The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 992 - Incident (4)

Chapter 992: Incident (4)

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Gu Lingsha would not just let Xi Xiaye go so easily. Holding Qi Weier in her arms, she caught up with her.

Rush hour after school had passed, so the crowd was long gone. Xi Xiaye and Mu Zirui headed straight to the car where Sis Wang was sitting in the driver’s seat. She noticed Xi Xiaye from the side mirror, so she quickly drove closer. As she got out of the car to open the door for them, two bodyguards came over and stopped Sis Wang.

“Who are you guys? What do you want?” Sis Wang stayed calm as she looked at the two men while being on alert.

The bodyguards remained silent and just looked forward. Sis Wang turned her head around and saw Xi Xiaye and Mu Zirui halt in their footsteps while Gu Lingsha and Qi Weier were catching up with them.

“Gu Lingsha, you’d better explain what is going on or else, I’m going to call the police!” Xi Xiaye’s expression darkened as she gave Gu Lingsha a tough glare.

“Apologize! Your son’s words could leave Weiwei traumatized. She’s been so frail since her birth. I won’t let you get away if anything happens to her!”

While Gu Lingsha’ protective attitude might be touching to some people, it was ironic to Xi Xiaye! How could she just think her daughter was the only precious one? Was Xi Xiaye’s son just a decoration?

“We will not apologize. Tell your men to move away before I take action.” Xi Xiaye’s tone of voice was calm but dangerous. While she frowned, she felt pain in her palms again from the fall earlier that had caused her wounds to open up!

“Don’t even think about leaving without apologizing! Do you think you can just bully us?” Gu Lingsha felt angry as she thought about their previous encounters. She had no idea why this woman acted all high and mighty. She was just acting as Mu Yuchen’s woman. How could she be so proud of that?

“Ms. Gu, I’ll actually call the police if this continues!” Sis Wang spoke up. It was obvious that Gu Lingsha was trying to stir up some trouble!

“Stop them! No one is leaving without an apology!” Gu Lingsha ignored Sis Wang completely as she gave orders to her bodyguards.

Xi Xiaye’s eyes turned cold. She reached into her pocket and took out her phone to call 110 right in front of Gu Lingsha!


Before the call could get through, Gu Lingsha slapped Xi Xiaye’s hand and her phone fell onto the ground.

“Xi Xiaye, you asked for this!”

“Missus!” Sis Wang quickly closed in. “Ms. Gu, what are you trying to do in broad daylight?! All of you will be arrested if our Master finds out what happened!”

Gu Lingsha threw a cold stare at Sis Wang who felt a chill go down her spine from just the stare alone. She shielded Mu Zirui behind her as she gave Xi Xiaye a worried glance.

However, Gu Lingsha moved forward and was standing right before Xi Xiaye before she could even react. Then, she grabbed Xi Xiaye’s hand and gave her a rough pinch. Xi Xiaye did not expect Gu Lingsha to be so quick, so it was too late for her to avoid the attack!

The sharp pain shot up her palm, and she took several deep breaths as her whole body shuddered slightly.

“I’m telling you now, Xi Xiaye. Don’t go around acting all high and mighty. Do you really think I’m afraid of you? Are you trying to take advantage just because I’m being lenient? You better watch out from now on. I’ll make Mu Yuchen pays back for whatever he owes me. As for you, I’ll make sure to pay you back in double for how you’ve treated me before! I’m not kidding. I’m willing to do anything, especially for my daughter! Do you understand me?”

Gu Lingsha tightened her grip, almost breaking Xi Xiaye’s hand into half! She had so much strength that Xi Xiaye could almost confirm that she was trained in some sort of martial art!

Xi Xiaye barely endured the sharp pain as her palm was dyed red from the blood leaking out of her wound. As her blood started dripping on the floor, Xi Xiaye struggled to break away, but Gu Lingsha gripped her even harder.

“You bad woman! Let go of my mother! Let go of her!” Mu Zirui ran towards Gu Lingsha and almost bit her, but one of the bodyguards went forward swiftly. When he almost grabbed Mu Zirui, Xi Xiaye managed to drag her son back first.

“Xiao Rui, this is none of your business. Get back!” Xi Xiaye instructed in a cold tone. She gave Gu Lingsha a cold, fearless stare. “Let go!”

“You’d better remember what I said today!” Gu Lingsha’s eyes darkened as she pushed her away. Then, she left together with Qi Weier.

Xi Xiaye almost fell again from the shove. Fortunately, Sis Wang reacted quickly enough and held onto Xi Xiaye.

“Missus, are you alright?”


Two voices reached her.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and she looked at her bloody hand, her eyes becoming stormy instantly.

“Missus, your hand…your wound has opened up! How dare she?! I’m calling Master right now!”

Sis Wang noticed that Xi Xiaye’s hand was bleeding, so she got nervous and wanted to call Mu Yuchen quickly, but Xi Xiaye stopped her. “Keep away your phone. We’ll talk about it once we get back!”

Xi Xiaye took out some tissue paper and cleaned off the blood trails on her wrist. She raised her head and looked at Gu Lingsha with a cruel grin without saying anything. Then, she bent over and picked up her phone before getting into the car.

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