The Overlord of Blood and Iron

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 . The Great Summoning, again!

Kang Chul-In got the 100 thousand by using all means . Aside from the 20,000 he had borrowed from the bank, the interest for all the rest was 34 . 9% per year (or even more), but Kang Chul-In was not afraid of the interest . It was recklessness stemming from confidence .

“Here is the upfront payment of 20,000 . I put in 5,000 more so eat a meal with your subordinates . ”

And as promised, Kang Chul-In who had come to Park Du-Sik’s office, placed 20,000 in cash on top of a desk, and signed the contract .

“You didn’t have to do this much… haha”

Park Du-Sik who was on the fence about trusting Kang Chul-In for the last three days rubbed his hands together smiling when he saw Kang Chul-In and his cool spending habits .

“Report to me if you have anything . ”

“Yes, boss . ”

“Oh, and…”


“Can you get me a car?”

“A car, sir?”

“From what I know, you guys do some used car dealings as well?”

“Ah, that… I don’t have enough to deal used cars because as you know, we are small, but I can ask around for you . ”

After hearing what Park Du-sik had to say, Kang Chul-In thought for a while, and spoke .

“Can you find a car that I can have starting tonight? Rent, lease, used, it doesn’t matter . I’ll need it 3 months at most anyways . ”

He did need a car .

He was a Grand Sovereign, after all, and it was uncomfortable for him to use public transportation like buses or the train .

“What kind of car…”

“A coupe . ”

Kang Chul-In answered .

“I would like a Chevrolet Corvette or Ford Mustang . The price doesn’t matter—around that price is fine . Again, I won’t be using it for long . ”

Because his budget was limited still, he chose muscle cars like Corvettes and Mustangs .

“I will find out right away . ”

Park Du-Sik took his smartphone out right away, and spoke on the phone for about 10 minutes .

“They will bring a Mustang right away . It is a rental, but they need a down payment of about 10% because it is a foreign car . ”

“Hey, you . ”

Kang Chul-In called Oh Gwang-Pil upon hearing about the down payment .

“Yes, yes?”

Oh Gwang-Pil, who almost had his chin broken by Kang Chul-In’s hook, hesitated and headed towards Kang Chul-In with a slightly frightened expression .

“Don’t be scared . I won’t hit you . ”

“Yes, yes . Thank… thank you!”

“Go get my money . The password is 4581 . ”

Kang Chul-In handed Oh Gwang-Pil his card .

“How, how much do I withdraw?”

Oh Gwang-Pil asked, relieved that Kang Chul-In would not hit him .

“Two . ”

“Two dollars?”

Oh Kwang-Pil made a stupid expression .

“Du-Sik, right?”

Kang Chul-In looked to Park Du-Sik .

“Are all your guys like this?”

“I’m, I’m sorry . ”

Park Du-Sik’s face was red as he bowed his head in embarrassment .

“Hey, you stupid idiot!”

Park Du-Sik roared as he kicked Oh Kwang-Pil’s large, thick butt .


“Why are you still here! Go bring the money!”

“It’s… it’s…the amount…”

“You think the big boss would ask you to withdraw 2 dollars? Huh? You stupid idiot!”

Park Du-Sik had began to call Kang Chul-In big boss .

“I… I will go right away!”

Oh Kwang-Pil went out of the office like a boar who had been burned after being slapped multiple times . Both, in a social setting and in a gang, it is tiring to deal with those who don’t have any sense .

“10%… If it is a Mustang, the down payment would probably be about 8-9000, and the monthly rate would be right under 1000?”

“Yes, boss . It probably will be around that much . ”

“You take care of the insurance and stuff as well, and then with the rest, split it in half with the one bringing the car and yourself . ”


Park Du-Sik’s eyes widened . Who would have thought that Kang Chul-In would be this generous?

“Don’t make me say it twice . ”

“Yes, boss!”

Kang Chul-In with that, ended his deal with Park Du-Sik .

‘Kwak Jung… for right now, this is the end . If there are connections between us, I would be able to find you . ’

Of course, even if it wasn’t meant to be, he did not have any intentions of giving up on Kwak Jung either .

If it wasn’t meant to be?

You can make it meant to be .

He was going to use any means necessary to have Kwak Jung work under him . That was the style and way of the Grand Sovereign, Kang Chul-In .

“Then, report to me once every two weeks . I will see you after three months . ”

“Yes, boss . Drive carefully!”

Kang Chul-In left Park Du-Sik’s office in his Mustang .

The Mustang, a symbol of the American muscle car with a V8 engine, seemed to flaunt its power as the engine revved .

‘Not bad . ’

Although it could not give him the satisfaction of the Bugatti Veyron that he rode in his past life, the American muscle car had its charms .


Kang Chul-In who had inquired about the whereabouts of Kwak Jung to Park Du-Sik and his gang, focused only on exercise and working out as he waited for the Great Summoning .

Pangaea was a land where dangerous monsters roamed all around, and to survive in such a place, it was necessary to build strength .

And like that, two months passed… and it was December 24th, 2020, one day before the great summoning . And, Kang Chul-In went to bed that night with a composed, calm nature . ‘Calling’, the dream that will lead everyone to Pangaea, would come to him when he fell asleep .

‘Father . ’

Just before he fell asleep, Kang Chul-In thought of his father who had passed away .

Usually, the person that he trusted most would appear in the ‘calling’; whether it was a god or human . In Kang Chul-in’s case, his late father had appeared and led him to the land mark . Perhaps, his late father would appear in his dream again after he fell asleep . As he was thinking so, his eyes slowly closed .

— I don’t have to say anything, right?

Surprisingly, it was not his father who had appeared in the ‘calling’ .

— I’ll just be tired if I say it, do it well .

It was himself, the Grand Sovereign Kang Chul-In, fully equipped with the epic item ‘Vali’s Burning Vengeance Armor Set’ and the sword Fragarach .

“I really do all sorts of things . ”

The present Kang Chul-In snorted .

The one he trusted and believed in the most, was himself . It was funny .

—You will not fail this time?

The past Kang Chul-In asked .

“Of coursse . ”

The present Kang Chul-In answered with a faint smile .

There is no such thing as two failures .

If he fails again after returning, he would be nothing more but the most powerless Sovereign throughout history .

Next morning .

30 thousand people from around the world, and future travelers to a different dimension, began to search for their landmarks .

This was a silent change .

The superpower nations that surveilled the entire world through satellites, as well as the Echelon (A surveillance system that wiretaps the entire world under the control of England and the United States) Network, would also not recognize the signs of the impending great summoning .

Only Kang Chul-In would see what was to come .

Kang Chul-In, after waking up, got in his Mustang and headed towards the 63 building, one of Seoul’s landmarks . He could have looked for other landmarks, but he went to the 63 building in case of any random variables . Like the butterfly effect, a small insignificant thing could twist the determined future . And, he did not want the misfortune of not getting his Sovereign class because he had gone to a different landmark than in his previous life .

(Djinn – The 63 building is called so, because it has 63 floors)

Kang Chul-In paced around in front of the 63 Building solemnly, and waited for the great summoning .

5 minutes… 4 minutes… and 1 minute .

As it grew closer to 10 in the morning, the clear skies began to fill with storm clouds .


There was a flash of light as lightning fell from the sky .


And there followed thunder that seemed to rip one’s ears and shook the earth .

And then…

From the sky, a golden aurora fell and shone on Kang Chul-In and a few others .

‘It’s coming!’

Compared to others who were screaming or falling to the ground, Kang Chul-In received the light calmly .

There was no reason to be surprised .

He had already experienced the Great Summoning before, and had already risen to the status of Grand Sovereign once, so it didn’t make sense for him to crumble without dignity .

Swish… . !!

Those who got hit by the golden light disintegrated into particles and disappeared like smoke . Kang Chul-In was no exception . He also disintegrated into particles and disappeared . It was the entering in to Pangaea, the Great Summoning .

Shortly after, in Kang Chul-In’s line of vision, a message popped up .

[Welcome to Pangaea . ]

And the next message…

[Congratulations! You have been appointed to the Sovereign Class . ]

It was as expected .

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