The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 27 - Xi Xiaye, I Believe In You (2)

Chapter 27: Xi Xiaye, I Believe In You (2)

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Mu Yuchen put his phone down. The moment he turned over, he saw Xi Xiaye trying to hide her simper as she looked down at the documents.

He paused and then smiled. “You can laugh if you think it’s funny. You don’t have to hold it in.”

He then walked past Xi Xiaye and sat in his chair.

Xi Xiaye laughed lightly and said, “No, it’s just… I didn’t expect you to be the same as me…”

“I take it that you’re always bothered by such problems as well?” Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows, his eyes brightening slightly.

Xi Xiaye nodded in embarrassment. “Su Nan and my mother are very worried about me, so…”

“Mmm, I remember, like when we first met.”

Xi Xiaye smiled and raised up her scalded hand. “Yes, I’m really grateful for your help again and again. I have no idea how to repay you.”

Help again and again?

Mu Yuchen laughed as his tone was accompanied by a sense of gentleness and rare humor. “There are lots of ways to repay someone. One good example is to devote your heart to that person.”

Xi Xiaye was stunned. She felt awkward and did not know what to say.

Mu Yuchen quickly covered up the awkward situation as he looked at her and pointed at the documents she was holding. “This was the proposal you’ve submitted before. I’ve looked through it and made some revisions. Take them as a reference and I’m sure it’ll help you out on your workload.”

Xi Xiaye opened the documents and scanned through them. Indeed, several details had been revised and he had written the words personally. His writing seemed powerful and charismatic just like the man himself.

She was surprised and impressed. After a while, she looked at him calmly and said, “I’ll submit a thorough proposal to you a month later.”

“You can let me know what you need. This project might be the main focus of next year, so we have to be meticulous in the initial phase of work.”

“I got it. I think I might need to set up a team to conduct a detailed analysis research to come up with a targeted plan,” said Xi Xiaye after giving it some thought.

“I’ll have Ruiz and Casey help you. As for setting up a team, it’s up to you. The company will coordinate with your plans. Right, there are a few images here that might be useful to you.”

Mu Yuchen then swiftly typed a bunch of words on his laptop. Then, he opened a folder with several design images inside.

Xi Xiaye moved and stood beside him, focusing on the screen.

“This is the design for a project in France. It’s going through a review at the moment, but it’s similar to the project you’re doing, so you can take it as a reference.”

Going through a review?

Was it not a top secret file of the company then?

Xi Xiaye looked at Mu Yuchen in surprise. Suddenly, she had no idea what to say.

Without waiting for a reply, Mu Yuchen looked away from the screen and raised his head to see Xi Xiaye looking at him.

He smiled as he suddenly thought of something. There was a short silence before he said, “Xi Xiaye, I believe in you.”

His words moved Xi Xiaye deeply.

As a person so proud that she did not even bother to explain herself, it was so much like the previous version of her, which was what made him believe in her.

Xi Xiaye’s hand that was holding the document clenched slightly and her fingernails slowly turned white. Her eyes shifted with a distant light as she took a shallow breath and nodded after a while. Just as she was about to say something, there was a quick knock on the door.

They both looked at each other and then looked at the door together while Li Si entered.

“Master, Elder Madam is already here. She…”

Mu Yuchen frowned when he heard Li Si’s news.

“I’ll go back down first.” Xi Xiaye quickly packed her documents.

“There are copies of the design. If you want to look at them, just come over anytime,” Mu Yuchen assured.


Xi Xiaye then swiftly left the office.

Time passed by quickly after a day of busy work. Soon, evening came. Xi Xiaye wanted to get home earlier to start preparing for the upcoming project, but she had an unexpected visitor at the entrance of Glory World Corporation.

“What are you doing here?”

On top of the stairs, Xi Xiaye looked at the sad and gentle-looking Xi Xinyi. Her expression darkened and she put up a cold aura around her. Her icy reaction made Xi Xinyi pale.

“Sis…” Xi Xinyi called out to her feebly, “The company is in trouble. Grandmother was too worried and suddenly fainted. I’ve been calling you but couldn’t get through, so I came here directly. Please go and take a look at her. Father is still in City B and can’t come back now. Mother is worried that Grandfather might overthink, so she did not tell him. She’s waiting outside the operating room now. I don’t know what to do and I’m scared… Grandmother hasn’t been well for some time… I’m really worried, Sis…”

Xi Xinyi’s eyes were filled with fear as she just stared at Xi Xiaye.

The company was in trouble?

Xi Xiaye frowned. How was it that Yueying Culture Media under Grandmother was not doing well? She had seen from the television that they had just contracted several big projects and were really busy with it recently, so why was there suddenly an issue?

“Which hospital?” Xi Xiaye asked after a small pause.

Xi Xinyi replied quickly.

Xi Xiaye had mixed feelings regarding her grandmother Deng Wenwen. Before Xi Xinyi came to her family, her grandparents had really doted on her. Then, everything changed after Xi Xinyi arrived. She became the stranger at the corner, watching them laugh together like a real family.

“Xiaye, your sister likes your room. Swap with her.”

“Xiaye, Xinyi is attending a dinner with me. Let her wear the dress I bought for you before. You’ve never worn it anyway.”

“Xiaye, how could you let Xinyi into the water knowing she has a frail body? What have I taught you?”

“Since Han Yifeng and Xinyi like each other, why are you so stubborn? Wouldn’t you be happier letting them be together?”

“You’re the mayor’s daughter. Don’t you have all the men in City Z to pick from? You’re making everyone uneasy. Your grandfather fell sick because of you as well. How can you be so selfish?! Why do you have to fight with Xinyi?”

“You’re really childish. I’m so disappointed in you!”

Suddenly Deng Wenwen’s words echoed clearly in her ears and she felt a pang of anguish in her chest.

Sometimes when a person ran away from a certain something, fate would haunt the person with that same thing.

When they arrived at Hospital T, Deng Wenwen had just finished her surgery and was on the way to the recovery ward.

The doctor had said that it was a sudden stroke and that she would have died if she had not reached the hospital in time.

Xi Xiaye stood by her bedside and looked at Deng Wenwen who was still unconscious. Yue Lingsi looked worried. When she looked at Xi Xiaye, her eyes seemed strange and she also frequently stole glances at Xi Xiaye.

“What’s wrong?” Xi Xiaye asked coldly.

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