his hands were empty. He simply could not catch anything…

He looked up at the lonely street lights and was suddenly reminded of many things —

Many years ago, a girl with two movie tickets stood under these street lights and waited for him for an entire night just to invite him out for a movie.

A long, long time ago, that girl would go a thousand miles through several cities just to get him Eason Chan’s autographed CD.

A long, long time ago…

Back then, things were really simple. They were very innocent.

He was grateful for everything she had done for him. During his time abroad, he would sometimes ask his friends to check up on her and was relieved to know that she was doing well.

Gratitude was not love. Many people could spare gratitude for others, but not love. He could only apologize to Xi Xiaye.

However, when he saw her turn her back on him and leave, he felt sorrow well up inside him as if he had just lost something important, something he could never get back again…

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