The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 2 - They're Back

Chapter 2: They’re Back

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Xi Xiaye ignored the man’s darkened expression as she spoke coldly, “You’re definitely an exotic one in your regiment. It’s best if you resign when you get back. Don’t dishonor the uniform!”

Xi Xiaye frowned begrudgingly as she took out a few hundred yuan notes and put it on the table. Then, she picked her gloves up from the chair and swiftly stood up before leaving.

Such a high-quality man of really exceptional quality.

She had had enough!

In this past year, she had gone on tens of blind dates practically every day. Sometimes, she even had to rush for a few dates in a day. It was the kind of rhythm that could make one break down!

Xi Xiaye dragged her fatigued body back to her apartment.

Her apartment was located by the riverside. Xi Xiaye had only bought it last year. The unit was not big at just 90 square meters with two rooms and two living rooms. It looked a little narrow, but she lived alone, so it sufficed.

The entire house used light gold as its main color scheme. With nuances of Roman design and modernity combined, it was decorated slightly lavishly and stylishly, yet it did not spill with extravagance and luxury. Instead, one could feel that there was an added warmth.

Xi Xiaye poured herself a glass of water and then slowly sat down on the sofa before her tensed heart started to ease a little. She looked around to examine the empty house, and suddenly in her twinkling eyes, there were some hints of melancholy.

She sipped on her water, switched on the television, and was about to pass time for a little when at this moment, her phone buzzed from the table.

Xi Xiaye subconsciously stopped what she was doing as she picked her phone up. When she saw who it was, the melancholy in her clear eyes became more intense.

“Hello? Grandfather, it’s me.”

Her cold voice was infected with mild warmth.

On the other end, there was first some coughing before the familiar aged yet concerned voice was heard. “Xiaye, have you had dinner?”

“Mmm, I did. I just returned to my apartment. It’s already quite late, Grandfather. Why aren’t you resting yet?” Xi Xiaye turned down the television volume as she asked.

“Haha, I don’t have the habit of sleeping early. I just drank a few cups of tea, so I can’t sleep anyway. There’s something I need to tell you. You must execute it for me,” the worn voice continued, but this time, his resounding tone brought with it a firmness.

“My health isn’t getting better by the year. Your mother is so focused on her work, and I’m most worried about you. I’ve told you that I’ll definitely find you the best. I don’t frequently admire anyone much, so I haven’t been willing to recommend anyone for you because I keep feeling like they don’t suit you.”

When he said this, the aged voice suddenly paused, then he continued, “But today, I want to recommend someone to you. He’s a pretty decent and responsible person. He’s just returned from New York. Since there’s a chance of you getting along, you two should meet. I’ve already arranged the venue for you this Saturday at 3:30 in the afternoon. It’s at the First Suite [1] of the Bamboo Maple Forest Tavern. Remember, don’t be late. Regardless of how he is, you can get to know him yourself. I think that the both of you might be very suitable for each other.”

When he finished, he immediately hung up. Xi Xiaye did not even get to respond before the phone’s busy signal was heard.

Xi Xiaye stared blankly at the screen that had already dimmed before she started to laugh bitterly and helplessly.

Now, even her grandfather was starting to worry about her marriage. What could she say to him?

Her ears started to ring with Shen Wenna’s gentle voice again.

Xiaye, you’re already 26, not 16…

It was Saturday morning. Weekends were hard to come by when Xi Xiaye did not need to go to work, but she still woke up very early, tidied up her room, and had a simple breakfast before leaving the house.

The weather was chilly outside. When she headed out, the sky was gray and hazy. It was still drizzling and the cold winds kept attacking, brushing everyone’s faces till it hurt.

Xi Xiaye was a very low-profile person. Apart from the usual interactions at work, she did not have contact with anyone else. Usually, when she was free, she would read or have some tea and listen to some music.

She was a huge tea lover, so in a certain secluded location in the northern area of this bustling city, she opened a tea house called the Bamboo Teahouse.

She usually retreated to behind-the-scenes as well. The boss that acted as her proxy was an extremely cultured and refined middle-aged man named Lin Xuanyu. She heard that he used to be a university professor, and at the same time, he was a researcher of China’s ancient civilization. He was very well versed with the country’s art of tea and musical instruments.

When Xi Xiaye had first opened the tea house, he would come almost every day to have tea and play some chess. Later on, the two chatted pleasantly, and Xi Xiaye let him manage the tea house. Of course, at the same time, it was a conducive place for him to write.

The entire tea house was almost concealed in the huge bamboo forest. It was not huge. The place was 400 square feet with two floors and the whole decor bore a charm of antiquity that of a poetic ink painting.

When Xi Xiaye entered the Bamboo Teahouse with the huge pile of books she had just bought from the bookstore, there were already faint but clear sounds of the guqin. Business here was brisk on the weekends.

“Ms. Xi, you’re here!”

All of the tea house waiters were very familiar with Xi Xiaye because she would go over almost every weekend, but very few people knew that the real owner of this tea house was actually this lady who seemed very young and beautiful. They had always thought she was just Professor Lin’s student and was just very close friends with Professor Lin.

Xi Xiaye nodded before she arranged the books neatly on the bookshelf that was already filled with books while the waiters swiftly served the Maojian tea she always drank. Xi Xiaye sighed a breath of relief and sat down. She picked up her tea to take a sip, then at this moment, her phone buzzed.

Xiaye picked up the phone and flipped it open, not seeing who it was before picking up the call. Quickly, from the other end of the phone came her best friend, Su Nan’s sweet voice. “Xiaye, it’s me! I’ve already reached City XX. I’m transiting, so in less than eight hours, you’ll be able to see Lady Su Nan that you’ve been thinking of day and night!”

Xiaye lowered her head and took a sip of the tea. A smile spread across her beautiful and fair face. She said softly, “Lady Su Nan, we only haven’t seen each other for a few days, yet your narcissism has grown.”

From the other end immediately came Su Nan’s candid laughter, yet after that laugh, Su Nan suddenly fell silent for quite a while and Xiaye did not say anything either. A long while later, suddenly came Su Nan’s hesitant voice, “Xiaye…”

Su Nan’s tone sounded a little serious. It came with a bit of bitterness that she seemed to have endured.


Xiaye put down the teacup in her hand, then she took a book introducing the art of flower arranging and started to casually browse through it. She could hear that Su Nan’s tone was a little off, so she continued to ask, “What is it?”

From the other end, Su Nan took a deep breath as if she was setting her mind on something. She said in a lowered voice, “I just saw Han Yifeng… with Xi Xinyi… Both of them are on the same flight as me…”

“They’re back, Xiaye…”

The instant Su Nan’s voice fell, Xiaye’s face instantly turned blank. Both her hands suddenly turned stiff and her hand that held the phone had unconsciously tightened too.

That lowered and stifled voice of Su Nan’s kept echoing in her ear.

I just saw Han Yifeng… with Xi Xinyi… Both of them are on the same flight as me…

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