The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 16 - Too Drunk To Drink (3)

Chapter 16: Too Drunk To Drink (3)

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The sky turned dark. Not many cars were on the road now. Wind breezed through the streets and it started to drizzle. Soon after that, City Z was covered in a thin mist, and the dried-out roads became all wet again.

Xi Xiaye staggered out of the club. While she could still think clearly, her whole body was swaying side to side and she could not even stand properly.

She did not remember how much she drank. She just remembered that she felt the burn at first, and then was numbed by the sensation. Then, at one point, she felt nothing at all.

She clung onto things around her to help stabilize her body. Doing her best to go over to her car, she took her car keys out and wanted to open the door, but her hands shivered uncontrollably and the keys fell to the ground.

Cold rain and strong breeze passed through her. She felt like she was thrown into a burning fire at one point, then thrown into an icy cold world in the next second. The strong blast of air was causing her a headache. She suddenly felt a searing pain in her chest and she lost all her strength, slumping onto the floor right beside her car.

Her eyes started to burn. The pain in her chest and the suppressed feelings were almost breaking her.

There were so many times that she wanted to just cry it out. She wanted to just get drunk and forget about everything, but her calm conscience forbade her from doing so.

Her eyes were dry, so dry that no tears could come out from it.

Her tears had probably dried out many years ago, and there were no tears left to cry now.

Han Yifeng, you’ll never know how much effort I put in to make you love me…

She thought that for every ounce of extra effort she put in, the warmth between them could accumulate and maybe one day, he would turn around and realize how good she was. After all, they had a marriage contract, didn’t they?

The rain infiltrated the cold and lonely city along with the cold wind. Maybe Xi Xiaye was not the only one feeling miserable in this cold rain, but this was the first time feeling the heart-wrenching pain so clearly.

She had not even felt this sort of excruciating pain when Han Yifeng left her coldly. She thought it might be better if she just passed out. At least, she did not have to suffer.

“Master, that looks like Director Xi!” Assistant Li Si suddenly exclaimed as the car moved forward.

Mu Yuchen frowned as he was scrutinizing the data in his laptop. He raised his head and looked at the direction Li Si pointed in. He saw a woman in a beige windbreaker squatting on the ground of the parking lot, seeming to look for something.

“Master, it’s Ms. Xi!” Ah Mo, who was driving, recognized Xi Xiaye instantly.

“It’s Director Xi, alright. She seems to be drunk and it’s pouring outside!”

Li Si was the assistant to the previous president of Glory World Corporation, Mu Yinan, and he was now the assistant to Mu Yuchen. He used to work in the head office and knew Xi Xiaye. He always had a favorable impression of the smart and beautiful Director Xi.

Xi Xiaye had no idea how long she searched for. She could not find her keys. Waves and waves of dizziness hit her. Her outfit was all soaked through and she barely managed to stand by leaning on her car.

She was very drunk when Mu Yuchen’s car stopped beside her. Her eyes could not focus properly and she seemed a little surprised when Mu Yuchen appeared before her. Her soft lips opened slightly and she was about to say something, but nothing came out of her mouth. Before she could, she blacked out.

Mu Yuchen swiftly stepped forward and held her falling body.

“Master, it really is Ms. Xi. Her wound hasn’t recovered yet!” Ah Mo frowned as he looked at the girl Mu Yuchen held. He did not miss her hand that was still bandaged. A strong stench of alcohol permeated the air and it was pretty uncomfortable.

“That’s some strong alcohol I’m smelling. Just how much did Director Xi drink?”

Li Si was surprised to find the unconscious Xi Xiaye. He had no memory of Xi Xiaye being drunk, not even during company dinners.

“Master, let’s get back into the car. The rain is getting heavier!” Ah Mo quickly opened the car door.

Mu Yuchen frowned and looked at the girl in his arms. He glanced at the ground and found the keys. Li Si picked it up as Mu Yuchen turned around and hurried towards the car.

“Where do you stay?” Mu Yuchen asked Xi Xiaye as he helped her into the car. However, Xi Xiaye was already sound asleep and did not hear him at all.


Xi Xiaye leaned towards the window uncomfortably after coughing for a little. Her body shivered and curled up. Her hair seemed pretty wet too.

“Master, where should we go?” Ah Mo asked from the driver’s seat.

Mu Yuchen raised his head and realized that they were at a crossroads. He turned and look at the drunk Xi Xiaye as he was silent for a second. Then, he said, “Go back to Maple Residence.”

At Maple Residence, Mu Yuchen’s private villa in the Grand Waves Villa area.

He then turned to take a blanket from the back to cover Xi Xiaye’s quivering body. Afterward, he took the documents beside him and continued reading.

Noticing that, Ah Mo quietly raised the temperature in the car.

The car passed through the rain and drove towards the north of the city. After they passed the long and wide highways, they finally reached the entrance of a high-class housing area.

“Master!” The security guard recognized Mu Yuchen’s car and greeted the quiet man politely. He then opened the gates and let the car in.

After going through some winding roads, they arrived in front of a villa.

Ah Mo quickly parked the car and opened the door.

Mu Yuchen put his documents away and turned to the sleeping lady. He gave it some thought before exiting the car and carrying the girl in his arms.

“Get the documents into my study room.” He left with those words before walking into his villa.

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