The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 16: Outstanding Teacher

Chapter 16: Outstanding Teacher

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“You cheated in an examination and now you’re talking back to your teacher? Where did you learn these manners?” Qian Wenrui lifted her slanted eyes and barked. Her anger was apparent in her voice, as she was dissatisfied with Fu Zhi’s attitude. “If one gives this test paper to every examinee across the country, I’m sure no one will finish it in just 10 minutes. Tell me, Director Liu, what are you going to do about her?”

“What am I going to do about her?”

No.1 High School had strict rules, and the consequences of cheating in an examination were severe. Director Liu relapsed into silence for a while. Then, he turned to Fu Zhi and grumbled in a low voice, “If you don’t know how to cheat in an exam, why don’t you ask your eldest brother? Your father just donated 2 million to the school, but you’ve ruined everything...”

“Director Liu!” Qian Wenrui squinted and said sharply, “Why do I have a feeling that you’re partial to her?”

Director Liu refuted this. “What makes you think that? I’m the director of the senior year students, so there’s no way I’d play favorites. You must be delusional.”

He just wanted to create a home where every student could study!

“Is that so? When her eldest brother cheated in the examination, I remember you sending him back home to reflect on his actions. Fu Zhi’s grades are recorded in her profile, and the situation is clear as day. She is a kid from the countryside. If we don’t punish her for her actions today, she will never know she was wrong and she will start stealing next! In any case, I’ll never allow a bad student like her to join my class!”

Qian Wenrui came from the countryside, so she knew better than anyone how terrible the learning situation and resources were in the countryside. It had taken years for them to raise a successful person like her. Therefore, she believed that everything she said was the truth. “All students in Class 1 are good students. Like I said earlier, a bad apple can spoil the entire barrel. If you insist on putting Fu Zhi in Class 1, how are we going to explain it to their parents if Fu Zhi leads them astray and causes them not to get into Tsinghua University?”

Director Liu’s face turned grim after he listened to what Qian Wenrui said. He took a look at Fu Zhi, feeling torn.

“I guess all other teachers will think like me. No one will want her in their class considering her characteristics and grades. I suggest that we put her in Class 21. After all, she’s been adopted by a rich family, so even if she doesn’t study hard, she won’t have any problems.”

“Mrs. Qian!” Director Liu furrowed his brows and snapped sternly, “Watch your mouth! Don’t forget that you are a teacher!”

Qian Wenrui was unperturbed. She kept a cold expression on her face as she added, “I’m nothing but a teacher who fights for students’ rights and interests against capitalism. If you think I’m wrong, Director Liu, you can get the school administration to fire me at any time!”

Fu Zhi raised her eyes from her phone. There was a smile tugging at the corner of her lips, but it did not reach her eyes. She watched Qian Wenrui and asked, “Does Mrs. Qian always look at people like me through blue glasses?”

Qian Wenrui opened her mouth to say something, but Fu Zhi did not give her the chance. She collected her profile from the table, turned around to face Director Liu, and said, “Since my grades are not good, then like Mrs. Qian said, perhaps you should put me in Class 21.”

There was a distinct difference between Qian Wenrui not allowing Fu Zhi to enter her class and Fu Zhi refusing to go to her class.

Director Liu had never imagined that Fu Zhi would willingly join the bad class. “Are you sure?”

Qian Wenrui still had not recovered from her anger, but she let out a sigh when Fu Zhi said she was willing to go to the bad class. “Since Fu Zhi wants to go, let her go then. No matter where she goes, she won’t have a future if she doesn’t study well.”

After coming out of the office, Fu Zhi followed Director Liu and looked for the teacher of Class 21.

Lu Chuwan was standing right outside the office. She greeted Director Liu the moment the door was opened before approaching Qian Wenrui. She then asked, “Are we still going to have a physics class later, Mrs. Qian?”

“Yes, of course.” Qian Wenrui nodded at Director Liu and headed to Class 1 with Lu Chuwan. “Come to the office during the evening self-study session. I’ll give you a remedial class. You have to put more effort regarding the matter with Professor He. I’ll be counting on you to get the Best Teacher Award this year!”

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