The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 22 - Racing, Master Mu's Might (2)

Chapter 22: Racing, Master Mu’s Might (2)

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His car did not slow down as he tore ahead like a sharp arrow, surpassing the Ferrari beside them at lightning speed.

“What the heck!? Nut cases! Do they want to die!?”

“It’s a steep road ahead. Are they trying to die going so fast?!”

As the string of curses came, in that instant as they approached the curve, he stepped on the brake and the steering wheel in his hand retaliated with a powerful turn. The car unexpectedly did a terrifying drift at an extremely high speed. It was practically mid air as it flew up before instantly passing the bend and smoothly driving ahead to the straight road.

“Bloody hell, is that God?!”

“Goddamn, that was cool! Who’s that man!? He’s mad reckless!”

“F*ck! That worked!? Bloody hell!”

“So cool! Domineering enough, mighty enough, headstrong enough!”

The few cars that rushed up from behind had all witnessed this shocking scene. They could not help but widen their eyes in disbelief and immediately blurt out curses!


The urgent and piercing squeals of brakes broke the air. The black Phaeton was the first to cross the finishing line. The young fellows who were waiting at the closed-off intersection ahead while leaning on their car doors were all stupefied as they watched the car that raced over.

Mu Yuchen turned off the engine, then he turned to look at Xi Xiaye and saw that she was still a little dazed. His lips instantly turned into a faint curve and his concerned voice slowly entered her ears. “Are you frightened?”

Xi Xiaye then snapped out of her daze. She lifted a hand to rearrange her messy hair slightly before she shook her head at him. As if she still felt frightened, she said, “I was just a little surprised that your driving skills are this insane. In fact, when you really get into it, you can be so…”

“Recklessly crazy?” Mu Yuchen finished her sentence, seeing her body shiver slightly in the night breeze. He suddenly opened the car door, took off his black windbreaker and casually threw it onto her, then he walked away from the car.

The cool breeze brought with it a faint fragrance. She merely felt a black figure pass her. Then, there was a weight on her lap. When she looked down, she realized that his black windbreaker had already fallen into her lap.

Xi Xiaye was startled and her hands tightened slightly. She could still vaguely feel the slight warmth from his body with the windbreaker on her lap. Hesitating for a moment, she quickly glanced up at Mu Yuchen.

He had already taken out a box of cigarettes from his pocket and casually pulled a stick out. Taking a light whiff, when he saw her looking, his deep and extremely attractive voice slowly floated through the night air.

“Put it on. It’s a little cold outside.”

That tone bore an insistence that was hard to resist.

Then, not too far away, one of the few young fellows who were waiting had walked over still in shock. He was about to say something when Mu Yuchen nodded at them and tossed his box of cigarettes and lighter to them. Swiftly catching it, they all passed it around to take a cigarette out. They lit their sticks and smiled with friendliness as they nodded at Mu Yuchen.

That was considered a greeting.

When she saw him looking behind while casually smoking, Xi Xiaye looked down at the black windbreaker on her lap again. She breathed in slightly and did not resist putting it on. Then, she pushed the car door open and slowly got down too.

The night breeze was indeed very chilly. She had just gotten down from the car when a gush of cold wind attacked. She could not help but shiver as she gently rubbed her slightly frozen and stiff hands together. Then, she slowly walked around the car and made her way towards Mu Yuchen. Stopping beside him, she followed his gaze to look over at the cars speeding from behind.

The bleak night breeze floated with hints of the smell of tobacco. Beside them, the yellowish streetlights emitted a dim light, making the shadows underneath their legs appear very long and faint.

Very quickly, the other racers started to dash past the finishing point one after another. They slowly steadied and parked their cars. They got out of their cars and walked towards Mu Yuchen.

“Nice one, buddy! It’s fine if you just look handsome, but you’ve also got crazy driving skills that are practically God-like. We bros are stunned just watching you. How did you even do it?”

One of the tall, dashing guys in a blue tracksuit walked up to Mu Yuchen. His expression was filled with admiration and he could not help but exclaim, “Exactly! I could see everything clearly from behind. All of your drifts were executed beautifully. Even if you’re reckless, that’s not how any of us would have driven, especially when you were getting at the bend earlier. That was crazy!”

The shock on the crowd’s faces did not fade. They fixed their gaze on Mu Yuchen’s God-like handsome face, admiration filling their eyes. Soon, they noticed Xi Xiaye who was standing beside Mu Yuchen too, and they all gasped.

“A handsome man and a beautiful woman! What a perfect match!”

“No wonder he went all out! If I had such a beauty, I’d go all out too!” The man in the blue tracksuit could not help but comment and the crowd laughed along.

“Is she your wife or your girlfriend? She’s pretty fine! Here, this is your prize, your spoils of war!” The man handed over a gift box and smiled as he said.



Xi Xiaye frowned slightly. She was about to explain, but she saw that Mu Yuchen had already stretched out a hand to take the gift box. Distantly but courteously, he said, “Thank you. Your skills aren’t too bad either.”

“They’re alright. Compared to you, we aren’t on the same level. You wouldn’t happen to be a professional racer, would you? From the display of your skills, I’m afraid a normal professional racer wouldn’t have such capabilities either. In fact, given such a car model, it was really impressive!”

Mu Yuchen handed the gift box to Xi Xiaye before he shook his head indifferently and said in a lowered voice, “No.”

Accepting the gift box, Xi Xiaye saw that it was wrapped really well. There was even a delicate and beautifully tied ribbon on it.

“Miss, aren’t you going to open it to take a look? Initially, we thought that tonight’s gift would be Master Cheng’s for sure, but who’d have thought that an unexpected winner such as your husband would appear? You snagged our expensive and meticulously prepared gift so easily just like that. Master Cheng, you’ve got to try harder next time and please your woman.”

When he said, the tall, handsome guy called Master Cheng could only shake his head from the side and admit defeat, “My skills aren’t as good as his . There’s nothing I can do about it!”

When the crowd heard his sporting comeback, they instantly burst into laughter and teased Master Cheng for a bit.

“Miss, open it to take a look!”

“Yeah, I’m also very curious about what’s actually inside. Look at the way they’re being so mysterious!”

“Take a look! Is it some treasured object? We’re quite curious too.”

Beside her, people started to egg her on.

Xi Xiaye was startled. She subconsciously looked up to Mu Yuchen, yet his deep gaze just swept across her and then lowered to the gift in her hand. His thoughts were obvious. He wanted her to open the gift box and take a look at what was inside.

After falling silent for a while, Xiaye could only nod and then slowly pull the ribbon on the box. With suspense, she opened the gift box little by little. What came into view was…

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