The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 17 - Too Heavy To Love (1)

Chapter 17: Too Heavy To Love (1)

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“Master, do you want me to call Sis Wang over?” Ah Mo asked quietly after he placed the documents in the study room and saw Mu Yuchen come out of the bedroom.

Mu Yuchen glanced over at the girl on the bed and nodded. “Have her get some clothes too.”

He then walked towards the study room.

Ah Mo nodded and did not say anything else. It was not unusual for the Master to work until late at night, and he disliked being disturbed while working.

So, Ms. Xi was also an employee of Glory World Corporation and a very capable manager too. She seemed pretty young and beautiful. No wonder the old President had asked him to take note of her for his Master.

Ah Mo shook his head helplessly as he remembered what the elder Madam asked her and he laughed.

Actually, his Master was probably like what rumors said. He had been a cold person four years ago. Today, in addition to his aloofness, he distanced himself from many others. He became even quieter than before and others found it difficult to approach him.

Ah Mo thought to himself that it was probably impossible for someone to make the Master warm again.

However, the Master was acting rather kindly towards Ms. Xi. Could she be an exception?

Sis Wang quickly rushed over after receiving the call.

Sis Wang was the exclusive caretaker for the Master. She was somewhat the housekeeper of the Maple Residence. As a multi-talented housekeeper of m., she was over forty years old.

In her sleep, Xi Xiaye suddenly felt hot and cold at the same time. Someone seemed to be feeding her medicine, and sleep beckoned to her like a drug. She also felt someone wiping the sweat off her, and sometimes dribble water into her parched throat…

Ah Mo had already gone back as the night became later, but the lights were still switched on in two rooms on the second floor of Maple Residence.

Sis Wang knocked on the door of the study room, only opening it after she heard a voice. She saw the Master working diligently behind the table.

“Master, I just fed Ms. Xi some medicine. Her fever’s gone down and I changed her clothes too. The bedsheet was all wet with her sweat, so I changed it as well,” Sis Wang said quietly.

Mu Yuchen nodded silently without even raising his head. “Mmm, thank you for your hard work. It’s late already. You can go back first.”

Sis Wang bowed and replied, “Okay, Master, I’ve made some porridge. Ms. Xi vomited a lot, so I’m worried that she might be hungry when she wakes up…”

Mu Yuchen did not reply anything. Sis Wang then asked, “Master, do you want some supper? I can make you some porridge too.”

“I’ve got it. There’s no need,” Mu Yuchen replied plainly as he flipped through the documents in his hands.

“Master, you should rest earlier too. I’ll go back first,” Sis Wang said out of concern. She was worried that she might be disturbing the Master’s work, so she left swiftly.

Mu Yuchen raised his head as he heard the sound of the door closing. He pinched between his eyebrows as a wave of fatigue washed over him and he closed his eyes for a moment out of exhaustion.

After a whole night of rain, it cleared up near dawn. The morning breeze passed and the ground started to dry out, leaving a sense of freshness in the air.

A cool breeze came into the room through the small gap on the balcony, rustling the light-colored curtains. A pounding headache woke Xi Xiaye up from her slumber.

She opened her heavy eyes and got her aching body up. What entered her eyes was a totally strange environment.

This was not her room!

She quickly looked around and realized that it was a huge room with a sunset yellow theme. In addition to that, it had a similar furnishing style to her house. However, it was full of expensive furniture with a similar color scheme, so she was sure this was not her room!

She quickly sat up. Due to her sudden movement, her headache worsened. She rubbed her temples and tried to recall what happened yesterday.

She remembered going to the New Era Plaza for inspection with Xiao Mei. She met Han Yifeng there, then she went back to the company. After sending Xiao Mei back, she went to a high-class entertainment club under Emperor Entertainment City and drank a lot there, then…

She had a little too much to drink, then she could not remember anything else…

“You’re up.”

A deep and calm voice came from in front of her. She saw Mu Yuchen in casual gray clothes, his beautiful face, calm eyes, and his plain expression.

“It’s you!”

Xi Xiaye was shocked and her eyes flew wide open. Her hair covered her slightly pale face and her voice sounded dry. “Why am I here?”

She then looked at herself and realized that she had been changed out of her clothes. Unconsciously, she covered herself up with the blanket.

Mu Yuchen saw her reaction as he looked at her. In his usual calm voice, he clarified, “You were drunk by the roadside and I coincidentally passed by. You caught a fever and Sis Wang took care of you for the whole night.”

A simple explanation cleared all her doubts.

Xi Xiaye was relieved, so she nodded and said, “Thank you. Thank you so much!”

She felt a whole lot of gratitude for this man before her as he kept helping her again and again.

Mu Yuchen nodded as his facial expression softened a little. He pointed at the clothes on the chair beside the bed. “The clothes are on the chair. Sis Wang prepared some sanitary items too. After you’re done washing up, you can come out and have breakfast.”

Xi Xiaye looked at the direction he pointed and saw a set of neatly folded clothes. As she was about to say something, the man had already left.

She endured the dizziness and got out of bed. Grabbing the clothes, she walked towards the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, she walked down the stairs and saw Mu Yuchen flipping through the newspaper on the sofa.

Breakfast was served on the table with steam wafting from the food.

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