The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 991 - Incident (3)

Chapter 991: Incident (3)

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Several screams became mixed up together!

Xi Xiaye felt the pain in her hands getting worse while the sounds of panicked screaming and sobbing rang out right beside her. She turned over and saw that Gu Lingsha had fallen down alongside her daughter, Qi Weier!

Qi Weier seemed to have hit her forehead. There were some visible bruises on her head as tears started rolling down her pale cheeks. Gu Lingsha hugged her. “It’s okay! Weiwei, it’s fine! Let me take a look!”

Xi Xiaye’s eyes darkened as she held onto the wall beside her and got up.

“Xi Xiaye, you wicked woman! I’ll make sure you pay if anything happens to Weiwei!” Gu Lingsha shielded Qi Weier as she gave Xi Xiaye a cold stare.

“Why didn’t you think about that when you were about to slap my son?! Gu Lingsha, don’t you think you’re even worse to want to hit a child?” Xi Xiaye yelled back at her.

“Your son? He’s your son?”

Gu Lingsha stared at Mu Zirui for a moment. Her expression darkened as she remembered that someone had mentioned to her about Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye adopting a boy from the orphanage. “No wonder. Like mother, like son. You’re both liars! I know my daughter very well. She would never touch the hornet’s nest, but your son still doesn’t want to admit it! Just like you, denying an act which was obviously committed!”

Naturally, Xi Xiaye understood what she meant!

This woman had been unhappy with Xi Xiaye being close to Qi Lei. She still assumed that Xi Xiaye had persuaded Qi Lei to act against her!

“Gu Lingsha, you need to be responsible for your words. What are you thinking about by accusing my son without any evidence? I can file a lawsuit against you for defamation!”

“Try it then! I’ll make sure your son won’t have it easy if something happens to my daughter! Don’t think that I can’t do anything just because Mu Yuchen is shielding you! Mu Yuchen owes me! He owes Weiwei! He’s the one that caused all these misfortunes!”

“You’re really something to blame everything onto others, Gu Lingsha! You’ve committed indecent acts, but you’re too afraid to bear the responsibilities and push everything over to Mu Yuchen. Do you think people are blind? Is your head filled with trash? I’m really impressed by your brain structure! I wonder how it looks like!” Xi Xiaye could not help but throw a mean comment as she felt angry for Mu Yuchen.

“You dare insult me?” Gu Lingsha’s expression darkened further as she gave Xi Xiaye a cold glare.

Xi Xiaye grinned. She did not want to deal with this woman any longer, so she turned around and spoke to Teacher Chen, “Thank you, Teacher Chen. Is Xiao Rui alright?”

“I’m fine, Mother! She’s really annoying. I didn’t touch the hornet’s nest. It fell on its own. I told her not to touch it, but she ignored my warning. Suddenly, hornets started chasing after us! I pulled her and ran away together. I didn’t do anything wrong. She lied! I didn’t! I hate her!”

Mu Zirui’s expression was strained as he recalled what happened. He gave Qi Weier a disgusted stare, yet the little girl just stood behind Gu Lingsha and sobbed. She cried even louder when she heard Mu Zirui’s voice!

“Xiao Rui! Are you okay?” Xi Xiaye saw that his forehead and left cheek were swollen, so she patted his head. “Be careful in the future. Look how swollen it is right now!”

Mu Zirui wanted to touch the swollen parts, but he felt pain the moment his fingers brushed them. He then quickly retracted his hands while Xi Xiaye gently knocked his head. “Don’t touch it!”

“Mother…” Mu Zirui lowered his head.

Xi Xiaye looked over at Gu Lingsha and Qi Weier. She locked her gaze onto Qi Weier for a little while. The little girl seemed to have inherited Gu Lingsha’s beauty, so it was pretty easy to tell that she was Gu Lingsha’s daughter, except that she seemed frail.

“Teacher Chen, I hope the school can investigate what actually happened. I have some doubts regarding the appearance of a hornet’s nest in the school’s vicinity as well. Please treat this seriously and don’t let the students be endangered!”

“Don’t worry, Madam Xi, we will! We’re really sorry. Here’s Zirui’s medicine. He should take it every four hours! The doctor said he’ll be fine in two days.”

Xi Xiaye took the medicine and was about to leave after thanking the teacher, but Gu Lingsha suddenly yelled at her, “Stand right there, Xi Xiaye! Do you just want to leave after your son harmed my daughter? Do you think I’m stupid? I won’t just let you go without an apology!” Clearly, she was being oppressive.

“Harm? Did you see my son hurt your daughter? You need evidence, Gu Lingsha. A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble!”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Whatever floats your boat! I believe my son! Apology? You should be the one apologizing! I can already report you for abusing children from the slap just now. How dare you even think about that, Gu Lingsha?! Do you think this is a place for you to do as you wish?”

“Xi Xiaye, I think you have a bad memory! Do you think my Weiwei could have poked the hornet’s nest on the tree with her frail body? What a joke!”

“Did I say she poked it?” Xi Xiaye put on a bitter grin. “You only know how to push the responsibility onto others. Is that how the Gu family teaches their heiress? I hope you don’t raise your daughter to be like you.”

“What did you just say, Xi Xiaye?!”

“Was I not clear enough?” Xi Xiaye said sarcastically before leaving with Mu Zirui in tow.

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