The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 6 - Best Friend Su Nan

Chapter 6: Best Friend Su Nan

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A long while later, Su Nan finally inhaled and let go of Xi Xiaye.

At the same time, Xi Xiaye also lifted her hand to slowly take her shades off and put it into her pocket.

“What happened to your hand?”

Su Nan sharp eyes noticed that Xi Xiaye’s hand was bandaged. She quickly pulled her hand over to examine it closely. Apparently, there was concern and anxiousness in her eyes.

Xiaye smiled cheerfully and lightly patted Su Nan on the shoulder as she laughed gently. “No worries. I just got scalded by a little tea. I just got it bandaged at the hospital.”

“Scalded! Is it serious? Why are you so careless!?” Su Nan frowned and shot her an unhappy look, then she examined her hand in detail again. When she saw Xiaye’s slightly pursed lips, she slowly let go and could not help but nag her once more.

“Let’s go back and have some food first. I’ve already made reservations for dinner. You’ve had such a long flight. I’m sure you’re hungry.”

Xi Xiaye pretended that she did not see Su Nan’s glowering gaze. The corner of her mouth curved as she bent down to pick up the luggage that Su Nan had thrown to the floor. Then, she handed the little backpack to Su Nan.

Su Nan nodded and took the backpack in Xiaye’s hand. “If you didn’t mention it, I really didn’t feel anything, but now that you have, I’m starving. The fast food on the plane is inedible. Traveling with a group is boring! Luckily, I ran off alone halfway and toured France and all the other nearby countries by myself. A lot of pretty interesting things happened too. I got to know a few handsome, blonde-haired, blue-eyed guys. I’ll tell you more later, and at the same, introduce them to you. I’ve specially chosen them for you and arranged them into a thick file!”

As Su Nan said this, she took a thick notebook out of her backpack. “I’m telling you I’ve arranged it very diligently. If you dare to trample on my good intentions again this time, I’ll stop being your friend, you hear me?”

Xi Xiaye turned over and casually looked at the thick notebook in Su Nan’s hand. She could not help but feel her head ache. She said helplessly, “Don’t tell me that in this period of time that you were away, you’ve been preparing all these?”

Su Nan shrugged matter-of-factly. She hugged the notebook as if it were her baby. “Of course, this is related to your future happiness. I must always keep it to heart. This is my heart’s blood. If you dare to disrespect the fruits of my labor, you’d better watch out!”

Xi Xiaye could not help but bury her head in her hands. “Su Nan, did you know that Ruan Heng is about to go mad from trying to look for you? He keeps calling me more than five times a day to ask about you, but you… I really don’t know what to say to you.”

As if in sync with Xi Xiaye, the instant she said that, the phone in her pocket immediately buzzed. She took it out and unlocked it, then she showed it to Su Nan. Her brows were raised as she said to Su Nan, “You tell him yourself.”

Su Nan pouted, then she took the phone. She had a look before hanging up and tossing the phone back to Xiaye with a grin. “Forget about him. Just let him be all anxious himself. Tonight, I have a date. I’m not answering anyone’s calls!”

Then, she picked her backpack up and walked ahead.

Xiaye could only shake her head as she collected her luggage and followed her.

They had just stepped out of the airport when a cold breeze harshly ruffled their clothes. Xiaye thrust out a hand to hail a cab, then she put the luggage into the car. When she was about to get in, Su Nan suddenly tugged her from behind and said softly, “Xiaye, look over there!”

“What’s wrong?”

Xiaye turned over to look at Su Nan, yet she realized that her clear face had become pale and she was staring blankly ahead. When she noticed Xi Xiaye watching her, she turned to Xiaye and concern flashed in her eyes.

Xi Xiaye was confused, then she looked up and her nonchalant gaze swept towards the direction that Su Nan was focused on, past the cold rain.

In that instant, the world seemed to have suddenly fallen into a gloomy silence.

Su Nan quickly gripped Xiaye. Her face had also darkened as she turned to look over. Just ahead of them, less than ten meters away, beside a luxurious Rolls-Royce, a tall and lofty man had stopped to talk on the phone beside the car.

The man had a stern face. Under his sharp brows were profound eyes, a pointed nose, and thin lips. He wore an elegant, silver-gray, branded suit. His every move showed off his extraordinary nobility.

Beside him stood a girl wearing Chanel’s latest white spring outfit.

Her beautiful light blonde and slightly curly, long hair fell on her shoulders. Her bright and animated little face held a hint of tenderness. Those long, shapely eyebrows and her eyes that flashed with hints of soft light complemented her thin lips that curved up ever so slightly, adding to her composed and elegant aura. At this moment, her hand gently pulled on the man’s sleeve while the man gently gazed at her before he continued to speak on the phone.

They made a very outstanding couple, and many people were already showering them with envious gazes from the side.

“Yifeng, my mother’s already made reservations at Emperor. Uncle and Aunty Han should be there already, so we can just go straight there since it’s already very late.”

Xi Xinyi lightly clung onto Han Yifeng’s arm. Her gentle voice was just like water flowing gracefully under the bridge, slowly entering into one’s ears.

Han Yifeng put his phone away and turned to look at Xi Xinyi. Then, his handsome face revealed tenderness before he nodded slightly. “Let Li Hai take the luggage back to the villa. We’ll go straight over.”

Xi Xinyi smiled cheerfully. “Mmm, but we had such a long flight and I am quite tired. After dinner tonight, let’s go home earlier to rest. Seeing you so exhausted, you know that I’d worry.”

Han Yifeng laughed softly as he reached out to hold Xi Xinyi by her slim waist and pulled her into his embrace. Xi Xinyi’s face flashed with a flirtatious smile and she lightly tiptoed to swiftly plant a kiss on Han Yifeng’s lips.

“Sluts just love being pretentious!”

The sound of a cold and sneer of disdain interrupted this rare romantic scene.

It was a very familiar voice!

Xi Xinyi was stunned. She quickly turned her head towards the source of the voice. What entered her sight was Su Nan’s willowy figure with her hands crossed while her clean and fair face was filled with contempt. The mockery in her eyes was dense. She was nonchalantly watching them with a gaze as if she was watching a clown put on a performance.

“Su Nan, it’s you!”

Xi Xinyi’s gentle face was infected with a surprised expression. She was about to walk up when Su Nan’s mocking expression stopped her in her footsteps. She could only look up at a loss and appear a little hurt by Han Yifeng who had stayed silent.

While Han Yifeng’s eyes had also locked onto Su Nan’s cynicism-filled face, his hands around Xi Xinyi’s hand tightened slightly.

“Su Nan, was that you on the plane earlier? I thought I recognized wrongly. We haven’t seen each other in so long! How are you?” Xi Xinyi sucked it up, the bright smile on her face filled with a hint of darkness.

Su Nan sneered with contempt. “I’m good. Of course, I’m good. Without a certain disgusting fly flying around by my side, I’ll undoubtedly be good.”

“Su Nan, I…”

Xi Xinyi could not help but lower her head sadly.

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