The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 18 - Too Heavy To Love (2)

Chapter 18: Too Heavy To Love (2)

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When he heard footsteps from upstairs, Mu Yuchen looked up from his newspaper to see Xi Xiaye walking down from upstairs.

The clothes that Sis Wang prepared for her was a lilac dress, which fit her well. Her waist-length hair was tied up, revealing a bright and beautiful little face. She looked very capable and healthy.

Mu Yuchen tore his eyes away, his gaze sweeping across the dining table beside him. “Have some breakfast first. Sis Wang rushed over especially early to cook you some soup for sobering up.”

“It’s okay. I’m going to be late for work…”

Xi Xiaye wanted to decline as she had a look at the time earlier, realizing that she was going to be late.

Just as Xi Xiaye said that, a gentle and good-natured voice exclaimed, “Miss Xi, you’re awake!”

The sudden voice startled Xi Xiaye. She looked over and realized that the person speaking was a very gentle-looking middle-aged lady holding a serving tray in her hand. She had just walked out from the kitchen.


Xi Xiaye thought about it before deciding to greet the newcomer.

“Just call me Sis Wang. How are you feeling, Miss Xi? Yesterday, you had a fever shortly after Master brought you home. You’re a little weak, so it’s best if you don’t drink so much. Furthermore, you got caught in the rain, then you caught a fever and the flu. That did it.”

Sis Wang transferred the porridge from her tray onto the table as she smiled and turned to Mu Yuchen. “Master, come over and have breakfast.”

Mu Yuchen put the newspapers away, got up and walked over. He took a look at Xi Xiaye and said in a deep, sensitive voice, “I’ve already asked your superior to give you the day off.”

“Yes, Miss Xi. Your fever’s just subsided. It’s best if you rest for one or two days before going back to work. I’ve just finished brewing the soup to help you sober up. I’ve put some ginger in. Drink one or two bowls of it. It’s good for you,” insisted Sis Wang with zeal.

Across her, Mu Yuchen had already sat down. Listening to the sweet Sis Wang, Xi Xiaye nodded. Her throat was still a little dry and hoarse, but her eyes were filled with gratitude. “Thank you for last night… for taking care of me the entire night.”

She could still vaguely remember some parts of the night before. She had tossed from side to side almost the entire night, vomiting and shivering from the fever. Amidst her daze was the kind Sis Wang that had been tenderly taking care of her.

Sis Wang smiled. “No need to thank me. It was Master who carried you back. You should thank Master. I’ll go water the flowers in the yard first. Have some breakfast. Otherwise, it’s going to get cold.”

Then, she took off her apron and walked outside.

Xi Xiaye breathed in slightly, then pulled out the chair slowly before putting her handbag aside and sitting down.

Mu Yuchen, who was across her, was quietly eating his breakfast. His movements were elegant like the inherent manner of an aristocrat. Noticing Xi Xiaye watching him, Mu Yuchen slowly looked up. When he saw that Xi Xiaye was still frozen, he said, “Is there trouble with your hand?”

Then, Xi Xiaye remembered that the back of her hand was still bandaged, but that was not enough to affect her meal, so she shook her head. “No, I just don’t know what to say. I always let you…”

Mu Yuchen obviously understood her. He looked into her eyes with a gaze that seemed to see through everything. “You always let me see you so battered, and then you feel like there’s nowhere to hide?”

Xi Xiaye was startled. Suddenly, she laughed bitterly and quietly lowered her gaze…

Mu Yuchen gently pushed the bowl of soup to her. In a very low voice, he said, “Medicine can’t cure fake illnesses, liquor cannot dispel real sorrow. After you get used to it, you won’t find it too hard to swallow.”

“I know… but sometimes, you need a very, very long time before you can adapt, then adapting itself becomes a habit, doesn’t it?”

Xi Xiaye breathed in and she smiled calmly.

“Thinking that you need time to adapt just because you have hope in your heart that you can’t let go of… Are you still mourning the past?” Mu Yuchen looked at her sagely, his smile with a slight chill.

“As much as you mourn, you won’t be able to go back to the past. Sometimes, I’m just a little curious as to how did I fail so tragically.”

Xi Xiaye laughed bitterly, then she lifted her hand slowly and lifted the bowl of soup. She quietly drank it. Just a gulp in, she suddenly remembered that her car was still at the entertainment club, so she looked up and asked, “Right, my car…”

She had turned her bag upside down and could not find the car keys.

“It’s right outside. I let my assistant drive it over. The car keys are on the coffee table in the living room,” Mu Yuchen said, pointing in the direction of the living room.

Her spoon stopped mid-way to her mouth. She thought about it for a while then decided to say, “Thanks! You’ve helped me out a few times now. Previously, I keep saying that I need to treat you to a meal. I still owe you one from the last time. I wonder if you’re free today to let me do the honors if you’re willing.”

Her eyes were filled with faint gratitude and sincerity, and her slightly pale face had started to warm up too.

This was out of courtesy. Having been in the business for quite a few years now, she obviously understood that one should know how to be grateful.

“That’s such a sincere invitation. If I don’t do you the honor, it’ll seem a little rude.”

This time, Mu Yuchen did not decline especially since he was still resting that day. The next day, he would go to Glory World and officially take office as the new chairman of Glory World Corporation. He had actually been secretly observing the entire Glory World Corporation operations these past few days, and he had heard that the woman before him had produced rather noteworthy results.

Subconsciously, he had been paying some attention to her.

When she heard his reply, Xi Xiaye’s lips slowly curved into a faint smile. She said courteously, “Thank you in advance. Have you thought about where you’d like to go?”

“City Z’s changed too much. You decide where to go,” Mu Yuchen plainly answered.

“I decide? Are you sure that you’ll like the dishes I order?” Xi Xiaye could not help but laugh.

“As long as it’s on the lighter side. However, come to think of it, your choice should be fine.”

“Mmm, got it. Then, I’ll bring you to the place I used to frequent. I think you’ll quite like it.”

Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered the place that she frequented to have a rare sumptuous meal [1]. She recalled it being quite decent.

“Okay. I haven’t been back in a long while, so driving around is a pretty good idea. Take me around to see the changes in City Z today then.” An easiness flashed across Mu Yuchen’s calm gaze when he looked at her.

She hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Mmm, it’s my privilege.”

“Have breakfast then. We’ll go out in a bit.”

After Mu Yuchen said that, the two of them continued to quietly have their meal…

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