The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 498 - Hypocrisy Alert – 3

Chapter 498: Hypocrisy Alert – 3

After Fu Zhi had finished filling in the written request for leave, she handed it to Ouyang Feng for approval. Then, she turned around and gazed at Qian Man.

“Sending text messages is too expensive,” she said, “Besides, it’s not that big of a deal at all.”

Qian Man became speechless.

‘Well, I guess not only poor guys like me are stingy, even rich people like her are stingy as well.’

Ouyang Feng gave the written request for leave back to Fu Zhi.

Hu Lei’s face was beyond dark. If one had to describe it, it would be like a wife catching her husband having an affair with her bestie on their marriage night.

Fu Zhi put the written request for leave into her bag. She thought for a while, then she pulled a pen out of her bag and began drawing a mechanical heart on a piece of paper on Ouyang Feng’s table.

Hu Lei was kind of surprised that she could memorize his design even though she had only seen it once. He pressed his lips thin, and although he was all alone now, he would not give up fighting. After taking a deep breath, he said, “This is it, this is my design. Professor Qian, you’re a professor, and I’m sure you know something about a mechanical heart, so here’s the thing. I want you to take a good look at the mechanical heart and give us some constructive feedback about my design. I want to know if my design is really as bad and wrong as Fu Zhi has claimed!”

Qian Man picked the paper with the mechanical heart up and studied it meticulously. After a few seconds, he said without any hesitation, “Of course you are wrong!”

Hu Lei became speechless. He was so infuriated that he flew into a rage and began to argue with Qian Man in the office. Both Qian Man and Hu Lei were experts in their own fields. Qian Man was on Fu Zhi’s side, so Hu Lei could only stand up for himself.

Director Liu looked at their debate from the sideline. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and said to Ouyang Feng, “As someone who doesn’t know what is going on, I choose Professor Hu this time.”

After all, Professor Hu had gotten a lot of awards due to his contribution to the mechanical heart. In Director Liu’s perspective, Hu Lei must be the right one.

However, Ouyang Feng had a different view from him. He was Fu Zhi’s supporter and he said, “I know what you’re thinking. You think that Hu Lei has gotten a lot of awards, so he must be the right one, right? Well, let me tell you something, you’re terribly wrong and you are going to regret your decision very soon.”

Director Liu was stumped. Just when he was wondering if Ouyang Feng could read one’s mind, Qian Man smacked the table and shouted, “You know I’m not that kind of person who would take this thing as a joke. Although I’m not as professional as you in Mathematics, I have been involved in medicine more extensively than you, and your design does damage human liver function.”

Pulling a long face, Hu Lei said, “Yes, I know you’re not someone who would take this kind of thing as a joke, but that’s in the past. Right now, all I can say is that humans change all the time.”

In the past, Hu Lei had a lot of confidence that Qian Man would stand on his side since they all came from the same place. However, reality gave him a huge slap in the face. Not only did Qian Man give in to Fu Zhi’s tyranny, but he also abandoned him, leaving him alone to face the problems in the world.

Deep down, Hu Lei really wanted to shout, “How could you betray me and leave me alone to suffer in this world”, but he found no point in talking about this anymore. Besides, he needed He Min and Qian Man to introduce him to a great expert in his industry, so he could not flip a table on them yet.

With that thought in mind, Hu Lei took another deep breath to calm himself down.

As for Qian Man, he was very firm on his standing. He thought that Hu Lei was being unreasonable, so he insisted on debating with Hu Lei to prove that his master was not wrong.

As Fu Zhi’s student, although he was not part of the research institute, Qian Man had the qualification to enter the FZ Research Institute’s database.

After he entered his password, he pulled out the design about the mechanical arm and mechanical heart from the database. “According to what I know, the FZ Research Institute has sold 2 mechanical hearts to 2 mysterious buyers several years ago. Open your eyes and look at this closely, this is the heart designed by a hundred experts in the research institute. Although it was not taken to be reviewed by the international jury, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad design and it has a lot of differences from your design!”

Qian Man then showed Hu Lei the document, and Hu Lei was stunned when he saw the design.

Without a doubt, the design of the mechanical heart in the database was a lot better than Hu Lei’s design.

“How is that possible?!” Hu Lei did not believe what he had just seen, “A few years ago, our level of technology was still developing slowly, so how’s there any chances the FZ Research Institute could complete the research and design of mechanical heart so soon…”

Qian Man sneered coldly, “Do you know what place the research institute is? Everything is possible inside the institute.”

“Well, even if my design is wrong, why don’t you tell me earlier?”

Qian Man lifted his chin and continued, “The research on the mechanical heart is one of the research institute’s secret projects. It has only been recorded in the database and it’s been rolled out in the market yet, so of course I can’t tell you.”

“Then, why are you telling me now?”

“Rules are fixed, but people are not,” Qian Man said, “The reason I’m telling it to you now is that I can’t stand your arrogance and stupidity, so I decided to teach you a lesson.”

And he dared to argue with his master? Did he not know that his master had created the mechanical arm when she was still a kid?

Had it not been for his master’s unwillingness to appear in front of the public and she only made two mechanical hearts for two mysterious buyers, they would have rolled the mechanical heart to the market.

Hu Lei’s face was getting paler with every passing second. It was as if all those years he had spent was for naught. In the end, someone had already succeeded in making the mechanical heart and he was just wasting his time!

Looking at Hu Lei, Qian Man nodded in satisfaction. It was very obvious now who had emerged victorious from the debate.

In the meantime, Director Liu chimed in, “Well, it’s good that you guys have sorted everything out. In my honest opinion, I think both of you are great. Anyway, Professor Hu, are you going to continue the lesson?”

“I don’t think so,” Fu Zhi interrupted, “Professor Hu is not a good teacher. First, he’s just wasting our time by not teaching us what we should know, and secondly, he hasn’t apologized to me yet for his rudeness.”

“I’m a professor!” Hu Lei shouted. His pride did not allow him to apologize to a student. “I won’t apologize to you. You don’t even think about it!”

‘Very well, then,’ Fu Zhi thought inwardly. She walked to the corner of the office and picked up the fire extinguisher. She played around in her hand as she took a look at Hu Lei.

Then, she walked a step forward, and Hu Lei shot up from the chair. A great man knew when to yield and when to not. His valiance disappeared into thin air as he bowed at Fu Zhi, “I’m sorry, Ms. Fu Zhi. It’s my fault and I apologize for my rudeness.”

Fu Zhi just wanted him to know his mistake, so after he had apologized to her, she put the fire extinguisher back to its original spot and sat down.

It was a rough day for Hu Lei. First, he discovered that his research had been wrong since the beginning and now, he felt he had lost all his face for apologizing to Fu Zhi.

He said, “One of the biggest failures of our country’s education system is that we emphasize theories too much. There is a lack of application of knowledge, and I don’t think I was wrong for imparting some extra knowledge to the students. Since Fu Zhi is not able to accept it, I will stop giving classes to the students.”

If Fu Zhi was a professor, Hu Lei might not feel so embarrassed, but Fu Zhi was not.

He did not think that he could bring himself to continue the classes after apologizing to someone who’s lower than him, so he simply made an excuse to withdraw himself from the extra classes.

However, Director Liu did not think so. It would be very hard for him to find another Mathematic teacher on the same par as Hu Lei, so he said, “How about this? Fu Zhi will not attend the rest of the extra classes, while you go back and continue the lesson.”

The things that Hu Lei said during the class were college-level knowledge. It was very impressive and interesting, but unfortunately, the students from the 3 classes could not understand it. However, Director Liu was positive that if they gave Hu Lei the second chance, he would certainly be able to carry out his job perfectly.

Fu Zhi fell into a pensive silence as she turned to look at Qian Man.

Qian Man knew what she was thinking, so he shook his head. Hu Lei was the best Mathematics teacher they could find in the capital. That was the reason He Ming invited him to No.1 High School.

Of course, things would be much easier if Fu Zhi could replace Hu Lei. They just needed to pay her handsomely and they were certain that she would take up the job, but Qian Man noticed the written request for leave in her bag.

Fu Zhi pressed her lips thin and there was no expression on her face.

Qian Man did not want to chase Hu Lei away as well. “Didn’t you promise Professor He that you’re going to give 7 classes to No.1 High School?” He asked.

“I’ve changed my mind,” Hu Lei replied.

“Then do you still want to know who designed the mechanical heart? Do you still want to discuss the knowledge with her?”

Hu Lei’s eyes lit up, and Qian Man knew he had hit the jackpot.

He pulled Hu Lei out of the office to a corner. Hu Lei looked around, and after ascertaining that there was no one around them, he asked, “You’re not a member of the research institution and you don’t deal with them. Are you sure you can introduce me to the designer of the mechanical heart?”

Qian Man nodded firmly. “I never lie.”

“Then, where is she now?”

“Really? You still haven’t figured it out yet, Professor Hu? She’s with us just now.”

Hu Lei and Qian Man talked for a very long while. Just when Xiao Liu could not hold himself anymore, Hu Lei pushed the door open and looked eagerly at Fu Zhi.

Seeing him, Director Liu hastily said, “Professor Hu, please don’t take offense at her. She’s just a kid, so please don’t give her a hard time. Since you’ve already apologized to her, let’s let bygones be bygones. As for the extra classes, can you reconsider and…”

“Who’s giving her a hard time? And who said I need to reconsider the extra classes?!” Hu Lei interjected forcefully, “As a director of a school, you have to be responsible for what comes out of your mouth, do you know that? I’ve been very willing to have an academic discussion with Fu Zhi from the get-go! Besides, I’m a man of my word. I’ve promised to give you guys extra classes, I will give you guys extra classes. If you don’t stop slandering me, I will sue you!”

Director Liu was stunned.

‘Huh? Did you get possessed by a ghost?’

Hu Lei’s face turned red as he felt embarrassed as well. That said, there was nothing he could do. All he ever cared about in his life was his research and he was willing to do everything for his research, even if he had to submit to the forces of evil. Besides, everyone in this world had to bow down to something or someone eventually. This was the rule of living that could not be changed no matter what, and Hu Lei was positive that he was not alone.

After taking a deep breath, Hu Lei pulled a jade amulet out of his pocket and gave it to Fu Zhi, “I’m really interested in teaching your friend. I promise you I will start from the basics this time, so can you give me another chance?”

Hu Lei’s Commandment of Work #1: If you want to be successful in your work, you have to curry favor with your boss.

Fu Zhi stroked the jade amulet and said with a frown, “I will take this time, but if there’s next time…”

“Don’t worry,” Hu Lei chimed in, “There will be no next time.”

“No, what I mean is. This jade amulet is not good enough. Can you give me a better quality jade next time?”

‘How can you be successful if you are so petty-minded?’

Hu Lei did not know what he should say.

‘I’m sorry, I will punish myself later.’

Hu Lei’s attitude towards Fu Zhi had changed drastically and Director Liu did not know why. Could it be that Hu Lei was a friend of Fu Zhi’s biological parents?

After all, they all stayed in the capital. It was just that Director Liu had been wondering if Hu Lei was Fu Zhi’s tutor during her childhood that made her into a smart girl today.

Hu Lei wanted to leave a good impression on Fu Zhi. However, he knew he could not rush things, and he had to do it slowly one step at a time. He even began thinking that since the hall was only a few meters high and he would not die even if he jumped from the window, should he really do that to prove himself?

While Hu Lei was locked in his thoughts, he followed Director Liu to the hall.

Fu Zhi came out of the office with Qian Man. Qian Man was a little sad and disappointed when he found out that Fu Zhi was going to Myanmar the day after tomorrow.

Fu Zhi pulled a tissue out of her bag and handed it to him.

Qian Man just felt a little bit sad, but he did not want to cry at all. However, when Fu Zhi handed him a tissue paper, he forced a drop of tear out of his eyes. After both of them had gone to the grove, Qian Man asked, “Master, He Ming wanted me to ask if you’re free tomorrow afternoon. Can you join us for a meal before you go to Myanmar? Think of it as us giving you a farewell party.”

Fu Zhi thought for a moment and nodded since she had some free time.

Then, she said, “Du Min is the one who’s in charge of the patents for the research in the research institute. When you read the document just now, did it say who bought the two mechanical hearts?”

Fu Zhi usually just focused on her research, and she did not care who bought the patent.

“Let me take a look,” Qian Man replied as he pulled his phone out. After he searched through his phone for a long while, he then answered, “One is bought by the Li Family, as for another, hold on a second… This is strange. There’s no information about the buyer for the second mechanical heart.”

Fu Zhi frowned slightly. “The Li Family? Which Li Family?”

“The Li Family from the capital. They bought it several years ago.”

After Hu Lei had turned a new leaf, Fu Zhi did not continue the class in the afternoon and went back to their house with Ye Jiu to start packing their stuff.

Other than Fu Zhi and Ye Jiu, Xu Wei was also going to Myanmar this time.

While Fu Zhi was packing her clothes, Ye Jiu was laying on her bed, flipping through the calendar. Then, he suddenly said, “I don’t want to go to Myanmar.”

Fu Zhi raised her head to look at him.

Ye Jiu shifted his position and stretched his leg. “It’s too exhausting,” he said, “How about you go yourself? I will be waiting for you at home.”

“But didn’t you say you want to go on a vacation the other day?”

Ye Jiu touched the bunny plushie beside his bed, buried his face into it, and said in a muffled voice, “That’s because I was alone at that time, but I have you now…”

Wafts of floral aroma came into the room from the garden, and the afterglow of the westbound sun shone on the floor through the window.

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