The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 7 - Trash Man and White Lotus

Chapter 7: Trash Man and White Lotus

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On the side, Han Yifeng, who had been silent, finally spoke up coldly. He pushed Xi Xinyi behind him to protect her and then angrily glared at Su Nan. “Su Nan, you can come to me if you’re mad about anything. There’s no need to attack Xinyi with such malicious talk.”

When she heard him, Su Nan could not help but laugh out loud with pity in her eyes. “Attack her with malicious talk? Han Yifeng, I never would’ve thought that you were actually such a heartless scumbag! How are you two treating Xiaye fairly by doing this?”


When she heard the name, Xi Xinyi was stunned. Her body involuntarily stiffened.

“The thing between Xiaye and I has nothing to do with Xinyi. There’s no need for you to target her.”

Something gloomy flashed across Han Yifeng’s eyes. His low voice passed through the hazy drizzle, and when one heard it, it sounded particularly bitter and heartless.

Xi Xinyi sniffed as she bit her lip and looked like she was steadfast in enduring the insult. It made sympathize with her as she held out her hand and pulled Han Yifeng’s sleeve. She shook her head gently. “Yifeng, that’s enough. She’s right to criticize me. It’s all my fault. I’ve always felt very guilty…”

“Xinyi, this has nothing to do with you. There’s no need for you to blame yourself!”

Su Nan sneered again with anguish. Her eyes could not hold back the tears welling up in them. She slowly lifted her hand and pointed to Xi Xinyi who was behind Han Yifeng and choked on her tears. “Enough! You don’t need to pretend anymore. What for?! Xiaye was blind back then to have known you two heartless scumbags. You’ve stolen everything that belongs to Xiaye. Do you feel happy? I, Su Nan, have lived for close to 30 years, yet I’ve never seen such a shameless and disgusting woman like you! All day, you pretend to be Virgin Mary like a pure-white lotus when you’re actually filled with evil tricks. Whoever fancies you is blind. A slut deserves a cheating man!”

Su Nan’s foul words kept firing like a machine gun. She wished that her stern gaze could sentence the two people before her to an endless cycle of death.

“Watch your manners, Su Nan!”

Han Yifeng’s handsome brows furrowed into a knot. With such horrible words entering his ears, even if he were usually apathetic, he still felt the sting of them.

“The matter between Xiaye and I can’t be explained in just a few words. Besides, that’s something between her and I. I hope you won’t intervene!”

“Manners? Do I need to care about manners when it comes to horrible people like you? Do you think my words are hard to swallow? Wild chicken! She’s a wild chicken! No matter how she dresses up, she can’t become a real phoenix! Han Yifeng, you’ll definitely regret this!”

Su Nan was furious and her little face was beetroot at this point.

Han Yifeng’s expression darkened. His eyes turned hostile as his hand balled into fists and he shouted sternly, “Su Nan! You dare say that again?!”

“What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

Su Nan shouted back with confidence, “I’m saying that Xi Xinyi is a wild chicken. No matter how she dresses up, she won’t become a real phoenix. She’s just a shameless white lotus that only knows how to use cheap tricks to climb her way up. Did I say anything wrong?”

“Shut up!”

“Yifeng… Forget it…”

“Su Nan, I’m telling you the thing between Xi Xiaye and I has nothing to do with Xinyi. As for Xiaye, I can only say I’m sorry. I’m very clear about who I hold dear in my heart. Why do you have to pester me here because of this?”


So, it turns out that that was how it viewed it.

There was an instant when she felt like she had seen herself from years ago again…

That rainy night, she stood along the street with the glorious lights.

She smiled and watched her past self after the damage was done…

Xi Xiaye, who had been standing behind Su Nan, suddenly took a deep breath and slowly shut her eyes. Then, she opened them and turned around. She looked at Su Nan’s slim figure and said plainly with some fatigue in her voice, “Get into the car, Su Nan.”

Her unexpected feeble and hoarse voice rang out, startling the few of them.

Han Yifeng slowly looked up and realized that beside the car not too far away behind Su Nan, Xi Xiaye, whose twinkling eyes had been silently watching all of this, stood holding an umbrella in the drizzle.

The freezing wind kept flapping her clothes and the swaying windbreaker made her body seem even frailer, yet her exquisite face which was half-covered by her shades revealed stubbornness and apathy.


Han Yifeng’s handsome face suddenly turned rigid. A mix of emotions quickly flashed across his profound and silent eyes as his hands by his sides slowly tightened.

Xi Xinyi had also sensed that the arm Han Yifeng circled around her waist had become unnaturally stiff. She immediately chewed on her pink lips slightly and slowly looked up Her beautiful eyes twinkled with light, reflecting weakness and longing in the way she looked at Xiaye.

She sniffed slightly, and in that instant, her eyes started to water as she called out to Xi Xiaye with a raspy voice, “Sis… I… I really miss you…”


I really miss you?

These words that echoed in Xi Xiaye’s ears were akin to a sharp knife scraping against her wound that had not had the time to heal. A coldness started to recklessly invade her body…

People said that time was the best healer, that with time, the worst wounds would heal eventually…

They said that once you let go, you would realize that that person was never actually that important…

They said that after breaking up and getting used to the loneliness, you would not love that person as deeply as you thought you did…

At first, she thought that since it had been quite a few years, these things would lie in the past. She had gotten used to it too. Slowly, she could bear all of this, but hearsay was just hearsay. Who could prove that all of these were true?

In that second, she could feel too many things at once. Her chest hurt and her breath shortened. She found it hard to breathe as dizziness struck her and her heart ached.

However, as much as all the discomfort made her suffer, she could only just turn her head. She tightly shut her eyes and calmed herself down. Then, she opened her eyes and hiding beneath the shades, they had returned to its usual indifference.

She inhaled a little and apathetically looked towards the two people before her, her thin lips faintly curving into a trace of nonchalance. She gently lifted her hand to pat Su Nan’s shoulder lightly. Without so much as another look at the couple, she closed the umbrella and lowered herself into the car. From the start till the end, she did not say a word to Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi.

“Xiaye, how are you? Are you okay?!”

At this moment, Su Nan started to feel her eyes burning up as she turned to look at Xiaye who had already gotten into the car. When she saw that she was already leaning back with her head leaning one side, her heart ached. She could not help but cover half her face with her hand. Her furious gaze passed through the flickering bright colors towards Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi…

“Han Yifeng, you’ll never know what you’ve missed out on! I consider myself blind for having known the two of you heartless scumbags!”

In a hoarse voice, Su Nan left these words before she got into the car.

“Xiaye, how are you? Say something!”

In the car, she inched towards Xi Xiaye and both her hands gripped Xi Xiaye’s shoulders tightly. When she saw that she was not moving at all, she started to panic.

Xi Xiaye pushed Su Nan’s hands that were on her shoulders away and she turned away to look out of the car window. Calmly, she assured, “I’m fine. Driver, let’s get going. Go to Emperor Entertainment City in the north.”

The moment she said that, the driver upfront immediately started his engine.

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