The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 17: Don’t Get So Close To Your Cousin

Chapter 17: Don’t Get So Close To Your Cousin

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Lu Chuwan was walking beside Qian Wenrui. She had a palm-sized face, and her skin was fair. Her eyes were large and black, and she looked really charming when she smiled. “There are many students at our school. Professor He may not pick me.”

“You’re an excellent kid, but there is one bad thing about you, and that’s that you are too modest. There’s no doubt that there are many good students at our school, but I have faith in you. Even your cousin, Lu Yubai, excels in comprehensive science subjects, but his overall grades are not as good as yours.”

Then, Qian Wenrui patted Lu Chuwan’s shoulder and added, her voice laced with mirth, “Your physics paper has been selected as excellent work and sent to the Capitol for appraisal by the provincial. Professor He is one of the judges. He usually conducts scientific research at the Capitol and he rarely comes out. I’m certain that you’re the reason he suddenly rushed over to Yu City this time. He must have taken a liking to your paper.”

Physics was the hardest subject in the entrance examination. If she could get her hand on some tips from Professor He during the lecture, then she could prepare in advance and bring the physics results of her class to a whole new level. It would also help her win the title of the best teacher a lot.

Lu Chuwan knew Qian Wenrui had placed all her hopes on her. She smiled shyly, then turned to look at Fu Zhi, who was walking behind Director Liu. She cocked her head slightly and asked, “I heard Fu Zhi will be joining our class?”

Her voice was soft but loud enough for Fu Zhi to hear. Her movements were elegant, giving off the vibe that she had been born in a noble family.

“Fu Zhi?”

Qian Wenrui scoffed with a great deal of sarcasm in her voice, “There is no way she can enter our class with her results. Chuwan, you are a good girl. You shouldn’t get too close to your cousin. She is a bad influence.”

Lu Chuwan nodded slightly.

After a short while, she said, “My cousin is still young, and I apologize on her behalf for all the trouble she has caused you, Mrs. Qian.”

It went without saying that Qian Wenrui would not make a fuss about the trifle with Fu Zhi. Most importantly, she felt that there was no need for her to stoop to the same level as Fu Zhi.

They parted ways at the corner.

There was still some time left before class started. Qian Wenrui went back to her office to pick up her teaching material while Lu Chuwan returned to her classroom. The moment she stepped into her classroom, she heard her classmates discussing something loudly.

“Hey, hey, check this out. There is a post that says Professor He is coming to our school. He is the bellwether of the Artificial Intelligence industry. He puts all his heart in academic research, and I heard he hasn’t gotten married yet. Don’t you think it’s a little too unrealistic for a busy man like him to come to our school?”

“Even though Yu City has been developing fast recently, we still have a long way to go. I assume that this is just one of our school’s petty tricks to attract more students.”

“But I heard that he did come to Yu City and stayed in that small town to carry out research once last year. However, he seemed to have encountered domestic violence and he limped back to the Capitol along with his bag. Of course, this is just hearsay. I’m still very excited about him really coming to our school!”

“Ahhh! I wonder if Professor He will pick me. I’m so nervous!”

Lu Chuwan ignored all these discussions and walked back to her seat. Her deskmate nudged her and asked, “Are you not curious about it, Wanwan? It’s Professor He, you know?’

Lu Chuwan pulled her hair behind her ears and replied, “Yeah, I already knew about it.” Her answer caused her deskmate to widen her eyes in shock.

“You knew about it?”

Lu Chuwan nodded. Her best friend, Xu Tongtong, turned her head around and shouted, “It’s very obvious that Professor He is here for Wanwan! You guys shouldn’t waste your time anymore. If you have the time to dream, you might as well come and beg Wanwan to give you a remedial class later on!”

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