The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 499 - Hypocrisy Alert – 4

Chapter 499: Hypocrisy Alert – 4

The young man looked at her through the slit of his fingers.

The young girl sitting on the cushion was pretty and adorable. She was 17 years old this year, but she had a totally different destiny than him. She had a family and… Two brothers.

“Fu Zhi,” the young man covered his face with the pink bunny plushie and asked, “Will you miss me when I’m gone?”


He started out loud, but his voice was getting weaker and weaker with every passing second. After Fu Zhi had put all her clothes into her luggage, she turned her head around and fixed her eyes on the pink bunny plushie.

“Where are you going?” Fu Zhi asked, “I will come with you.”

He wanted to tell her that he would not come back anymore if he was gone.

“Who knows,” Ye Jiu said. He felt that it was not him who was talking right now. Instead, he had a feeling that he was talking through someone else’s body. “I need to have my own life.”

Fu Zhi was stunned.

Ye Jiu turned his body sideways and faced Fu Zhi with his back. Perhaps he was not willing to be separated from Fu Zhi so soon, he sent a text message to the international crime unit.

He wanted to go to Myanmar with her before the end of this month came.

Ye JIu turned off his phone after he sent the text message. After a short while, he calmed himself down and said, “Never mind, forget about what I said. I will go to Myanmar with you. I don’t have much money left, so nobody is going to buy milk tea for me if I don’t go with you.”

Fu Zhi suddenly had a bad feeling and she touched her bank card in her pocket.

Ye Jiu heard something and he got up from the bed. He had left the top 2 buttons on his collar opened, and one could see his fair skin beneath his cloth.

He squinted his eyes and stuck his hand into Fu Zhi’s pocket.


Ye Jiu withdrew his hand. The back of his hand was slowly turning red and he stared at Fu Zhi incredulously. He could not believe that she still wanted to hit him even though he was already so sad. That said, there was nothing he could do as he was too weak to fight with Fu Zhi right now.

As such, he changed to another approach and said, “You are so mean, my sweet little Zhizhi.”

He licked his lip and threw himself into Fu Zhi’s embrace. Then, he rubbed Fu Zhi’s shoulder with the tip of his nose like a dog before wrapping his arm around her waist and said, his eyes glowing, “You’re so beautiful, so you must not be so scary.”

Fu Zhi looked at him and raised her hand.


Ye Jiu, “Ouch!”

Fu Zhi nearly broke his hand that he secretly snuck into her pocket.

“Fu Zhi!” Ye Jiu snarled, “How dare you!”

Fu Zhi then expressionlessly put her bank card on her palm.

He could say anything about her for all he wanted, but if he tried to cheat her out of her money, there was only one end for him: death!

Meanwhile, a certain base in Country M.

There was a big red table at the center of the dimly lit conference room. The purplish screen roller blinds were rustling and dancing along with the cold wind that came in through the half-opened door and window.

There was no sound in the conference room until a mechanical voice sounded out.

The door opened up, and the light in the conference room was turned on by a fair-skinned hand.

The man who turned on the light took a seat first. Following after, several men with the same mask appeared and took their seats in turn.

There were five of them and they were the captains as well as the core members of the crime unit.

Sitting at the head of the table was the captain of the 2nd division. His voice sounded hoarse through a voice changer, but he seemed to be a man in his thirties considering his physique. He scanned across the room and asked, “Is everyone here?”

“That’s a funny question. Have you ever seen all of us present at the same time?” The man sitting next to him chuckled,

“That’s a funny question. Have you ever seen all of us present at the same time? No, right?” The man sitting next to him chuckled, his fox mask glinting coldly under the light, “We can put the former captain of the 7th division aside since he’s working on a mission right now, but the former captain of the 1st division… I have never seen him attend any of our meetings before and he has not taken any mission since he took over the 1st division.”

“Well, maybe he’s busy or he knows he can’t handle any of the missions. After all, according to rumor, he could become the captain of the 1st division because he knows someone above there.”

“It seems like you’re not very happy about him being the captain of the 1st division, huh, captain of the 4th division? Why don’t you appeal to the top and have them remove him from his position?” The captain of the 5th division suggested as he played with a lighter in his hand.

The captain of the 4th division was stunned.

Although the former captain of the 1st division was useless, they all knew that he was the illegitimate child of their boss. Therefore, there was nothing they could do about it.

Besides, the crime unit had scouted a lot of new blood recently, and all of them were very capable. One of them even managed to take over the 1st division and became the new captain.

It was just that their boss had opened up a new division known as the 8th division for the former captain of the 1st division. Since it was a newly-established division, It had only a few members, not to mention that most of them were unwanted members from other divisions, so nobody actually cared about them.

The captain of the 4th division then said, “I’m just stating the fact. We all eight divisions in the crime unit are a team, so don’t slander me, captain of the 5th division.”

The captain of the 5th division shrugged, and just when he was about to say something, the man sitting at the head of the table knocked on the table, successfully drawing everyone’s attention.

“There are 2 things I want to talk about today,” the captain of the 2nd division said, “Ye Jiu has agreed to do the human experiment, but before that, he’s going to Myanmar, so we have to send two teams to pick him up in Myanmar.”

Two teams to pick up one man?

Everyone in the conference room was confused.

“Ye Jiu is just a failed experiment subject. You’re being paranoid, captain of the 2nd division,” the captain of the 5th division chimed in, “Don’t you think it’s a little bit of waste to send 2 teams to pick Ye Jiu up in Myanmar?”

“Not only Ye Jiu,” the captain of the 2nd division replied. He took the remote control from the table and pressed a button.

The light in the conference room dimmed, and a muscular man appeared on the big screen.

“This man is Matthew. He’s from Country M, but his parents are from Myanmar. He’s the mastermind of the famous serial murder case, “Equinox Flower”. He likes to drink milk tea and he’s the first king of drag racing in Country M. For the past two years, many international organizations have been trying to find a way to capture him and his accomplice, Anmisu.

“Two days ago, Anmisu was caught in Myanmar, and the local government has confirmed that Matthew is in Myanmar as well. Therefore, they sent a message to us hoping to get support from us. They want to draw out Matthew and bring him to justice.”

The “Equinox Flower” case was the most sensational serial murder case across the globe. It was so serious it caused panic everywhere. Besides, Matthew had been a high-profile person. He feared none of the international organizations and he even had the audacity to buy milk tea several times in public.

Just like him, his group of subordinates was also a bunch of outlaws who feared nothing.

The captain of the 3rd division took a look at the document in his hand and said, “There were a total of 9 participants in the “Equinox Flower”. Other than Matthew and Anmisu, among the other seven, two of them were put to death on the spot for kidnapping Lu Yu’an, the grandson of the Zhou family, while the other five were executed by firing squad. Right now, Anmisu was caught in Myanmar, so that means there’s only one person left, which is also the hardest and trickiest person to deal with.”

Many international organizations had tried to capture Matthew, but he always was able to get away from them with his wits. Of course, the International Crime Unit had dealt with him before, but they could do nothing about him as well.

All of the captains’ faces sank.

“In my opinion,” the captain of the 3rd division continued, “Matthew will attempt to rescue Anmisu during the car racing, so we just need to make all necessary preparations and wait for him to jump into our trap.”

“But I remember our organization doesn’t have an expert car racer, right?”

In the eyes of ordinary people, racing was just a competition. However, for these outlaws, it was the best opportunity for them to commit crimes.

The captain of the 4th division frowned and said, “We need a better plan.”

“There will be a racing competition in Myanmar in another week. At that time, all of the top car racers from around the globe will be gathered there. This time, the 4th division and the 5th division will work together on this mission. When you guys are there, look for three or four expert racers to help you guys in the mission.”

In the hall of No.1 High School.

Qian Man had yet to show up in the hall although it was his class right now. Other than the students from the 3 classes, the hall was also filled with other students from other classes.

Everyone suspected that it must be because Hu Lei refused to forgive Fu Zhi and now Qian Man was angry with them as well. That’s why he did not come to the hall for the extra class.

Very soon, someone from Class 1 told Qian Wenrui about the news. Just when Qian Wenrui was about to go to the office to reprimand Fu Zhi, she bumped into Hu Lei in the corridor.

Qian Wenrui came to an abrupt stop, and then she saw Hu Lei walk into the hall. There was still a stern expression on Hu Lei’s face, but the anger in his eyes was nowhere to be seen.

Qian Wenrui was dumbfounded, so she followed after him. Through the window, she saw that after Hu Lei took his textbook out, he bowed at the students below the stage.

Not only Qian Wenrui, but the group of students was bewildered as well.

Song Fang did not know what had gotten into Hu Lei’s head, but he knew he should return the courtesy as well. Therefore, he hollered his friends to stand up and bowed back to Hu Lei. “Although we know you want to apologize to us, I don’t think you have to bow to us.”

Hu Lei did not know what he should say. He took a deep breath, pinched at the center of his brows, and said, “It’s my fault for going too deep into the mechanical heart. Besides, I should have stuck to your syllabus instead of teaching you guys something extra. This is all my fault. Fu Zhi was kind enough to point out my mistake, but I refused to listen to her. Only if I were more open-minded, none of these would have happened. In any case, I should be apologizing to all of you and you guys definitely deserve my bow.”

The crowd was stunned.

Well, although we shouldn’t question you since you’re our temporary teacher as well as a professor, you’re the one who said you would rather die than teach us. So wouldn’t you feel your face hurt for reneging your words?

Hu Lei did not care what the students thought about him. He believed that as long as he acted as if nothing had happened before, they would not dare to say anything as well.

“Alright, then. Let’s get back to our lesson. Please flip to page 69. I will repeat everything again. As for Professor Qian’s session, it will be postponed to a later date.”

In any case, the first thing he should do right now was doing his job right by teaching these students so that he could swim in the sea of knowledge with Fu Zhi later.

Hu Lei was a man true to his words. He said he would repeat everything to them, and he indeed had repeated every single thing in the textbook to them.

All the students kept their heads low as they jotted down everything he said.

Outside of the hall, Qian Wenrui was so infuriated that her face had turned pale. She stamped her feet and stormed back to the office.

When she was in the office, she smacked her document on the table, causing Xu Tongtong and Xiang Yusheng to jump up in fright.

“Didn’t you guys say that Professor Hu refused to continue the lesson?” Qian Wenrui asked, her voice thick with rage.

Xiang Yusheng did not expect the sudden turn of events as well. He said, “That’s what I heard. It’s Professor Hu who said that he would rather die than continue the session with them.”

Then, Xu Tongtong chimed in, “Professor Hu is an expert mathematician. His knowledge in Mathematics is unparalleled by any of his peers, so there’s no way he could be wrong. It’s Fu Zhi who spoke nonsense and offended him!”

“Just now Professor Hu has said in the hall that Fu Zhi’s right and there’s nothing wrong with her argument!” Qian Wenrui said, “Anyway, I hope you guys can separate fake news from the truth. in the future. Don’t come to me unless you’re certain of something, you hear me?”

In the meantime, inside the 5-star hotel of Yu City.

By the time Wu Zhiheng arrived, Ouyang Ya was discussing her firearm design with a team of experts.

“Ms. Ouyang, I have something to tell you.”

The team of experts looked towards Wu Zhiheng.

Ouyang Ya rose to her feet from the chair and nodded at Wu Zhiheng.

After that, both of them exited the room and came to a corner.

“What’s the matter?” Ouyang Ya asked. She did not know what Wu Zhiheng came here for. Did he not need to attend classes? However, she did not ask him as she found that she was in no place to ask him that kind of question although they were working together now.

“My friends told me that the principal of No.1 High School has invited Professor He and Professor Hu to give extra classes to their students. They hope that you can speak to Mr. Ouyang and have them teach us as well after they have finished their session with the students in No.1 High School.”

“Professor He and Professor Hu?” Ouyang Ya frowned. She did not remember that the Ouyang Family had worked with either of them before.

That said, considering Wu Zhiheng’s sincere attitude and since he was certain that it was Ouyang Feng who invited Professor He and his team to No.1 High School, Ouyang Ya felt that she should do him the favor.

“Alright, then. I will make a call to Mr. Ouyang tomorrow,” Ouyang Ya said, “By the way, aren’t you departing to Myanmar the day after tomorrow?”


The Wu Family was an expert in stone gambling. Since they were working together right now, Ouyang Ya asked, “Do you need me to send you some help?”

“I’ll be fine, Ms. Ouyang. My father is a friend of Lucky Cloud Pavilion. Besides, we also found someone to contact the daughter of the owner of Lucky Cloud Pavilion, so we should be able to get a lot of favorable information.”

However, there was one thing Wu Zhiheng was worried about. “Does Ms. Ouyang have a property in Myanmar? The place that my father is staying right now is not safe, and I’m worried about him.”

After all, riots often happened on the street near Lucky Cloud Pavilion.

“I heard that the residential area on Mount Qiu Ling is the safest area in Myanmar. It’s just that the villas there are private properties and they have been vacant for many years. I wonder if Ms. Ouyang can find a way to contact the owner of the villas?”

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