The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 13 - Lonely Fragrance (2)

Chapter 13: Lonely Fragrance (2)

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The Mus, the Sus, and the Zhous had been very good friends across several generations.

Zhou Zimo, Su Chen, and Mu Yuchen were childhood friends. They had always been in the same class in school, and even went to the same military school albeit specializing in different professions.

The three of them were not just childhood playmates, but they were bosom friends and loyal comrades.

They were not interested in military school at all, but their parents insisted on them experiencing life in the military, and assumed that militarized management would boost their growth. After some discussion, their parents decided to send all three of them to military school.

After they graduated, they served the military for several years. Mu Yuchen and Zhou Zimo retired to take over the family business while Su Chen was transferred to the Traffic Control Department and now he was one of the top brass. All of them were successful young men.

“Coming back so suddenly? Have you finally decided to take over Glory World?”

Su Chen finished up his whiskey and looked at the quiet Mu Yuchen who sat in the middle of the sofa.

Zhou Zimo grinned as he said gently, “I heard Elder Mu wasn’t feeling very well, so I paid him a visit and realized that he seems very healthy and fine. I guessed he wanted a certain someone to return from abroad.”

“Every time you leave, it takes you a few years to come back. Last month, Zimo fully took over the Zhou Corporation, but the elder didn’t seem very happy. He probably wanted you to come back quickly and take over the company as soon as possible.”

Su Chen smiled and then just looked at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen glanced at the both of them. Seeming tired, he then said, “I’ve stayed abroad for a very long time. It’s about time I come back.”

“So, you’re really taking over Glory World? But it doesn’t make much difference for you to take over now. The elder has already made preparations to control it in the dark.”

Zhou Zimo grinned and gestured for the serving manager to leave. Obediently, the serving manager politely bowed to them and then left quietly.

“It’s not so easy for Grandfather to just step down. We just have to let him do what he wants this time,” Mu Yuchen replied plainly.

“Of course, ever since your grandmother stepped down, your grandfather has been wanting to stay at home too. Everyone knows about your grandparents.” Zhou Zimo laughed.

“As long as war doesn’t break out at home, I don’t care about anything else.”

Mu Yuchen felt a sudden headache when Mu Yinan and Wang Hui were mentioned.

“Don’t you stay at the Grand Waves Villa? It wouldn’t involve you even if a war happened. Actually, it’s good that you’re back in City Z. At least, we can get you to join us when we drink. These past few years, I’ve been drinking a lot with Zimo, but something’s always lacking without you around.”

Su Chen then filled up Mu Yuchen’s glass.

Mu Yuchen looked aloof as the wine slowly filled his glass. His eyes glimmered slightly but he did not say anything and just emptied the glass in a few gulps.

Some time later, Su Chen became a little drunk and Zhou Zimo sent him back. Mu Yuchen drove back to the Grand Waves Villa alone. The Grand Waves Villa was a fengshui spot around the Grand Waves River, and it was one of the projects under the Glory World Corporation. Before it was open for sale, Mu Yuchen had already reserved one unit for himself.

It was drizzling that night and a mild draft breezed through.

Inside the luxurious yet elegant study room of the Grand Waves Villa, Mu Yuchen wore a black sleeping robe as he just came out of the shower. He had just made himself a cup of tea and sat down when he received a call from Mu Yinan and Wang Hui. He did not even need to think and knew what it was about.

“Chen, how’s the girl today? Did you meet her?” Wang Hui’s voice came through the phone.

Mu Yuchen had always been single, and because he was always overseas, his family could not do anything about it, from news according to Ah Mo, there were never really any girls near Mu Yuchen, the elders of the Mu family were worried sick.

“Chen, you’re not that young anymore. You’re turning 31 next year and should really settle down. When your grandfather was your age, your father was already attending school. Don’t always give me the same excuse of being busy with work. You still have to build your own family. This is what your grandfather and I want. Think about it for yourself.”

Wang Hui’s stern voice came through the phone. She was renowned as the “Metal Grip” in the military field and her personality was headstrong. Even a powerful businessman like Mu Yinan fell for her, just as expected of the Metal Grip. Mu Yinan was a well-known Casanova in City Z back then, and now they had been married for 50 years. They never had any scandals before as he really loved his Metal Grip wife.

Their love story was once envied by many in City Z.

“Chen, it’s just a marriage. I don’t really care about finding someone from family of our level. Just pick someone that you like and someone you think can live with, then it’ll be fine. Look at your grandfather and I. We’ve lived through this, haven’t we? Even if two people were madly in love, it would still take time to adapt to life after marriage. Isn’t the concept of marrying first then falling in love a trend now? Look for a girl that you like and has a clean family history…”

Wang Hui could not help but ramble on and on with her speech. Mu Yuchen had already gotten used to speeches like this from two years ago.

“Chen? Are you listening?” Wang Hui demanded when Mu Yuchen kept silent the whole time.

Mu Yuchen sipped some tea. He put the cup down on the table beside him and walked to the window, lifting the curtain. He then replied, “You guys don’t have to worry so much about me. Go and travel with Grandfather. Lingshi called me yesterday and said she’ll be coming back soon. You guys can go to France and get her to bring you both around. It’s pretty beautiful over there.”

Obviously unwilling to talk about the matter again, Mu Yuchen frowned in exhaustion and his tone sounded aged and quiet. Of course, Wang Hui picked up the nuances in his voice.

There was a long sigh over the phone. It was the voice of the old Mu Yinan, “Chen, listen to your grandmother this time. Let the past stay in the past. Life goes on, doesn’t it?”

Mu Yuchen was stunned.

That’s right, life goes on…

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