The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 500 - Professor He Carries Fu Zhi’s Bag For Her

Chapter 500: Professor He Carries Fu Zhi’s Bag For Her

Lu Yubai had been attending extra classes in the hall with Fu Zhi.

When he was looking at his phone, a message about the killer Anmisu from the “Equinox Flower” case was caught in Myanmar popped up on the screen.

Lu Yubai’s brother, Lu Yu’an was one of the victims of the “Equinox Flower” case. He did not have any mood to continue the class anymore, so he took a leave from the school. When he went back to his house, Lu Yu’an had just finished doing his rehabilitation training.

Lu Yu’an had been able to walk like a normal person for an hour after professional training.

“The news from Myanmar should be true,” Lu Yubai said, “The murderer will be brought to justice too. Do you want to go to Myanmar after all the dust settles? I will go with you.”

Lu Yu’an shook his head. He had just taken a bath, and there were water droplets falling from his hair to the carpet.

“Can I go see Sister Zhizhi?” His voice was low, “It’s been so long since the last time she came to our house.”

Lu Yubai’s heart melted. “Zhizhi is leaving the country the day after tomorrow. I’ll have the driver take you to the airport to see her off?”

Lu Yu’an nodded. Then, he paused for a while before saying hesitantly, “Will she not be happy if I go to see her off at the airport?”

“She will not,” Lu Yubai answered, “You like Zhizhi very much?”

Perhaps Lu Yu’an did not expect him to ask the question. His face turned red as he said, “Can I? If Sister Zhizhi doesn’t mind.”

He seemed rather embarrassed but he still finished his sentence with determination, “I will like her forever and ever.”

The next day, No.1 High School in Yu City.

The rumors about Fu Zhi infuriating Hu Lei and that the other professors would not be giving any classes to Class 21 met a swift death after Hu Lei returned to the hall.

However, a certain group of students from Class 1 and Class 2 still refused to give up on their attempt to disparage Fu Zhi. They said that sooner or later, all of the professors would be infuriated at Fu Zhi’s bad attitude and they might not give any extra classes to the students in No.1 High School anymore in the future.

There were quite a number of students who supported this post, and it stayed at the forum for a long while.

A few students from Class 21 joined in the fray and argued with the people in the forum below the post. However, after realizing their intention, they soon stopped as they did not want to further exacerbate the situation.

That said, it did not mean that they were no longer outraged by the post. When they were on their way to school in the morning, they gathered up and discussed the post.

“Even if it’s Mr. Ouyang who invited the professors, it’s them who chose us to attend the extra classes. Fu Zhi loves her money so much, so there’s no way she would use the money to bribe our principal.”

“It must be Class 1 and Class 2 behind this, and the fact that the moderator of the forum didn’t delete the post indicates that many students are supporting Class 1 and Class 2.”

“I heard that Xiang Yusheng and his group are going to look for Professor He this afternoon to ask him to cancel our classes. I’m really worried that they might discredit Sister Zhi in front of Professor He and make him dissatisfied with her.”

“How good it’s if Sister Zhi was the one who invited Professor He and his team. In this way, those sourpusses would not be able to say anything.”

While they felt good that the professors were willing to give them extra classes, Class 1 and Class 2’s persistence was driving them crazy.

They were really worried that the group of professors might believe in Class 1 and Class 2’s bullsh*t and canceled their classes.

The first class in the morning was He Ming’s Physics class.

Fu Zhi came early this time, but she took out her pillow and took a nap in the class.

He Ming figured that she must have stayed up all night playing with her game again. As he was waiting for the students to jot down the things on the blackboard, he looked at the students at the end row.

The surroundings in the hall were different from the class. There were no air-conditioners here, and the windows and doors were wide open. The weather in Yu City was bone-chilling and the reason the school chose to hold the extra classes in the hall was to prevent the students from falling asleep.

However, the risk was that they might catch a cold easily.

Even if his master was as fit as a fiddle, he figured that it must be uncomfortable sleeping on the table.

He Ming lowered his voice and his black trench coat fluttered along with the air.

The students noticed He Ming’s gaze and their hearts skipped a beat. They all turned their heads to the back and their hearts leaped into their throats when they saw Fu Zhi was sleeping again.

Song Fang, who was sitting nearest to Fu Zhi, cleared his throat in an attempt to wake Fu Zhi up. However, when he did not receive any response from Fu Zhi, he went closer to her and jabbed his elbow into her waist.

Well, it did wake Fu Zhi up, but it nearly killed her as well.

She jerked her head up from her pillow. Her eyes were vacant as she turned to Song Fang and asked, “Huh? What’s the matter?”

‘Huh? What’s the matter? Can’t you see that He Ming is staring at you?’ Song Fang thought inwardly with exasperation. He lowered his head and reminded her, “He Ming is looking at you! Stop sleeping in the class!”

After all, who was He Ming? He was the former vice-chancellor of Tsinghua University, the top Physics professor in their country. He had contributed plenty to Physics. He did not have a wife or any kids, and he had a bad temper.

Wasn’t sleeping in his class the same as having a death wish?

Song Fang shook his head. “Do you know how cold it is outside? Do you know how heartbroken I would be if he asks you to stand outside the hall? Anyway, just stay focused on the class. I will buy you a packet of milk later, okay?”

While he was persuading Fu Zhi, He Ming, who was standing on the stage, was infuriated. He locked his eyes on Song Fang and said, “The boy to the left of Fu Zhi, go out from the hall. You don’t have to come to any of my classes in the future.”

Song Fang was stunned.

‘Wait, what? The person who slept in the class was Fu Zhi! I was just waking her up for you so that she could listen to your class. How can you do that to me? Are all older people as unreasonable as you?’

Song Fang’s head was filled with a myriad of questions.

He slowly rose to his feet. He did not dare to question or say anything back to He Ming, so he turned around and walked towards the exit.

The bone-chilling wind whistled through the hall, and it was only then Fu Zhi regained her senses. She grabbed Song Fang’s wrist and said, “It’s okay. Just sit down and listen to the class. I’m going back to sleep.”

Song Fang became speechless.

He wanted to close her mouth, but it was already too late. On this sunny morning, Fu Zhi once again offended a professor, and Song Fang could imagine what the other students would say in the forum.

His knee went weak and he tried to defend Fu Zhi. “Professor, I will give you 3 options: Sleepwalking, high fever, and epilepsy. Can you pick one and forgive her?”

“Pfft—” Wang Yu could not help himself and chuckled, causing the fat student beside him to slap him.

Just when everyone was waiting with bated breath, He Ming glanced at Song Fang and said, “Sit back down. Pay attention to the class and stop harassing other girls.”

Song Fang was stunned.

‘Well, I’m thankful that you let me stay here, but when did I harass other girls?’

Song Fang sat back on his seat blankly.

On the stage, He Ming glanced at Fu Zhi multiple times. He tried to hold himself back but to no avail. In the end, he came down from the stage and draped his coat over Fu Zhi’s body.

The crowd of students was dumbfounded as they did not know what He Ming was doing at all.

“Maybe he sees her as his daughter?”

“Nah, I was sleeping as well, but why didn’t he give me his coat?”

“Maybe you’re ugly.”

“… Why it seems to me that he’s very concerned about Fu Zhi’s wellbeing. Are all professors from the capital like this? He won’t feel angry at all when his students are sleeping in his class?”

The sound of discussion was getting louder and louder, and the students in the hall were confused.

Zhou Zihuai suddenly froze.

He looked at Professor He and then at Fu Zhi.

He pulled a paper out and wrote: “Fu Zhi”, “FZ”, “Sheng Hua”, “medical industry”, and “He Ming” on it.

He felt that he had figured something out, but he was not very sure about it.

This was the second time He Ming came to No.1 High School this year. Was it really a coincidence or was it because of Ouyang Feng?

Also, about Fu Zhi’s biological parents. Zhou Zihuai had no idea why but he had a hunch that both of them might not be just two ordinary researchers in the research institute.

The fourth class for Class 21 was Chen Xin’s language class.

Unlike He Min’s class, Chen Xin’s language class required the student to memorize a lot of things.

He had already compiled everything they needed to know in advance, so the class ended 20 minutes earlier.

When FU Zhi came out of the No.1 High School, Chen Xin was waiting for her by the roadside in his Santana.

“He Min has booked a private room in a hot pot restaurant,” Chen Xin said as he stepped on the accelerator, “Should we go buy milk tea first?”


“Someone said they saw Professor He went into a hot pot restaurant near the school!” Xiang Yusheng was having a meeting with other students after their classes had ended, and they became pumped up after learning He Ming’s whereabouts.

“But there are so many of us here, what should we say to Professor He just now? Why don’t we divide the work first?” The class monitor of Class 3 suggested.

“For girls, you all just need to cry with all your worth to express your desire for knowledge. As for boys, we just need to tell Professor He that Fu Zhi had chosen Class 19 and Class 20 to attend the extra classes at random. In short, we just need to let him see that we’re better than Fu Zhi!”

“Our main goal is to attend Professor He’s Class. We have to make him realize that Fu Zhi doesn’t deserve to attend his class!”

“We have to let him know that Fu Zhi always sleeps during the class and she’s a bully! She’s the one who leads the entire Class 21 astray and there’s no point in giving extra classes to a bunch of sc*m!”

Everyone looked at each other and they were all very excited. Those who came were the best students from each class, but of course, there were a few classes that didn’t send anyone at all.

They were just too lazy to fight for it. After all, giving extra classes to Class 21 was something decided by the group of professors. There was nothing they could do, and it was better for them to use the time to work harder on their studies.

However, the students from Class 1, 2, and 3 couldn’t see through it.

“I heard that Fu Zhi fell asleep again during Professor He’s class this morning!”

“A leopard never changes its spots. This is just the beginning. I don’t believe these professors who are not related to her can still put up with her.”

“Yes, we are the best students in the school, so we have to make this success no matter what as this is related to our future!”

“Fu Zhi and Ye Jiu have bet 1.6 million yuan on their class. In any case, we have to make Professor He change his mind so that we can get our money back!”


They all kept talking for 10 minutes straight as they walked down the road. When they arrived at the hot pot restaurant, one of them shouted, “Look! Isn’t that Fu Zhi behind the window?”


They all looked in the direction and the person sitting in front of He Ming was none other than Fu Zhi.

Xiang Yusheng then hissed angrily, “There is a whistleblower amongst us! Who the hell leaked the news? Why is Fu Zhi in the hot pot restaurant?!”

“Not me!”

“Don’t look at me.”

“Why is she eating with He Ming and the others? I thought they didn’t like her?”

“She argued with Hu Lei yesterday and she slept in the class today morning. I heard from my parents that Professor He hates people who are not dedicated to academic research the most, so how can he tolerate Fu Zhi?”

Then, they saw that Qian Man, who was sitting next to He Ming, passed the grilled skewers to Fu Zhi. If any of them knew how to read lips, they would be very surprised as Qian Man was calling Fu Zhi his “master.”

Fu Zhi had had her stomach filled. The waiter came to collect money, and it was He Ming who paid the bill. Throughout the entire process, he had been talking to Fu Zhi.

Seeing the scene, their hearts pumped even faster in their chest and none of them dared to take a step forward.

“Did Fu Zhi know He Ming a long time ago?”

“That’s impossible? If they know each other, why did He Ming come to No.1 High School to pick his disciple? He could have just chosen Fu Zhi!”

The rest of the students nodded in assent.

“So are we still going to talk to Professor He?”

“Yes! But let’s wait for Fu Zhi to leave first.”

More and more students were coming out of the school to have their lunch.

Fu Zhi rose to her feet, and they saw He Ming carry her school bag for her, his movement so smooth and fluid it was as if he had been doing this a lot of times.

Fu Zhi was walking in the front. She was holding a cup of milk tea while looking at her phone.

Qian Man and Chen Xin were walking beside her. They wanted to tell her that it was not good to play with her phone while she was walking, but they were worried about upsetting her. They looked so nervous as if they were escorting a million dollars.

The group of students was stunned as they felt something was not right with this group of professors.

One of them was carrying her bag, while the other two were escorting her as if she was someone very important to them.

Qian Man opened up the door and Chen Xin led Fu Zhi into the car, their movements so fluid it was as if they had been doing this a lot of times.

Xiang Yusheng and his group only came around to their senses after the car had disappeared in their vision. They had not had the chance to discredit Fu Zhi in front of the professors, and they were wondering about the possibility of Fu Zhi putting a curse on them.

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