The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 2 - Apologize to Me

Chapter 2: Apologize to Me

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A beautiful middle-aged woman hurriedly ran over and pulled Xiao Qingqing up from the ground.

Xiao Qingqing had already passed out. Her hair was messy and her clothes were crumpled and stuck to her body. She scarcely looked like the rich and elegant girl she was supposed to be!

“What are you waiting for! Hurry up and send her to the hospital!”

Mr. Xiao reacted and hurriedly pulled Xiao Qingqing up.


With such a huge incident happening at the banquet, the Li family naturally wouldn’t let it go. Li Fangyuan looked at the mess in front of him and his face immediately turned black. “What’s going on?!”

“Uncle Li! I can testify! Nian Yue beat us up! She almost killed Qingqing!”

Ren Yifan complained as she got up from the ground!

Her eyes were filled with disgust and indignance as she looked at Nian Yue!

Why was this fool the daughter of the Nian Family! How could she get away with things!

She had even beat them up today!

She wanted revenge!

In any case, Nian Yue was an idiot. She was usually so submissive and did not dare to speak. Ren Yifan was certain that she could determine the outcome of this incident.

“Is that so?” Li Fangyuan’s attitude was obviously much better when he faced Nian Yue.

Nian Yue was not smart enough. He knew that she was often bullied by Xiao Qingqing.

Even though he knew that Nian Yue would be bullied if she was brought to a corner of the banquet by Xiao Qingqing, he still chose to ignore it.


Nian Yue yawned, her face full of cynicism. “Xiao Qingqing fell face-first onto the ground, what does that have to do with me?”

“You’re lying! You were the one who pressed her to the ground!” Ren Yifan was so angry that she almost jumped up. “Uncle Li, there are surveillance cameras!It’s her… She wants to kill Xiao Qingqing!”

“Nian Yue! Do you still want to deny it now?” Chen Yiran said in a self-righteous tone.

“Why do you say that?” Nian Yue played with her hair casually, but there was already a hint of coldness in her voice.

“You’ve always been jealous that Qingqing grew up with me! Seeing her come in with me today, you’re jealous! I didn’t expect you to be so vicious at such a young age!” Chen Yiran’s face was filled with hatred, as if Nian Yue had wronged her!

“Did anyone tell you? Narcissism is a disease that needs to be treated!” Nian Yue sneered!


Someone laughed in disdain.

“Is she telling the truth?” Li Fangyuan asked again, his voice sinking.

He had always thought that Nian Yue was sick in the head. She was so meek and usually did not even dare to speak loudly. He did not expect her to be so vicious!

Was she thinking about killing people at such a young age?

“Whether it’s real or not, we’ll talk after watching the surveillance footage.” Nian Yue sneered.

“Uncle Li, there’s a surveillance camera! Why don’t we take a look at the recording? She’s the murderer!” Ren Yifan’s eyes lit up.

The evidence was about to be revealed. She wanted to see how Nian Yue would continue being stubborn!

“Nian Yue! You’re so insensible. How disappointing!”

Before he turned on the surveillance camera, Li Fangyuan sighed and shook his head. He had already convicted Nian Yue in his

Nian Yue crossed her arms over her chest from the start. While her eyes were as cold as usual, and the corners of her lips curled up unconsciously.

She seemed like an outsider watching a joke.

If someone paid more attention, he would naturally be able to tell that Nian Yue, who used to docile, had a clear mind at this moment. She did not look like a fool at all!

Unfortunately, the focus of everyone’s attention was on Xiao Qingqing and they had neglected this!

“Pfft…” Nian Yue sneered. Even though she did not say anything, the sneer on her face from the start to the end made Li Fangyuan feel like he was being mocked!

“Bring out the surveillance cameras!”

Li Fangyuan was furious!

With such a big incident happening at the banquet, more and more people gathered around, waiting to see what was going on!

The CCTV footage was quickly brought out and the screen showed that Xiao Qingqing was going to hit Nian Yue. However, she slipped and fell on her face!

“Impossible! It’s not like that!”

Ren Yifan’s face was filled with disbelief. “It must be Nian Yue! She’s the one who wants to kill Xiao Qingqing!”

“Why? Do you suspect that the surveillance footage is fake?” Nian Yue raised her eyebrows and asked.


“Alright! Let’s all go back! That’s all for today!” Li Fangyuan rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on.

He was already unhappy that Nian Yue was coming to attend the banquet. Now that something like this has happened, he would probably have to go to the Xiao Family to apologize tomorrow!


Just as everyone was about to leave, Nian Yue suddenly spoke.

“What else?” Li Fangyuan’s face was filled with impatience.

This idiot would only cause trouble for him! If he had known earlier, he would not have asked her to come over on account of the Nian Family!


The girl opened her thin lips and spat out her demand dispassionately.

Everyone who had been watching burst into laughter upon hearing her words.

“That can’t be. That idiot Nian Yue actually wanted Uncle Li to apologize. Could her brain have been caught by the door?”

“No, don’t you guys think that Nian Yue doesn’t stutter anymore?”

Upon this reminder, everyone came to a sudden realization. Nian Yue had spoken clearly, without fumbling on her words.

“Nian Yue! Don’t go overboard…”

Li Fangyuan frowned, his face filled with impatience. “I invited you on your father’s account. Did you think a fool like you would have been able to attend such a banquet otherwise?”

“So that’s how Uncle Li thinks of me…”

Nian Yue sighed faintly, but the coldness in her eyes intensified!

“D*mn! Is Li Fangyuan stupid? Doesn’t he know that the Li Family is still collaborating with the Nian Family and has to rely on the Nian Family for everything?”

“Who doesn’t know that he was the one who invits her to the banquet every month? I didn’t expect him to think this way!”

Everyone started discussing. Those who came to attend the banquet were all rich and powerful scions from the city. No one really cared about the Li family.

“All of you… shut up!”

Li Fangyuan’s face turned pale from anger. A loose tongue could cause trouble!

He had never expected that Nian Yue, that idiot, would be able to put him in a spot today!

“Boss Li, bad news!”

Someone ran over in a hurry. “An unknown object attacked our backstage just now. The technical department can’t solve i

“Let’s go!”

Li Fangyuan could not care about anything else and left in a hurry!

He had spent a lot of effort to convince the Nian Family to invest in the software that he had just developed. Today, he had invited Nian Yue over as a show of support from the Nian family. He could not afford to make a mistake now!

The crowd dispersed in an instant. Nian Yue put her hands in her pockets and went out of the door by the Host’s memory.

However, she felt a headache the moment she stepped out of the door. Xiao Qingqing must have hurt the Host’s head before she transmigrated into the body.

While it was only a minor injury, it was already so painful. Nian Yue furrowed her brows tightly. Why was this body so weak?

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