The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 26 - Xi Xiaye, I Believe In You (1)

Chapter 26: Xi Xiaye, I Believe In You (1)

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“Since that is so, I hope that you’ll take charge of this project, Director Xi. I’ll give you a month’s time and hopefully, you can present a sound proposal at the next monthly meeting. Any problems?” Mu Yuchen’s deep and calm voice concluded.

Xi Xiaye frowned slightly and looked at the documents Liu Lingyu had handed her. She hesitated for some time before looking up at Mu Yuchen who was reading through some documents. “I…”

He raised his head slightly when he heard her voice, his quiet, dark eyes meeting hers. He spoke up when he saw Xi Xiaye hesitating, “You can tell me if you face any difficulties. I’ll get two experienced assistants to help you. Aren’t you confident in yourself, Director Xi?”

Xi Xiaye was surprised by his tone as she realized that he had a lot of faith in her. Vice President Liu Lingyu kept signaling her with his eyes, so she helplessly nodded and said, “Thank you for having faith in me, President Mu. I’ll do my best and not let you down.”

Mu Yuchen nodded and then looked at everyone. “I hope everybody can work on your delegated tasks. Talk less and do more. There’ll be rewards if the quota is met every quarter. If there’s a surplus of results, I’ll take 5% of the pure profits from your department and give it as a bonus. How much you get depends on how hard you work.”

“Yes, Master! We’ll do our best!”

Everyone was hyped up. Who would not be excited to know that they could get more money?

It was unexpected for Chairman Mu to be so generous and use such reinforcements to encourage the employees. Would everyone not work hard in order to get the bonus? They would get more if they worked more!

“Any more problems?” Mu Yuchen asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

“Meeting adjourned.”

Mu Yuchen stood up and left the meeting room with Li Si and Ah Mo swiftly following him.

The others left the meeting room as well.

Xi Xiaye’s office was on the 51st floor which had a simple and elegant design and was pretty spacious as well. Behind the large office table was a huge window. Outside the window, one could see the sea. Altogether, it was a very pleasant working environment.


There was a rap on her door moments after Xi Xiaye sat down.

“Come in!” Xi Xiaye had her eyes glued onto her computer screen and just reacted plainly.

The door opened and her assistant Xiao Mei came in, bowing politely. “Director Xi, Chairman Mu’s assistant Li Si called and said that Chairman Mu wants you to go to his office.”

The Chairman’s office?

Xi Xiaye paused before raising her head and looking at Xiao Mei. She hesitated for a moment and then nodded. “I got it.”

“I’ll get back to work then!”

Xiao Mei then left the room swiftly.

Xi Xiaye felt a sudden headache as she was reminded of the new development project. It was difficult for her to handle such a huge project alone. She might need to gather a team and conduct a thorough analysis. Only then she might come up with a more complete proposal.

She thought that she would have to share her sentiments to her supervisor.

She was about to tell Liu Lingyu about it, but she remembered that it was Mu Yuchen who had appointed her directly and not through Liu Lingyu, so she probably had to tell him anyway.

Xi Xiaye stood up and left the office with the documents on her table.

The chairman’s office was on the 58th floor, the top floor of the building.

When Xi Xiaye arrived, she saw Ah Mo come out of the room with a stack of documents in his hands. He greeted politely when he saw Xi Xiaye, “Director Xi!”

Xiaye nodded slightly and her fair face softened. She had a favorable impression of Ah Mo as he had helped her on several occasions like when she burnt her hand.

“Hello, Assistant Ah Mo!” She replied.

“Please go in first. However, you might need to wait for a while because Master is talking to the Elder Madam!” Ah Mo made a phone calling gesture with his hand.

“Mmm, I’ll wait inside. You can go on with your work.” Xi Xiaye smiled as she looked at the stack of thick documents in his hands.

Ah Mo patted the stack of documents and passed by her as he smiled.

Xi Xiaye knocked on the door, but the door opened by itself after knocking. It was not locked.

She pushed the door and saw Mu Yuchen standing facing away from her while on a phone call.

Mu Yuchen turned around when he heard footsteps. He nodded lightly at Xi Xiaye when he saw her enter before he pointed at the desk nearby.

“I know, you don’t have to worry. I hope nothing similar happens in the future again.”

Mu Yuchen spoke to Wang Hui with a slightly impatient tone. She was really desperate to find him a partner. Sometimes, it would be the granddaughter of an old comrade. Another time, it might be the daughter of some high-ranking official. He was really getting tired of her nagging these past few days.

“Chen, I’m doing this for your own good. You said that you’re busy working, so I’ve filtered the girls for you, and you can look through them and marry one that you like. Isn’t it great to kill two birds with one stone? You get a wife, we get a granddaughter-in-law. Businessmen like win-win situations and this is a win-win deal. Your grandfather and I are really bored after retiring. If you don’t get us something to do, of course, we’ll bug you,” Wang Hui said forcefully.

“I told you that you can go to France to relax with Grandfather. Lingshi’s over there now on a holiday. She’ll only come back after some time, so you guys can get her to accompany you.” Mu Yuchen’s indifferent tone came through the phone.

However, Wang Hui was starting to get impatient. How could she let this brat avoid this issue after so long?

“I don’t care. I want my granddaughter-in-law. I want a great grandkid. Just you wait and see if I don’t get them by next year. You’re the same as your grandfather. You guys won’t do it if I’m not forceful enough!”

Wang Hui’s angry tone came through the phone, making Mu Yuchen frown. “Grandmother…”

“I’m reaching the company soon. I’ll talk to you later. You’d better watch out if you dare give me any more excuses again!”

Before Mu Yuchen could say anything, Wang Hui hung up.

The loud voice even reached Xi Xiaye who was silently flipping through the documents at the moment. She never expected that Chairman Mu of Glory World Corporation would face such a situation at home as well.

However, Mu Yuchen and her had met through that silly game of blind dating too. Xi Xiaye could not help but smile as she suddenly thought about how funny it was.

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