The Overlord of Blood and Iron

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 . Starting a new post at Laputa

'Advisors seem to vary from land to land . '

Kang Chul-In looked at Lucia and thought of his old advisor Alfred, the vampire butler .

"My lord… caution…!"

"Your Alfred is amazed by your strength and prowess!"

"You are getting older, so isn't it time for you to start looking for a wife?"

"It is this Alfred's wish to see your children! Please get married before this old vampire dies!"

Alfred, for a vampire had a 70-year-old man's face, but he was extremely good at his job in assisting Kang Chul-In . Also, usually he was a professional like no other, but he knew how to scold Kang Chul-In for his rashness or to nag at him like a mother-in-law .

'Alfred . '

Kang Chul-In was sad that he was to never meet Alfred again and thought of the words that he had said to Alfred .

"Do not act rashly and do not tremble with fear . Maintain your dignity . We have not lost yet . "

"We may lose today, but not next time . "

It was .

Before the end of Valhalla, Kang Chul-In had said those words and calmed down Alfred . That was not a lie . Although Valhalla had disappeared with the times into a history that never happened, Kang Chul-In remembered those times .

'Alfred, are you watching? If you can, if you can see me… wait for it . I will make those cowards pay for messing with Valhalla . '

Kang Chul-In promised and pledged to Alfred who had remained faithful and loyal to him until the end . This time around, he would crush Rothschild, unify Pangaea, and take possession of the glorious title of Emperor amongst the 10 Grand Sovereigns!

"My lord… Can you hear me, my Lord?"

The advisor Lucia, who did not know of Kang Chul-In's thoughts carefully spoke . It was obvious she was very worried she would displease him in any way .

"Ah, are you my advisor?"

Kang Chul-In finally turned his eyes towards Lucia .

"Yes, my Lord . My name is Lucia . "

Lucia bowed towards Kang Chul-In again .

"Lucia… you don't seem like a humanoid, are you human?"

In Pangaea, there were other lifeforms that were cousins to humans . Primary examples would be Elf, Dark Elf, Vampire, Lycanthrope, Dwarf, Orc, Mermaid, devil, angel and a couple more that were fewer in number . Combined, there were about 20 different lifeforms . Those who were advisors to Sovereigns, or the NPC unit that came along with the land purchased, were always other lifeforms . However, Lucia did not have any characteristics of a lifeform that Kang Chul-In was aware of .

"No . "

Lucia answered .

"Hm, not human?"

"Yes, my Lord . My roots are human, but my body was engineered as a magical design and therefore am not a humanoid, nor human . "

"Mmm… I see . "

It was somewhat complicated, but it seemed that she would be more powerful than a human woman, and therefore he nodded his head and waved his hand in the air .

"My Lord . "

"Speak . "

"With my limited intelligence, I believe that you are not from Pangaea, but from a foreign land far away . "

"You are right . "

It was mostly true, so Kang Chul-In nodded .

"Although you are the highest Sovereign, I think there are some things you have not been able to completely understand because you are from a different land . Therefore, this Lucia…"

"No . "

Kang Chul-In cut Lucia off .

"I know your role is to help the Sovereign adjust to the new surroundings, but I do not need it . "


"You don't need to worry . First, can you wait while I take care of some things?"

"Yes, my Lord . "

Lucia followed the wishes of Kang Chul-In, but had a worried expression on her face .

'It is my job to help the Lord adjust to life in Pangaea, but he has turned it down… does he not like me?'

Lucia was restless in the thoughts that Kang Chul-In did not take a liking to her .

'First, it would be good for me to check my information and the land's current status . '

Kang Chul-In did not care about Lucia's restlessness, and moved to the tasks that he must complete .

"Open my information . "

As soon as the order left his lips, an information screen showed his current descriptions .

-[My Information]

Name: Kang Chul-In /Rank: Sovereign/ Class: Warrior

Score: 0 Point/ Complete Ranking: —

Level: Level 1 / Specialty: Conquest (B Grade) / Tendency: Conquest Sovereign

Kind: Human / Skill: Locked (Unlocked when Grand Sovereign status is obtained)

Spouse: — (Maximum of 7)

Charisma: 67 (B+)

HP: 200/200

Mana: 100/100

Physical Attack: 67

Magic Attack: 10

Physical Strength: 120 / Intelligence: 141

Agility: 110/ Spell Management: 20

Accuracy Rate: B+

Evasion Rate: B-

Fatal Blow: B-

Defensive Power: 9%/ Endurance: 3%

Finance: D- / Internal Affairs: E-

Resource: B- / Politics: C+

Diplomacy: C- /Command: A+

Attack: A+ / Defense: C-

Military Force: A+ / Charm: A+

Obtained Points: 0 (+5 Per level)

Remaining Points: 0

'Not bad . Actually, much better than when I first started . ' The past level 1 Kang Chul-In and the current level 1 Kang Chul-In had a big difference in ability . It probably was due to the experiences of the past that had influenced him and allowed him to obtain a good score . Kang Chul-In's abilities were definitely great . It was probably enough to place him in the top 1% of the 300 Sovereigns .

'Okay, so the weaker areas will be filled naturally as my level rises, so there will be no deed to worry greatly . '

Kang Chul-In smiled, pleased after checking his [My information] menu . Next, it was his turn to check the state of the Sky Fortress, Laputa . Kang Chul-In, who had high expectations about the land quickly ordered to see the information screen . A brief overview of Laputa appeared .

-[Sky Fortress, Laputa]

Type: Airborne City

Tendency: Multipurpose

Location: Southwest Pangaea, Pandemonium Province

Description: Ancient Empire Fortress applied with advanced magic

Skill: Cloaking, Self-Healing System

Additional Options: Cosmic Force, a multipurpose magic engineering satellite

Lord: Conquest Sovereign Kang Chul-In

Level: Level 1 (Maximum Growth to Level 30)

Status: Calm

Maneuver: Landed state (Gold, Mana, Fuel used for Take-Off)

Lowest speed: 5km/ h

Fastest speed: 100km/h (Fastest speed limit depending on level)

Basic Expense: 100 Gold/ 30 days (fluctuates depending on land condition)

Public Order: Very Good/ Financial Affairs: Weak / Food: A small shortage

Population: 500/500

Military Force: 100/100

Facilities: 11 / Durability: 1,000/1,000 / Loyalty: 90/90

'Everything seems to be okay other than the finance and food… I would need to take care of these as soon as possible . '

The finance and food was short because he had used 9,800 gold out of the 10,000 given to him in the beginning to purchase the land .

'I will need to fix these one by one… next, Cosmic Force . '

Kang Chul-In briefly checked the status of the land and then ordered the information on the additional option of Cosmic Force .

-[Cosmic Force]

Type: Magic Engineered Artificial Satellite

Tendency: Multipurpose

Description: An artificial satellite with advanced magical engineering

Level: Level 1 (Maximum growth Level 5)

Level 1: Exploration (Able to be Used) Level 2: Location System (Unable to be used) Level 3: Pulse Wave (Unable to be used) Level 4: (Unable to be used, Unlocked when Level 4 Obtained) Level 5: (Unable to be used, Unlocked when Level 5 Obtained)

'This is crazy…!'

Kang Chul-In was surprised once again after seeing the brief information on Cosmic Force .

'Exploration is recon, and the location system is GPS . Pulse wave… confusing the enemy's communication lines!'

These first three skills were enough to toy with the other Sovereigns, but he could not even begin to imagine what the 4th and 5th levels would unlock . He thought that maybe even Orbital Bombardment might be possible .

'Kang Chul-In! Remain calm!'

He worked hard to calm his heart that was pounding with excitement .

'You must be cautious . Don't waver and find ways that you can use what you have to the fullest . Even with a treasure in your hand, it is useless if you cannot use it at the right place at the right time . What comes first is to gain back your power . You cannot lose again this time . '

Kang Chul-In steadied himself, thinking about his failed past due to his arrogance and rashness . One failure was unacceptable, but another even after another life—he could not even raise his head properly in the afterlife .


Kang Chul-In exhaled loudly organizing his thoughts, and decided to focus on slowly growing .

'Let's first complete the tutorial . '

When one was first given land, there were various quests to level up in the starting stages .

"Lucia . "

Kang Chul-In called Lucia .

"Yes, my Lord . "

Lucia answered .

"I am going to inspect my troops after looking over the land . Prepare accordingly . "

Kang Chul-In's eyes twinkled as he gave his order .

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