The Overlord of Blood and Iron

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 . Advisor Lucia

Kang Chul-In ordered Lucia, but she did not move as if she had a mechanical malfunction . Something was bothering her .

‘Uh, how does he know all the commands?’

Lucia did not show it on the outside, but in the inside, she was very surprised and taken aback . Kang Chul-In, who had ordered to see the [My information] and [Land Status] without any help from her was a shocking sight .

‘Would he not need me, by any chance?

Lucia stiffened .

It was understandable .

The reason for her existence was for her to advise the Sovereign and grow Laputa, but if Kang Chul-In considered her useless, then her existence was also useless . For Lucia, it was understandable for her to be worried and upset .

“Excuse me… my Lord . ”

Lucia mustered up the strength to ask Kang Chul-In, because her existence was threatened .

“May I ask you something?”

Lucia, who had a cold and stern feel about her that contrasted her full body, asked Kang Chul-In timidly . Kang Chul-In wondered why she was acting strange but he nodded, allowing her to speak further .

“Of course . ”

“You, my Lord, was able to command without my help . You also were not surprised nor taken aback . Despite your sovereignty, you are too calm and composed in a strange, new place . ”

Kang Chul-In did not agree or disagree with Lucia’s words, and silently listened .

“So that’s why I am asking you . Are you… by chance the All-Knowing?”

It was a far-off guess .

‘What the heck . ’

Kang Chul-In was taken aback by Lucia’s guess .


What was he, a God?

It was an absurd statement .

“No, I am not the All-Knowing . ”

Kang Chul-In shook his head .

‘I acted too deft . It makes sense that they are puzzled . ’

Kang Chul-In realized why Lucia had thought that and was briefly stumped on what to do next, but decided to give an evasive answer .

“This place is a foreign place to me, but also not so foreign . ”

Lucia tilted her head at the confusing statement .

“You mean…”

Lucia spoke first before Kang Chul-In could explain further .

“That the place in which you were born and here is similar?”


The corners of Kang Chul-In’s lips twitched upwards . It was annoying anyways to try to explain, but since she had misunderstood first, it made it easier for him to make up something .

“Yes . ”

Kang Chul-In answered quickly .

“So, in your hometown, did you reign over a land and was in the position of a Sovereign?”

“You are right . ”

It was a lie, but in some sense, it was also true . It was fact that he did reign over a land and rose to the position of Grand Sovereign .

“Oh, I understand now, my Lord . ”

Lucia nodded her head like she understood .

“So… may I know what kind of Sovereign you were, my Lord?”

That question, Kang Chul-In could give an answer to so he revealed his previous status as Grand Sovereign .

“I was a Grand Sovereign, one of the strongest Sovereigns amongst Sovereigns . ”


“Grand… Sovereign!”

Lucia shivered . It was as if she felt a shudder in Kang Chul-In’s words .

“Here, here in Pangaea, there is also a status of Grand Sovereign! They reign over large lands and command entire continents! My god! You were like a Grand Sovereign— I am honored to serve you, my Lord!”

Lucia’s response was dramatic to a point where it left Kang Chul-In surprised . However, it was not surprising . Like the Sovereigns, Advisors also had their own worlds . They were more revered and respected the more powerful the Sovereigns they served .

“Then, did you also have an advisor?”

Lucia asked .

“I had a vampire butler named Alfred . ”

“How was the advisor called Alfred? Was he competent? Were you satisfied with Alfred?”

Lucia who was questioning Kang Chul-In was all worked up, and eyes burned with jealousy .

‘Competition . ’

Kang Chul-In saw right through Lucia’s emotional state .

“Hmm . ”

Kang Chul-In looked at Lucia who wanted, like a puppy, to hear that Alfred was an incompetent advisor and started to speak .

“Alfred was…”

Lucia’s eyes glimmered as she concentrated on Kang Chul-In .

“competent . ”

It seemed that Lucia was shocked at his answer, but Kang Chul-In could not talk badly about Alfred who was faithful to him until the end .

“He was that good?”

“I was able to rise to the position of Grand Sovereign because of him . ”


Lucia’s face darkened .

‘He was a Grand Sovereign in his hometown and had a good advisor… if by chance, what if he casts me out? Will I be thrown away?’

Lucia whos existence was threatened and was overcome with jealousy was about to burst in tears at any moment .

‘Is she afraid that she will be cast out? I will need to reassure her a little . ’

Kang Chul-In, who could see right through Lucia, smiled widely and decided to prescribe a fitting medication . Even with his horrible personality, Kang Chul-In used to hold the position of Grand Sovereign . He knew how to handle his subordinates .

“Lucia . ”

Kang Chul-In called Lucia in a gentle voice .

“Yes, my Lord…”

Lucia’s voice was down .

“You do not need to worry . I will not abandon you . ”


Lucia was surprised . It was understandable, seeing Kang Chul-In had seen right through her .

“From where I am from, the relationship between Sovereign and Advisor is that you can share your deepest, and most private thoughts—things that you could not even tell your family . ”

“Yes, yes! It is the same here as well!”

“Then you will understand quickly . Listen . You are my advisor, and you are like family I would spend eternity with . Why would I abandon you?”

“Are… is that true?”

“Yes . Although I might know a lot more than others, there will be much that I do not yet know . Also, instead of being jealous of Alfred, you just need to be better than him . Do not look so down and let’s work together in growing this land . ”


Lucia exclaimed .

‘Yes, what the Lord says is right! I will prove that I am more capable than Alfred!’

Lucia who had been encouraged by Kang Chul-In clenched her fists and vowed that she would prove to be more useful than Alfred .

‘Simpleton . ’

Kang Chul-In looked at Lucia and smirked, but he did not get caught . A Sovereign must not look easy—and he needed to maintain his dignity .

“My Lord . ”

Lucia spoke with a determined face .

“Speak . ”

“I, Lucia, will serve you with all my soul and heart, and will prove to you my competence!”

“Good . ”

Kang Chul-In looked pleased .

“First, I will complete the tutorial quest . Get my troops ready for inspection like I had ordered . ”

“Yes, my Lord!”

Lucia answered lively .

“I will order the troops to ready!”

While Lucia left to prepare for inspection, Kang Chul-In took time to look at the Tutorial Quest description .

-[Tutorial 1] Level 10 Obtained

Description: Reach Level 10

Reward: Experience +500/ 20 gold/ Use of Warp Gate (Unlimited)

Reference: Unable to return to Earth without completing Quest

Reference: Conquer other Sovereign +5 Levels

Reference: Related to Tutorial 2 Quest

The warp gate was the passage that connected Earth and Pangaea, and was a must for dimension travelers . Therefore, in order to return to earth, Tutorial 1 Quest needed to be cleared .

-[Tutorial 2] Monster Subjugation

Description: Conquer the monsters living in the land

Reward: Experience +250 / 20 Gold

Current Status: 0/500

‘It’s the same as the past . ’

Kang Chul-In who had checked that the quests were the same as the ones he experienced before, he decided that he would clear the tutorial quests as soon as possible . It would be difficult because he was in a low level, if he put all his energy into it, 3 or 4 days would be enough . As he was thinking, Lucia appeared and notified him that the inspection preparations were complete .

“Let us go quickly my Lord . The troops are longing to meet you . ”


“Yes, my Lord . ”

“I will go right away . ”

Kang Chul-In headed out .

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