The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 19 - What is so Great About Hitting a Woman?

Chapter 19: What is so Great About Hitting a Woman?

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The stock market forum was already in an uproar. There were countless posts discussing the person behind this mysterious account.

“This guy is too awesome! From 50 million to 500 million in a week!”

“That’s right, even the number was newly registered! Could it be that some big boss had come to practise using an alternate account?


“Now that you mention it, I remember now. Two years ago, there was also a mysterious person who invested tens of thousands of dollars and earned a few hundred million dollars. In the end, he disappeared! Could this person be him?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Now that you mention it, I remember too. Could it be that the investment genius from back then had returned?

There were all kinds of guesses. Nian Yue lost interest after two minutes.

She slowly transferred the money into her bank account and invested a few million dollars on a stock. She then turned off her computer and returned to school to continue her exam.

The English and Science papers were held in the afternoon. Nian Yue did not return to the Nian family home after the examination. Instead, she went to the mall.

The bubble sleeve princess dresses in the wardrobe were really off-putting to her, especially since most of them were worn by Nian Yan.

She was obsessed with cleanliness and wearing the school uniform for a week was her limit.

She entered a sports clothing store. When the two shop assistants saw Nian Yue enter, they did not even give her a glance since she was in her school uniform.

Only a shop assistant who looked to be in her twenties walked forward and introduced herself to Nian Yue. “Hello, how can I help you?”

“I don’t need assistance; I’ll just take a look around.”

Nian Yue’s voice was cold. The shop assistant was stunned by her aura and could not react.

By the time she came back to her senses, Nian Yue had already picked out the clothes to pay the bill.

The cashier helped her wrap her clothes. “Hello, there’s a total of 1200 dollars. Do you want to use your card or WeChat?”

“I’ll use my card.”

Nian Yue took out her bank card and swiped it on the POS machine.

From the time she entered the store to the time she swiped her card, the entire process took less than five minutes.

Her series of actions stunned the staff. To think a girl could be so swift in shopping for clothes.

Nian Yue, of course, did not know what they were thinking. She was used to being independent for many years. Furthermore, with her status as the female commander, she only paid attention to speed and efficiency. The process was not important.

However, Nian Yue only remembered that she had left her phone at the shop halfway through.

As a supernatural being, she didn’t have the habit of carrying her phone with her.

Nian Yue spent another five minutes walking back. When she returned to the shop, the female shop assistant who had approached her earlier had already walked up to her. “Hello, did you come back for your phone?”

“Yes.” Nian Yue nodded.

“Please wait a moment, I put it in the drawer for you just now.” The shop assistant smiled and explained to Nian Yue, “Please wait for a few minutes, I will go and get it for you.”

When customers left their things in the store, most employees would put them upstairs and wait for the customers to come and collect them.

“Alright, thank you.” Nian Yue nodded.

In less than three minutes, the shop assistant had already come down with her phone. Just as Nian Yue was about to walk over, she saw someone rushing over and grabbing the phone from the female shop assistant’s hand, before throwing it onto the ground!

“You little b*tch! You always think that I don’t earn enough money, but now you’ve found yourself a rich man, right?! You’ve even gotten such a good phone!”

The saleswoman’s eyes darkened from the slap. Before she could react, the man had already kicked her calf!

The female shop assistant lost her balance and fell to the ground!

The man rode on top of her and slapped her.

He was still spewing vulgarities. “I knew you dumped me to find a rich man. I don’t believe I can’t kill a little whore like you…”

When the other customers in the restaurant heard the argument, they all gathered around. None of them were willing to help.

“Why is Zhao Limei’s boyfriend here again? This is the third time this month…”

“Who knows? The manager already said the previous time that if he makes trouble again, he will fire her too…”

“She has such a tough life. It wasn’t easy for her to support her siblings through college. She thought that she was going to get married, but her boyfriend became addicted to gambling and owed a lot of money…”

“In my opinion, our manager has been kind. If it were anyone else, she would have been asked to leave a long time ago…”

The employees were discussing fervently, but none of them were willing to help.

Zhao Limei was beaten black and blue by the man, who was on top of her and she could not retaliate at all.

“Wang Wei! If you have a bone to pick, we can settle it outside. Don’t make a scene here!”

Zhao Limei did not forget that it was working hours.

“Do you feel embarrassed now? Why didn’t you think that this day would come when you dumped me?!” Wang Wei cursed, but he was getting more and more ruthless.

“It’s you who is ignorant and incompetent…” Zhao Limei’s eyes were red.

Wang Wei was getting more and more ruthless with each attack. Every time, he would slap her in the face…

It was all because of this woman!

If she had not wanted to break up with him, he would not have taken out a loan to do business and lost everything!

Everything was this woman’s fault! If it were not for her, he wouldn’t have ended up like this!

No matter where he went, he would be mocked by others. He even had to run from debt collectors!

Wang Wei was furious. He grabbed the phone that was thrown and was about to slap Zhao Limei again!

However, just as he raised his hand, his wrist was suddenly grabbed by someone!

“Who dares to ruin my…”

Wang Wei cursed angrily. When he turned his head and saw those dispassionate eyes, he couldn’t help but shiver!

So frigid!

The girl was slender and her fingers were white. She did not seem to have used much strength, but Wang Wei could not move!

Wang Wei struggled for a while before realizing that he could not break free. When he saw that Nian Yue was a young lady, he became bold again. “Who are you? Don’t be a busybody. If you provoke me, I will beat you up too!”

With this appearance, it was obvious that he was a fiend. If it had been a frail young lady by the side, she would have been frightened to tears!

However, the girl in front of him only tightened her grip. Nian Yue sneered, “What’s so great about hitting a woman?”

Wang Wei was angered by her retort and wanted to pounce on Nian Yue. “Don’t be a busybody… Ah!”

Before he could pounce, he felt a sudden force pulling him up from behind and slamming him onto the ground!

The fall was not light. Wang Wei felt his back hurting and he could not get up!

“This cell phone costs 20,000 dollars…”

Nian Yue shook the phone that was smashed by him. “How are you paying for it?”

Her tone was indifferent, but the coldness in her eyes made one shudder.

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