The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 20 - She has the Black Card

Chapter 20: She has the Black Card

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Wang Wei did not expect her to ask for money. He refused to bend. “Who are you trying to blackmail?! How can a stupid phone cost 20,000 dollars?”

“That girl’s phone must be the latest model of PG…”

“I think so. She’s wearing No. 1 Middle School’s uniform. I heard that the students there are either rich or noble…”

“Her backpack seems to be LY’s latest model. One costs more than 60,000 dollars…”


The crowd was chattering non-stop. Wang Wei accidentally saw the symbol on Nian Yue’s shoes. They had to cost thousands of dollars.

Although the three people from the Nian Family were unkind to the Host, they had done a lot of things on the surface.

The bag Nian Yue was carrying was indeed LY’s new style. However, Nian Yan had forced it onto the Host.

“We’ll know when the police arrive whether it’s worth 20,000 dollars or not.” Nian Yue’s lips twitched and the coldness in her eyes remained.

No matter how stupid Wang Wei was, he knew that Nian Yue was not joking.

He was already in debt, and it would be even harder for him to escape when the police arrived.

Wang Wei crawled up from the ground and ran away.

Before he left, he threatened harshly, “Just you wait!”

The crowd that had been watching dispersed reluctantly.

Nian Yue walked over and helped Zhao Limei up.

Zhao Limei endured the pain and stood up from the ground. She looked apologetic. “I’m sorry. You lost 20,000 dollars because of me. Give me your contact details and bank account number…”

Even though Nian Yue would not miss the 20,000 dollars, Zhao Limei knew very well that money did not come from nowhere.

Nian Yue’s cell phone was broken because of her, so she naturally had to bear the responsibility of paying for it.

Nian Yue took the label from her bag and wrote down her contact details. “You can return it when you have money!”

She did not tell Zhao Limei not to return it, nor did she ask her to return it immediately.

“Thank you for just now…” Zhao Limei took the paper and kept it carefully.

“You’re welcome,” Nian Yue said as she glanced at her with her cold eyes. “You’d better go to the hospital to check on your injury.”

Wang Wei was a big man and he did not hold back just now.

On leaving the mall, Nian Yue realized that it was already dark outside.

There were many people at this hour and it was not easy to hail a taxi.

Nian Yue took out her cell phone and played a game. Her ride hadn’t arrived yet.

The girl frowned and her eyes were filled with impatience.

At that moment, a black Maybach stopped in front of her. Nian Yue did not even raise her head.

She started another round of the game. Her actions were so fast that the opponent did not even have time to react before he was killed.

Lin Nan got out of the car and walked up to her. “Nian Yue, are you going back? Shall I send you back?”

For some reason, ever since Nian Yue helped him teach those hooligans a lesson last time, he would regard her with respect whenever he saw Nian Yue.

“Thank you.” Nian Yue turned off her phone. She had already cleared the game. She smiled and did not stand on ceremony with him.

It was not easy to wait for a car in this place. Since Lin Nan was here, she was happy to take up the offer.

As the car drove along the gentle road, Lin Nan glanced at the young girl through the rearview mirror. Nian Yue had been expressionless from the start to the end. At this moment, her eyes were slightly narrowed, and no one knew what she was thinking.

The car drove on the smooth road for twenty minutes before Lin Nan arrived at the entrance of a club. “I need to get something. I might need to trouble you to wait for me for five minutes.”


Nian Yue nodded and opened the door at the passenger seat to get some fresh air.

She waited for five minutes but did not see Lin Nan coming out. Nian Yue frowned slightly and waited for a while more. After twenty minutes, Lin Nan was still nowhere to be seen.

It took him so long to get something?

Her long years in the army had imbued in her a strict sense of time. Nian Yue decided to stop waiting and entered the club.

The security guard at the entrance saw that she was a young lady wearing a school uniform and stopped her.

“Hello, Miss. Please show me your membership card.”

This was a famous club in Jiang City. People who could come here were either rich or noble.

A membership card was almost a lifetime’s worth of expenses for ordinary people.

Nian Yue’s brows furrowed imperceptibly. In the end, she took out her phone and slowly swiped it a few times before passing it to the security officer.

When the security guard saw what was on the screen, he immediately became extremely respectful. He held the phone with both hands and passed it to Nianyue respectfully. “This way please.”

The security guard wiped the sweat off his forehead when he saw the girl disappear from his sight.

“That girl just now looks unfamiliar. Why are you so respectful to her?” The other security guards were confused.

“She’s holding a black card…”

“You mean… the club only has three black cards…” Another security guard gulped with difficulty.

Ever since the club was established, it had only issued three black cards. However, the owners of these three black cards were mysterious and unpredictable. No one knew who their owners were.

The security guards themselves had only seen pictures of the black card during training. They had never seen the real black card. They did not expect to see it from a young lady today.

Nian Yue slowly went up to the second floor. She had come upon the black card while searching for the name of the club when she was bored in the car. She had replicated it from the official website.

When Nian Yue reached the second floor, she realized that Lin Nan was confronting a group of people.

The group of people confronting him were schoolmates from Class B. The leader, Chen Yiran, was wearing a white shirt and black pants.

The group of rich kids behind him also saw Nian Yue. Someone spoke first, “Isn’t this our Miss Nian? You chased Chen Yiran all the way here?”

“You’re really a shameless person…” Chen Yiran sneered. He thought that Nian Yue had purposely ran into him today.

After all, Nian Yue used to follow Chen Yiran around.

“Who are you talking about?” Lin Nan sneered. “You’re the one who should be saying that…”

He had always been at loggerheads with Chen Yiran. Now that he saw that Chen Yiran had nothing good to say, he was even angrier.

Moreover, he had only come to get some information, but Chen Yiran had stopped him. He was not pleased.

“Since when did the famous school tyrant of No.1 Middle School become a useless follower?”

Someone looked at the two of them with a malicious gaze, “In my opinion, he has become the henchman of Second Miss Nian…”

Nian Yue did not have much ability and had been obsessed with Chen Yiran. However, everyone had to admit that she was many times prettier than Nian Yan.

“Watch your mouth!” Lin Nan’s face turned pale with anger. He grabbed the collar of the person who spoke and was about to hit him.

“A defeated loser is still refusing to admit defeat?!” One of them shouted rather arrogantly.

“That’s right. You guys are so lousy at basketball. I think you need to give up your title as the school tyrant…”

“That’s right. Hurry up and give way. Don’t embarrass yourself here anymore…”


The mocking laughter of the crowd rushed into Lin Nan’s ears.

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