The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 29 - Marriage? Dream On!

Chapter 29: Marriage? Dream On!

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Xi Xiaye could not believe they had actually uttered those words to her.

After all these years, they still thought of her as the little coward who would just obey whatever they said. As long as she was ever slightly useful, they would never let go of her!

“What do I have to do with Yueying? Because of the 10% of shares Grandfather said he’d give me back then? What else? Just what does Yueying have to do with me aside from that virtual 10 % of shares I have?” Xi Xiaye’s eyes were mocking them while she looked at them coldly.

“To be honest, I have no idea how both of you can still ask me of this. Aren’t you always acting all high and mighty since you guys really think you’ve given a lot for me? Why should I become the sacrificial lamb of this marriage?”

Her cold taunting made Deng Wenwen’s sharp eyes cloud over with madness!

Xi Xiaye had changed so much!

She would never have said something like this before, but in just a few years, she had totally changed. Deng Wenwen looked horrified and even Yue Lingsi clenched her fists while staring at Xi Xiaye.

“Xiaye, can you agree to this for Xinyi’s sake? Qi Lei is much better than Han Yifeng.” Yue Lingsi’s tone softened and she started begging.

“Then, why don’t you let Xi Xinyi marry him? He’s that great anyway, maybe even better. Moreover, you said the master of Qi Kai Group is interested in Xi Xinyi, so why should I marry him in place of her?”

Xi Xiaye found Yue Lingsi ludicrous.

Deng Wenwen glared at Xi Xiaye. “Xiaye, don’t you dare forget that Xinyi saved your life at the deep alley behind our old residence! That dagger would’ve stabbed you if it weren’t for her. Since then, her body has been frail and it’s all because of you! How could you be so ungrateful?”

Xinyi saved your life!


Xi Xiaye’s body frozen and her face went pale.

She forgot?

How could she forget about it?

It was that night, that moment when Xi Xinyi jumped towards her that the Fates decided Xi Xiaye would lose everything!

She could never forget the scene where Han Yifeng desperately grabbed Xi Xinyi and rushed out. She could never forget that slap from Deng Wenwen which made her cheek sting. She also could never forget the cold and stern glare from her father…

What could she say? She actually did not need Xi Xinyi’s help at all!

What could she say? That she could have avoided it, but Xi Xinyi freaked out and grabbed her hands, making her unable to react quickly?

Why had Han Yifeng been there? Where did the perpetrators come from? Did they not think of these things?

Xi Xiaye suddenly laughed at herself wryly. “I see… It seems that you guys resort to this same reason every time you want to force me to do something. I really had no idea that it’d be so difficult to repay someone’s debt.”

“I’m just telling the truth. It’s because of that incident that Xinyi’s body is still frail now. Don’t you think that you should be responsible?”

Deng Wenwen stopped playing nice. Her tone became frigid. “Your grandfather’s birthday is coming up soon. I don’t want to argue with you right now. Just come home on that day and we’ll talk it out with everyone else.”

She almost forgot that Deng Wenwen was a headstrong person. The words from her mouth were like an order, forcing anyone to obey her.

Xi Xiaye chuckled instead of getting angry. Looking at Deng Wenwen and Yue Lingsi indifferently, her thin lips formed a smile. “Of course, I’ll go back since it’s Grandfather’s birthday, but to sacrifice myself for the sake of Xi Xinyi and you guys? Dream on! Also, I suddenly think that Yueying going downhill and even becoming bankrupt might be the one thing I look forward to! Oh right! Isn’t Xi Xinyi an international star? She might be able to save Yueying since she’s a much bigger lifesaver than me!”

Xi Xiaye took her sunglasses out and put them after her speech. She spun on her heel coolly and walked right out.

Deng Wenwen’s blood pressure nearly spiraled out of control again as she glared at Xi Xiaye angrily as she left. If it were not for Yue Lingsi, she would have gone berserk.

“That’s fantastic! Great! She’s all grown up now! What a nuisance!” Deng Wenwen was gasping for air as she shouted.

“Mother, what should we do now? With her being like this now, we can never convince her!” Yue Lingsi frowned and was feeling desperate. “Mother! Xi Xiaye isn’t taking the Xi family seriously anymore. I heard that she’s climbing higher up the corporate ladder of Glory World Corporation, so she’s acting all high and mighty now. Unfortunately, Xinyi is still worried that she’s not doing well.”

“What can she do? No matter what she becomes, she’s still the flesh and blood of the Xi family! I’ll have my ways to make her succumb to me!” Deng Wenwen was no ordinary woman; her cocky stare reassured Yue Lingsi.

Walking past the dark corridor in the hospital, the pathway suddenly felt infinitely long. There was no end no matter how far she walked…

Xi Xiaye swallowed the bitterness and just smiled at herself. She found herself a pitiful wreck. Never expecting the people closest to her to rob her of her family and the love of her life, she could not believe that not only did they want her to forgive her. They even wanted to use her as a bargaining chip.

It was not that she did not care. She just naively thought that things would still stay the same if she made some compromises, but sometimes, it would not matter how many sacrifices she made.

“Sis, are you going back? How’s Grandmother?”

Turning around the corner, she saw Xi Xinyi coming up to her as she clung onto Han Yifeng intimately.

Xi Xinyi’s frail beauty garnered people’s sympathy easily. The moment she saw Xi Xiaye, she let go of Han Yifeng and went up to her, her expression appearing apologetic and sad.

Xi Xiaye did not even look at them and just walked past them. Her eyes seemed as calm as ever like she was just walking past air…

Her skinny figure soon disappeared under the dim light. Xi Xinyi started to tear up and Han Yifeng’s heart sank slightly as well as he held Xi Xinyi in his arms.

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