The Overlord of Blood and Iron

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 . The best land chosen

Choosing a land was like using a filter bed, filtering through again and again . The land qualifications that Kang Chul-In wanted was the following:

Have a floating skill Not dependent on a living organism The starting point not be within Gullveig or Baldur Have a specialized ability like the Fire from Temeraire or Venom Gale from the Stingray

It was a picky list, but even if he could give up the fourth; the first, second, and third were not negotiable, and therefore Kang Chul-In had to carefully look at the remaining 600 lands .

‘No, not this one either . ’

Kang Chul-In, who was alone, looked endlessly . Desdemona, Cube, Angra Mainyu, Svarog, and more lands caught his eye . However, no land grabbed his attention and gave him the assurance that he was looking for . It was very difficult for him to find any land that fulfilled all his qualifications .

‘There has to be at least one . There is still a hundred left . ’

Kang Chul-In reminded himself to be patient over and over again, and continued to search . However, by chance, his eyes lingered on a plain fortress .

‘Why does this seem so plain?’

It was a fortress with no outstanding characteristic . It was so plain that even in the 21st century, one could find similar fortresses all over Europe . It seemed as if it would have no other skill, or abilities, and be just the fortress itself .

‘Pfft . Whoever God is, he isn’t too bright . Does he thing marketing is nothing? Who will choose a land that looks like this?’

Kang Chul-In cursed at the God who had brought him through the Great Summoning .

‘So, he doesn’t care whether this is sold or not? Seems stupider than the ‘marketing is useless’ idea . Well I guess since he is God, he doesn’t care anyways . ’

Well, what is the use for a God to get so fired up over selling land . He snorted and thought the God as a ‘marketing is useless’ believer and passed the model of the land . No, he was about to pass it .

‘No, let’s not pass it . ’

Kang Chul-In stopped, just in case . There was a saying, ‘The beacon does not shine on its own base’ and ‘Look before you leap’ . Who knows? This land might be a jewel that has immense skill and power . Kang Chul-In decided to look carefully at this plain fortress . Looking at it for 2,3 seconds, the description window popped up . The land’s name was the Sky Fortress, Laputa .


Kang Chul-In who had checked the description of Laputa was more surprised than he had ever been since he had rebirthed . It was said, ‘True treasure will find its owner . ’ Like the Excalibur stuck in the rock waiting for King Arthur, or like the Qinggang Sword that was given to Ha Hu-Eun by Cao Cao, but was ultimately owned by Jo Ja-Ryong .

He was just going to pass by the land, but if he had, then he would have regretted it immensely . It was said to ‘paddle when water came in’—looking carefully and not passing by a plain fortress was the once-in-a-lifetime chance given to him . It seemed as though the plain appearance was the God’s test or trick .

-[Sky Fortress, Laputa]

Type: Airborne City

Tendency: Multipurpose

Location: Southwest Pangaea, Pandemonium Province

Description: Ancient Empire Fortress applied with advanced magic

Skill: Cloaking, Self-Healing System

Additional Options: Cosmic Force, a multipurpose magic engineering satellite

Price: 9,800 gold

‘Did a land like this exist?’

The aspect of the Fortress that surprised Kang Chul-In was the Cosmic Force, a multipurpose magic engineering satellite .

Artificial satellite .

He did not think an artificial satellite would exist in Pangaea . It was found on Earth, where science and engineering was extremely advanced due to their lack of supernatural powers like magic . It was a surprising fact for even Kang Chul-In, who had experienced all sorts of things in Pangaea . To be honest, Spell- Tech, a combination of Spell and Tech was commonly found . Regular dimension travelers, commonly called ‘Hunters’ who hunted for monsters may not have known, but Grand Sovereigns would have guessed that the past Pangaea was well known for their magic .

But artificial satellites!

What an amazing thing!

“It’s this one . I have finally found my land . ”

The Sky Fortress Laputa fulfilled almost all of Kang Chul-In’s qualifications perfectly . First, it fulfilled the first qualification of being airborne, while not being dependent on a living organism . Secondly, it was far from the future Gullveig and Baldur lands . If it was the Southwest Pandemonium province, it was the outermost edges of Pangaea .

‘Pandemonium . It is perfect for a conquest Sovereign like me . ’

The Devil’s Land, a paradise for war-crazed people . Pandemonium, the start of Laputa did not have a quiet day even before Ragnarok due to war amongst the Sovereigns . It was to a point where other Sovereigns named it the paradise of the war-crazed . It was a perfectly isolated league . They fought amongst each other so much that from the Sovereigns who had chosen land near Pandemonium, there was not one Grand Sovereign . Like this, Pandemonium was a province of great competition where not one triumphed over the other . Instead of building their land, they were busy going to war with each other, leaving themselves no time to fatten their assets .

‘I will need to bring peace and calm to Pandemonium and make it my headquarters . Then, I will head to Valhalla as soon as I can, and realign the deviated future . ’

In Kang Chul-In’s head, future plans were already underway .

‘The location is good . If something goes wrong, defense is also advantageous to us . ’

Pandemonium was also extremely far from the mainland in addition to being a mountainous range with high, dangerous cliffs—giving him the ability to defend his headquarters effectively in case he was defeated in the mainland .

Everything was perfect .

The cloaking skill probably allowed for the land to be completely hidden or disguised, meaning the land’s covert activities would be guaranteed . Concealment was a useful option for both defense and surprise attacks . It was right to call the tendency as multipurpose, seeing that it was advantageous in both offensive and defensive strategies . And the Self-Healing system meant exactly that: the land will heal itself in the destructed area, as if the land itself was alive!

‘Why hadn’t I chosen a land like this in the past?’

Kang Chul-In thought of the past when he had chosen his land rashly and smiled bitterly . Valhalla, which he had chosen with no other apparent reason but its cheap price had, until the end, brought about his downfall . If he had mobility, he would not have gone through the humiliation of losing his head at the hands of Rothschild .

“This is my land . ”

Kang Chul-In, who had finally found his land mumbled and pressed the buy button with no hesitation .

There was no need to contemplate, nor look further .

The fact that the land fulfilled all his qualifications was one thing, but he was also curious of what the ‘Cosmic Force’ skill would be . He wanted to see the land as soon as possible for himself . Could it be used for military force as well?

Would things like Orbital Bombardment, shooting lasers and firepower through satellite be possible? Even Earth in the year 2020, where technology was extremely advanced, Orbital Bombardment was only possible in books or movies . If not even that, it might be possible to lead the weapon made specially through the Cosmic Force directly to the enemy’s land . It would be like working the ICBM (the Missile in Pangaea) .

There was no way to know as of right now, but if he was to methodically grow his land, he would be able to know how to use and make use of Cosmic Force .

[Will you purchase Laputa with 9,800 gold? Yes or No]

A notice requiring a final decision flashed .


Kang Chul-In pressed the buy button .

[Congratulations! You have purchased the Sky Fortress, Laputa!]

The conventional message congratulating the land purchase appeared and disappeared, followed by a message notifying transfer into Pangaea .

[Sovereign Kang Chul-In, transferring to Pangaea . Dimension leap in 5…4…3 . . 2 . . 1…]

Kang Chul-In’s body broke into particles and disappeared . He had been transported into Pangaea like the other Sovereigns who had bought their land!


[Dimension Leap Complete!]

[Sovereign Exclusive Level-Up System On!]

[Tutorial Quest Present!]

[Welcome to Pangaea . ]

Many different phrases formed in front of him, and the scenery changed .

“For a long time, truly for a long time, I have been waiting, my forever Sovereign . ”

There was someone who was greeting Kang Chul-In who had opened his eyes in the heart of the Sky Fortress in Pangaea .

She was kneeling in one knee and bowing down to Kang Chul-In, revealing her full breasts in an extremely short turtleneck dress and with strict looking plastic rimmed glasses hanging on the tip of her nose .

“I am your advisor who will serve and remain loyal to you until my last breath, Lucia Headmistress . ”

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