The Overlord of Blood and Iron

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 . Akan, the God’s Representative

While the 30,000 dimension travelers, who were scattered all over the world, metastasized throughout Pangaea, 300 true dimension travelers of the Sovereign class opened their eyes in a different location . It was a large hall bigger than most gyms . And, on the ceiling was a grand chandelier and shining floors . The wall was covered with life murals and crowned portraits of people all with dark, black hair .

“What, what is this?”

“Where is this!”

“I was… at the Madison Square Garden!”

Those who had been appointed Sovereign unexpectedly were flustered, all talking in their respective languages .

“Where is this! Was the dream true…! Allahu akbar!”

“Oh my god!”

There were also those who called out for their Gods (that probably appeared in their ‘calling’) . As everyone called out in confusion, one man with crossed arms was slowly scanning his surroundings amidst the chaos .

‘It is the same . Nothing is different . ’

It was he, Kang Chul-In, former Grand Sovereign .

‘I see a few familiar faces . ’

Kang Chul-In did not know all 300 Sovereigns that had gathered in the hall, but he could recognize a few familiar faces . And amongst them were a couple who he had killed himself . But… someone called his name .


When he turned his head, a pure looking Asian woman was looking at him with wide eyes . It was Lee Chae-Lin, the employee at M Entertainment .

‘Gosh, she was a Sovereign too . ”

Kang Chul-In who had recognized Lee Chae-Lin was astounded that that woman had also become a Sovereign . It was something he had not known in the past .

“You are Chul-In, right?”

“Yes, I am . ”

“I was worried! What happened? No, more importantly, where is this? Do you know, Chul-In?”

Lee Chae-Lin didn’t seem like she was in her right mind .

That was understandable, because aside from Kang Chul-In who knew everything, this was a different world that was beyond one’s imagination .

“Just wait and see . ”

Kang Chul-In did not pretend to not know .

“Huh? Chul-In, what do you mean?”

“There he is . If you listen well to what he is saying, you’ll get the gist of it . Of course, it won’t seem real anyways . ”

Kang Chul-In pointed at the platform that was at the middle of the hall .


There were sparks from some current, and shortly a purple portal emerged .

[Welcome, Sovereigns . ]

The being who had come through the portal was not human, but had a human-like figure and was wrapped in golden light .

[I am Akan, the God’s Representative who oversees this world and who will oversee you . ]

Akan’s voice vibrated and filled the room, as if it was under the echo effect .


“God’s Representative?”

“What are you saying!”

A few Sovereigns exclaimed at Akan’s words .



Akan’s voice roared as if thunder had hit .

Silence filled the hall immediately .

Only Kang Chul-In remained composed with his arms still crossed .

‘There is no point complaining at him . ’

Kang Chul-In knew well of Akan, the God’s Representative and his role . Akan was to put in gaming terms, an operator or a NPC of sorts, and could not be touched by any means . He was not an opponent that could be shaken .

[I know that you are all confused and puzzled . But!]

Akan spoke with power .

[Your role right now is to listen, and nothing more . Please quietly listen well to what I am about to say . ]

It meant that he was going to have a one-sided communication, but there was no one who opposed . There was an unimaginable sense of dominance in Akan’s words .

[You have been called the God as a Sovereign, the most prestigious level of dimension traveler traveling between Earth and Pangaea . ]

Akan began his explanation .

[A Sovereign status means that you will be managing your respective areas of land . From this moment forward, you will expand your lands to control Pangaea and reign supreme . ]

The Sovereigns began to listen carefully .

However, Kang Chul-In was different .

‘Rothschild, where is this bastard?’

Kang Chul-In was half-heartedly listening to Akan’s words as he moved face to face, searching for a familiar one . Akan’s words were not new to Kang Chul-In, and was rather boring .

‘It’s hard to find him . ’

He had looked carefully at the 300 faces, but he could not see Alex Rothschild . It seemed as if he was farther away .

[From this moment on, all your actions and decisions will be recorded onto a system and will be analyzed for the rise and fall of Sovereign points . Please proceed with wisdom and caution . ]

Akan’s explanations continued for a while longer while Kang Chul-In focused on other things .

To summarize Akan’s explanations,

All Sovereigns will manage one area of land respectively . The Sovereigns’ actions will be recorded in points . There will be a yearly gathering of Sovereigns and the 10 Sovereigns with the most points will be appointed to the position of ‘Grand Sovereign’ and will have additional benefits and power . To gain more points, it will be favorable to win and conquer in war with other Sovereigns .


[There will be some who have still not fully grasped what is going on . I understand . Earth is not a place where supernatural events occur . However…]

Akan spoke clearly so all 300 Sovereigns could understand .

[Pangaea is not a false reality . It is reality . Therefore, death in Pangaea…]

Gulp .

Someone swallowing echoed in the hall .

[Has the same meaning as dying on Earth . Whether you die in Pangaea or in Earth, the fact that you died does not change . Please be mindful of this fact, and do not waste your life in vain . ]




Horror overcame the faces of the Sovereigns in hearing Akan’s words .

However, Akan quickly continued, as if he could care less about their responses .

[More information will be given in detail later by your advisors, so please learn slowly . Now… it is time to choose your lands . ]

And hundreds of models appeared when Akan waved his hands in the air .

[The models that have appeared are smaller versions of lands that you will get to rule . Currently, there is ten thousand gold in your inventory . With that gold, you will need to choose and purchase the land that you wish . When you purchase your land, you will be automatically transported to Pangaea . Well, then, best of luck to all of you . ]

Akan, with those words, left in the portal in which he came . And the portal disappeared along with Akan, and the Sovereigns were left in the large hall .

“What…what is this?”

“Darn! What a strange dream . ”

“What kind of irresponsible bastard is that!”

As soon as Akan left, the hall filled with complaints and protests from Sovereigns who could not believe what was happening to them . It was like a flea market .

‘Every single thing is the same . ’

Kang Chul-In was reminded again that he had been rebirthed .


And in that moment, Lee Chae-Lin spoke to him .

“I don’t know what is happening . What am I supposed to do?”

Kang Chul-In thought for a moment and spoke .

“Like Akan said, you need to choose your land . ”

“I really don’t understand…”

“Even if you asked me, you will not get an answer . ”

“Excuse me?”

“There is a saying ‘Seeing is believing . ’ It will be faster for you to experience it for yourself . ” Kang Chul-In treated Lee Chae-Lin coldly .

‘I could help her… but then I will be adding more unexpected variables . I will need to be careful with my words . ’

If he were to help Lee Chae-Lin in choosing her land, it was more likely for her to choose a different land than what she would have chosen before . Then, it might change the determined future, so he decided to not say anything else . Of course, the future had begun to shift already, but if a big frame shifted, it would be bad . It would be right to not do anything different than before .

“First, let’s move separately . We can talk in detail when we return to earth . ”

With those words, Kang Chul-In moved towards the models to choose his land .


Lee Chae-Lin looked as if she was going to cry as she stared at the back of Kang Chul-In .

Kang Chul-In immediately went to select his land .

‘I need a mobile fortress . It would be nice if it is an airborne city . ’

For Kang Chul-In who had to suffer because of Alex Rothschild’s mobile fortress, his preference for a mobile land was understandable . Therefore, he would not choose Valhalla, his past headquarters . In the war between Sovereigns, the ‘mobility of land’ was not just a strategy but a tactical card and advantage . His teeth still clenched when he remembered how the entire Cyamodus invaded Valhalla when he met his end .

And that was not the end .

He had tried multiple times to take out Rothschild, but he had lost him multiple times because the mobile headquarters had escaped with great speed . If Kang Chul-In had a mobile fortress, he would have been able to kill Rothschild earlier, and he would not have fallen from the alliance of Baldur and Gullveig .

His pride would have hurt, but he could have escaped .

If Rothschild had a tactical advantage only because of his mobility, he would teach Rothschild a lesson by choosing an airborne fortress .

‘Wait… this looks different . ’

Kang Chul-In, who was looking carefully at over 900 models stopped at a land that was atop a whale’s back . And information about the land appeared after a few sparks appeared in the air .


Type: Airborne city

Tendency: Conquest

Location: Southern Part, Alpheon province

Description: Land atop the back of a flying whale, Uranus

Ability: Tactical weapon, Hydro Beam

Price: 8,000 Gold

‘Hydro Beam . . Is that the energy cannon that completes quickly?’

The lands that the Sovereigns could buy had one or two special abilities and were limited to these, so he needed to decide carefully .

It was then .

Someone spoke to him as he was looking at the lands .

“Can you by any chance… tell me how you got the information to pop up?”

Kang Chul-In turned his head and looked to the person who had spoke to him . And that person was…

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