The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 21 - Racing, Master Mu's Might (1)

Chapter 21: Racing, Master Mu’s Might (1)

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Before Xi Xiaye could breathe, a strong light flashed from the right side of her rear mirror as another car attacked from the right. This was when Xi Xiaye realized that there seemed to be more than ten luxury cars chasing after one another behind her. In fact, they seemed determined to get her to join their game.

“Beautiful, since your skills aren’t that bad, try it out. Our destination is the entrance near the Grand Waves Villa. If you win, there’s a generous prize – an exclusive membership to our racing club!”

When she saw both left and right sides sandwiching her in between, Xi Xiaye’s twinkling eyes dimmed. Quickly, the curve of a cold smile formed on her lips and a flash gleamed in her eyes.


This game was actually one of her hobbies from a few years ago. Especially three years ago, almost every two or three days, she would gather with her fellow racers and enjoy the insanity that came with the speed. To her, racing was also a very effective way of venting and releasing her pent-up emotions.

She remembered back then that her skills were considered top-notch among her group of friends. After stopping for three years, she was not sure whether her boldness and skills from back then were still just as good. Even though she liked driving fast, when it came to racing, it was not something she had done even once in the past three years.

However, now, what was the harm of indulging just once after rediscovering that feeling from her past?

When she thought about this, she also forgot about the man in the front passenger seat. With a snort, her hand that was propped up on the car window suddenly gripped the steering wheel steady and her eyes were filled with an indescribable calm and sharpness. She glared at the cars that provoked her and suddenly floored the accelerator. The entire car instantly sped up and sprinted ahead like an arrow leaving the bow string.

Immediately from behind, there came the intense sounds of howling and even whistling. Instantly, the cars behind increased in speed and rushed to catch up with her. Suddenly, the quiet road instantly turned raucous with more than ten cars tearing forward extremely dangerously.

The wind that surged in violently was akin to the cries of dragons and tigers while the temperature of the air against her face instantly dropped. Her hair that had been tied up had swiftly turned messy from the strong winds as her hair tie had long been blown away. Her flowing hair was interweaved like dark clouds, as it whipped around. Xiaye’s eyes were focused and sharp as she stepped the accelerator underneath her feet to its limit.

The Phaeton that Xi Xiaye drove belonged to the low-profile luxury category. It was the type of car with staid and for honored individuals. Being more of a commercial car, it was a four-wheel drive and the control function was not of the common run. For someone like Xiaye who had pretty impressive skills, it was not hard to control, but this was not suitable for the sporty edge of racing.

Thus, it was not a car for racing after all. Like a Mercedes Benz, Porsche race cars were more agile and lighter. Winding roads were basically a Porsche’s haven, so when they tackled a few curves and rushed through a right angle bend, Xiaye very obviously fell behind.

When she saw another Hummer speed past her on the left, Xi Xiaye finally started to frown. She suddenly lamented her skills; she just had not trained for a few years, and indeed she was out of touch.

“Want to beat them?”

At this moment, there was suddenly a deep voice from beside her, startling Xi Xiaye. This was when she was conscious about someone being beside her. She turned over to look and realized that the man who had been resting had suddenly opened his eyes and stared ahead calmly. In the depths of his eyes, there seemed to be a hidden incisiveness.

“Do you have a plan?” Xi Xiaye raised her brows and asked softly, her beautiful eyes twinkling with a hopeful glimmer.

Mu Yuchen looked down at the speedometer in front of her. Then, a faint smile flashed across his honorable and handsome face as he said in a baritone voice, “Scoot over here. Allow me!”

When she saw the flickering glow in his eyes that were sharp and filled with confidence, there was an indescribable grandeur that engulfed him as if everything were within his control.

She hesitated for a moment before gladly nodding. She then slowly stabilized the car. When the car was traveling across the straight high-speed route, she exchanged a look with Mu Yuchen, who held onto the steering wheel. Sharing an unspoken chemistry, the two of them jumped and swiftly switched places.

Mu Yuchen held onto the steering wheel steadily as the slightly wavering car instantly stabilized. He took a glance at the rearview mirror and realized that behind them, two race cars were about to speed up and attack them from both sides. Mu Yuchen’s lips instantly turned into a perfect curve. The glimmer in his eyes suddenly turned sharper. Ahead, they were about to meet a semicircle turning.

“Sit tight,”uttered Mu Yuchen while he smiled coldly. Immediately flooring the accelerator and going all the way, he pushed the car to its maximum speed. His hand swiftly turned the steering wheel to half a loop, and the car very beautifully and rapidly drifted past the two Hummers that had sped past them earlier.

That was insane!

A huge curve was looming ahead, yet he dared to push the car to its fastest speed! Xi Xiaye could not help but nag him on the inside. However, even so, she did not feel afraid at all as she sat in the co-pilot seat. The crazy winds that poured in tangled her hair and that sudden acceleration had also destabilized her.


They whirled past like a hurricane and the steering wheel seemed to have suddenly become an extension of him. It allowed him to flexibly control it as he wished, especially when they drove through the huge bend ahead. Not even slowing down in the least, the car drifted beautifully and ditched the few race cars that were speeding like beasts behind.

The piercing sound of car tyres screeching against the ground tore through the night as the cars flew past and before the leaves of the trees along the road could touch the ground, the cars behind quickly chased after them. In an instant, more than ten cars seemed to have sprinted forwards like crazy hurricanes. In the blink of an eye, they vanished.

The man handled the car very well; his angles and direction were beyond accurate. When she saw one of the luxury cars that was ahead earlier being ditched behind, Xi Xiaye could not help but feel admiration for the man beside her.

Even though the car was key, the driver’s handling skills was even more crucial. This man’s driving skills were quite impressive. The way he used his talents and the way he accurately judged and grasped the dynamics of the situation unexpectedly made up for what the car lacked. Even at Xi Xiaye’s peak before this, she could barely do it, yet he was now controlling the car with ease.

The car passed through the dark tunnel ahead at lightning speed. Quite a number of streetlights needed repairing, so a good distance of it was pitch-dark. Sometimes, there would be flickers of weak light from the cars behind. Despite the tunnel also being filled with bends, he still drove the car very steadily.

After the car sped out of the tunnel’s long, steep road, there was one more 90-degree ben. Upon looking down, they realized that they were already going to reach the Grand Waves Villa area, so the finishing point should be right ahead. Meanwhile, up front there were still two cars, a Cayenne and a Ferrari, running neck to neck.

Xi Xiaye frowned slightly. She subconsciously turned to look at the man beside her, noticing that he looked extremely call as his eyes stayed fixed on the right angle bend. The two cars ahead had already started to reduce in speed, yet…

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