The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 30 - An Invitation Card

Chapter 30: An Invitation Card

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Night soon fell and the busy city was still lively as ever.

In the chairman’s office on the 58th floor of Glory World Corporation.

Mu Yuchen stood before the window and his watchful eyes were looking at the countless lights below with a calm expression. He had two-thirds of a cigarette butt left in between his fingers and there was a faint smell of tobacco in the air.

“Master, Mayor Xi has just sent an invitation card over. It’s Elder Xi’s 70th birthday this weekend. Are we attending?” Assistant Li Si’s voice came from behind him.

“Mayor Xi?”

Mu Yuchen frowned a little as he wondered who the sender was.

“It’s the mayor of City Z, Xi Mushan. Elder Xi Jiyang has stepped down from the government. He used to work in the same position as the one our old Master is in right now.”

Li Si explained quietly, “Back then, the old chairman would usually send gifts during Elder Xi’s birthday, or he would attend it personally, but now Old Master has gone abroad and won’t be back anytime soon. The current Mayor Xi is someone powerful. I heard he removed a huge group of people the moment he stepped up and several big enterprises fell because of this, so…”

Mu Yuchen extinguished the cigarette as Li Si finished his sentence. Turning around and taking the invitation card from Li Si’s hand, he opened it and took a glance, then he swiftly returned it back to Li Si.

“We’ll send a gift to him then.”

He then picked up his windbreaker and simply slung it over his shoulder, he then walked out.

“Got it, Master! I’ll call Ah Mo over to drive.”

Li Si picked his briefcase up and caught up with him.

“It’s fine. Load the things into the car. I’ll drive myself tonight.”

Mu Yuchen’s skinny figure disappeared out of the door after he issued his order.

On the other hand…

Xi Xiaye did not go back home after leaving Hospital T. Instead, she went back to the company, exhausted.

The weekend started the next day, but in her hurry, she had forgotten that she had left some documents in the office. Because she wanted to put in more effort since she was assigned to such a big project, she was going to use the weekend to arrange her thoughts.

No matter what, life went on. She forced herself to endure the bitterness and did not want to think about it anymore.

The office was empty when she returned. Except for the security guards and cleaners, she did not see anyone else.

She swiftly left the office after retrieving the documents.

The company was very quiet at night and she did not have to wait long for the lift as well.

She was flipping through the documents while waiting for the lift when she heard the sound of a bell and the door opening. She walked in without looking at all.

She did not notice that the closed lift door had caught the hem of her shirt. As a result, she tripped on her high heels after walking several steps inside.

She screamed and all the documents in her hands scattered around. She thought that she was about to hit the ground, but a strong hand prevented that. Falling into a warm chest instead, the fresh scent of tobacco filled her nose, then she heard a light chuckle.

“Be careful. Why are you always so clumsy?”

It was a very familiar voice!

Xi Xiaye raised her head and saw Mu Yuchen’s handsome face along with his grin. His eyes looked like the stars in the skies and Xi Xiaye almost got lost in them. Fortunately, her strong willpower swooped her back to reality swiftly.

“Mu Yuchen! Why… no, Chairman Mu… How come you’re leaving this late?” Xi Xiaye blushed slightly as she stepped back awkwardly and asked.

“There were several urgent documents to be taken care of. If everyone in the company were as hardworking as you, I’m sure the company’s revenue would be doubled within a year.”

Mu Yuchen turned away from her beautiful face and focused on the documents she had dropped instead.

“I’m just hardworking because I’m stupid,” Xi Xiaye replied embarrassedly. She squatted down and started to pick up the stuff she dropped when another voice interrupted her, “I’ll get them, Director Xi.”

A pair of huge hands started picking up the papers on the ground.

“Assistant Li?” Xi Xiaye just realized that someone else was in the lift.

“Director Xi, you really are a dedicated employee, only leaving work now.” Li Si smiled as he was arranging the messy documents.

“No, I just forgot some documents and came back to take them.” Xi Xiaye waved the documents in her hands. Suddenly, she saw that among the stuff she picked up, there was a red invitation card.

It was the Xi family’s invitation card!

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment when she saw the invitation card. Her movements faltered for a second as well, but she recovered after that and returned some of the documents to Li Si. Her expression went back to normal very quickly.

However, the sharp Mu Yuchen saw everything as he stood there.

“I’m sorry, and also… well, thank you!” Xi Xiaye looked at Mu Yuchen and thanked him after she was done picking up all her stuff.

Mu Yuchen’s expression turned warm. “Can’t you say something else apart from these two words, Xi Xiaye?”

Xi Xiaye was confused. Glancing at his odd smile, she gave it some thought and then replied seriously, “Thank you very much then, Chairman Mu!”

Before Mu Yuchen could react, Li Si could not hold in his laughter. He was not laughing at Xi Xiaye’s “thank you very much”, but Xi Xiaye’s serious expression on her blushing little face was rather funny!

Xi Xiaye felt embarrassed when she heard the chuckle. She turned around without looking at Mu Yuchen’s reaction and acted as if she had not seen or heard anything…

At that moment, a voice that made her feel like sticking her head into the ground spoke up.

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