The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex

Chapter 956 - She Had a Relapse

Chapter 956: She Had a Relapse

The relatives from the Mo clan continued to make their way to the Mo mansion, including Mo Yixuan’s uncle, aunt, his nieces, and nephews… more than 10 people entered his house.

Everyone looked very solemn and Mo Yixuan’s hands were balled into fists. He was sweating profusely.

He looked at the door to the emergency room and his breathing quickened.

“What’s wrong? Why did she suddenly have a relapse?” his uncle Li Yunsheng immediately questioned when he arrived.

However, Mo Yixuan was not in the mood to respond to his uncle.

His mother had fallen ill so quickly and it was a sudden relapse.

The door to the emergency room opened and a doctor emerged from the emergency room. He took off his mask and looked at the family members who have gathered outside the emergency room as he said gravely, “I tried my best but it doesn’t look good. She might only have a few days left, so you should prepare yourselves for the worst.”


Everyone froze in shock as though they had been struck by lightning. Mo Yixuan’s eyes widened and the concern in his eyes turned into terror.

He stumbled backward and his legs suddenly gave way. He almost fell onto the ground.

“Mom…” he shouted loudly.

Li Qin’s relatives all turned pale.


Li Qin was transferred to the intensive care unit after she emerged from the emergency room. Her breathing was uneven and her breaths alternated between being quick or being slow. It seemed as though she could stop breathing at any moment.

Her lips were pale and there were many more white strands in her hair than before. She had aged hard over the past two years because she was ravaged by illness. She was only in her fifties but she looked like she was in her sixties.

She shut her eyes tightly and she didn’t even have the strength to move her limbs.

A tear from the corner of her eye before it was followed by a second teardrop.

She was about to die and she was still conscious enough to know that death was nearing. Although she couldn’t open her eyes, she knew that she was surrounded by her family.

Her son, her grandson, and her siblings… there were many who came to visit her, or to say their final goodbyes.

Her son held her hand and she heard her son’s voice saying,” Mom, don’t leave me. I’ve already lost my father, so I don’t want to lose my mother as well. You said that you’d live until you are eighty years old and witness Yuan Yuan get married and have children of his own. You said that you wanted to witness the birth of your great-grandson, so you can’t leave me now.”

Li Qin’s breathing quickened but she couldn’t respond to her son’s cries. She could only use her breaths to show that she was still conscious and that his words made her feel emotional.


Soon, she heard her grandson Yuan Yuan calling out to her.

He was her favorite grandson and was a very well-behaved and sensible child. She regretted not being able to see him grow up, get married, and have children of his own. She suddenly remembered his mother, her ex-daughter-in-law He Xiyan.

She had despised and treated her ex-daughter-in-law so badly in the past but her ex-daughter-in-law had always treated her very well, as though she was her biological mother. Her only regret right now was that she couldn’t apologize to her ex-daughter-in-law.

She had been rich but life had not been smooth-sailing for her. She was born into a well-connected and rich family, so she didn’t have to worry about clothes or food while growing up but her parents didn’t dote on her. Instead, they doted on her brothers. She wasn’t important to them because she was a girl.

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