The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 3 - Meeting For The First Time

Chapter 3: Meeting For The First Time

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Both ends of the phone suddenly fell into an eerie silence. Even Su Nan, who was far away in City XX, could vaguely feel the suffocating repress of emotions and gloom through the silence of the phone, making it hard to breathe.

She suddenly regretted telling her this news, but there were some things that she still needed to face.

“Xiaye… are you okay?”

From the other end came Su Nan’s worried voice that conveyed how sorry she felt for her. “I’m sorry… Maybe I shouldn’t have told you this, but if you wait till they appear in front of you all smiling, that’d be even more painful for you and you’ll be sadder. I’d rather you find out about it now.”

After staying silent for a while, Xiaye suddenly slowly closed the book in her hand and gently shut her eyes. Then, she opened them. A dim glow shone in her twinkling eyes indifferently and distantly. Her exceptionally calm voice came through. “Mmm, got it. Thank you, Su Nan.”

Su Nan took a deep breath. Her voice had a hint of sympathy as she suffered silently with her. “Xiaye, are you okay? Don’t be upset… That kind of person really isn’t worth it…”

Xiaye lowered her head and stared at the tea cup between her fingers. She said with much difficulty and hoarseness in her tone, “I’m fine. Why don’t you rest first? I’ll pick you up in the evening.”

Then, before Su Nan could respond, she abruptly hung up.

Three years, it had been three years!

Xiaye felt the temperature from her fingertips gradually fade away until at last, they turned cold amidst the cool breeze. A sneer suddenly appeared on her elegant and beautiful face as she mocked herself.

It turned out that a relationship, which she thought was steady after going through the ups and downs in the sea of time, would still fade in the end. It still turned cool just like this cup of tea. All of the warmth would slowly turn cold in the midst of this cool breeze.

Give yourself a chance to be free, Xi Xiaye. You aren’t young anymore!

She sat there in silence for an unknown amount of time. It was so long that she felt like she had lived a whole decade to the next. Before she returned to her senses, she bitterly lifted her head and drank the cup of cold tea.

As the tea swirled into her mouth, the bitter and cold taste reached her chest very quickly. It was so cold that it made her feel rigid all over, and there was a sting in her chest.

What pulled her out from that suffocating whirlpool of despair was her grandfather’s unexpected call.

“Xiaye, it’s Grandfather. Where are you now? Have you left? It’s cold outside. Remember to put on more clothes, and remember, don’t be late!” Her grandfather’s loving and concerned voice reminded, “It’s the First Suite in the Bamboo Maple Forest Tavern. Don’t go the wrong way!”

At that moment, Xiaye remembered what she had talked to her grandfather about, then she felt a headache starting.

Xiaye breathed in, slowly got up, and then put the book back onto the shelf as she answered softly, “Got it. I’m hanging about outside. I’ll reach there on time. Don’t worry, Grandfather.”

“Mmm, make a trip home tonight. Your mother’s coincidentally on a break. I’ll get her to cook some delicious dishes for you! I heard that you’ve been working quite hard recently,” sighed Shen Yue.

“I’ve to go and pick a friend up from the airport in the evening. At night, I’ll also be welcoming her back. I’ll go see you and Mother in a few more days. At the same time, I’ll bring you some quality Pu’er [1] 1 ,” Xiaye explained gently.

From the other end of the phone came Shen Yue’s unhappy and jealous voice. “Are your grandfather and your mother not as important as your friend?”

Xiaye could not help but laugh. After a while, she said softly, “I’ll accompany both of you for a whole day tomorrow. How about that?”

“That’s much better!”

When she put her phone away, Xiaye took a look at the time and realized that it was still quite early, so she decided to get her grandfather, Shen Yue, and her mother, Shen Wenna, some gifts first. She had not gone back for quite some time now and she did miss them quite a bit.

Xi Xiaye had a strong sense of time; she was always very punctual and would rarely be late.

When she reached the appointed venue, the Bamboo Maple Forest Tavern, it was 3:30 p.m. on the dot. Although it was time for tea, because this place was remote, and it was a very high-class venue, there were not many people at this hour.

Xi Xiaye soon found the meeting place, the First Suite of the Bamboo Maple Forest Tavern.

She politely knocked on the door before pushing it to enter. A whiff of light and refined tea fragrance reached her nostrils. She looked up and what entered her line of sight was the silhouette of a man.

He wore an all-white tailored suit. In his seat, he steeped the tea with a relaxed composure as he was on the phone. From afar, one would unexpectedly pick up hints of hostility from his back.

Xi Xiaye inhaled slightly, then finally broke her stare and picked up her pace as she walked over. She sat down on the soft cushion opposite the man. She pushed the things aside and was about to look up when unexpectedly, the man across her glanced up at that instant too…

He was extremely handsome with profound eyes that were like the ocean, carrying an immense depth and wisdom in them. He also had a pointed nose, thin lips, and an extraordinarily noble aura around him, yet it was quite low-profile and not displayed ostentatiously. He seemed reserved and he bore hints of gentleness and apathy.

For a heartbeat, they shared a moment of absent-mindedness…

Xi Xiaye very quickly returned to her senses. Her beautiful and slightly blushing face was stunned for a moment as pure admiration flashed in her clear eyes.

This man was rather charismatic.

Mu Yuchen took one look at Xi Xiaye, and something also flashed briefly in his unfathomable eyes. He nodded slightly at Xiaye as he said plainly to the person on the phone. “As for how to resolve it, do as you see fits.”

That low voice of his was like a cello; it was distant, extremely charming, and very soothing to the ears.

With that one sentence, he ended his call.

Actually, after he had just finished lunch earlier, Mu Yuchen’s grandmother kept nagging him at home. Every three to five minutes, she would remind him about this meeting. Initially, he wanted to get out for a breather, but the phone beside him had not stopped ringing. Helplessly, he could only attend this appointment to stop his grandmother, Wang Hui, from pestering him further.

He looked up and calmly looked at Xiaye who sat before him.

She wore a light cream mid-length coat and had a delicate and elegant appearance. Her beautiful, long hair was already done up, while a few thin strands fell across her forehead in an unruly manner. She had clear eyes and seemed quite charming.

“Hello, I’m Xi Xiaye.”

Only when she saw him keeping his phone away did Xi Xiaye speak up calmly. A hint of dry raspiness tinted her refreshing voice.

Her grandfather had only simply said that the person he arranged for her to meet was the grandson of his old comrade-in-arms. He informed her that he looked pretty decent and had a good temperament too. In fact, he had previously mingled in the armed forces, and just like her, had gone to the military academy. Sadly, she did not finish her studies there. Instead, she had transferred to study abroad while the man before her seemed to have stayed in the force for quite a few years before retiring and moving abroad for quite a few years.

Mu Yuchen politely served Xi Xiaye a cup of tea. His handsome face was at ease as he replied, “Hello, Ms. Xi.”

Xi Xiaye smiled. She picked up her cup, took a sip, and then asked, “Did you wait for long?”

“I just reached as well,” Mu Yuchen answered simply. Then, his long fingers pointed at the menu beside them. “Want to order something to eat? The desserts here are popular.”

Xi Xiaye took a glance at the dessert menu that was flipped open and displayed all sorts of desserts. She lightly shook her head and said softly, “No need. I’m not hungry.”

“You don’t like to eat sweet stuff?”

Mu Yuchen looked at her curiously. Even though his low voice held a questioning tone, his eyes were filled with confidence.

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