The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex

Chapter 957 - From Family Members to Strangers

Chapter 957: From Family Members to Strangers

Later, she married Mo Xuming and married into the Mo family. However, her husband was pining for a woman he could never marry and had only married her out of convenience. She had two sons after they were married but her younger son died before he turned one. She lost her son when she was young, lost her husband when she was a middle-aged woman, and was about to die when she was not even sixty.

Li Qing felt extremely upset at the thought of this.

She didn’t want to die. She wanted to continue living with her son and her grandsons but she knew that this was just wishful thinking. She wasn’t going to be fortunate enough to enjoy a long life with her family by her side.

Beep, beep, beep…

Suddenly, a beeping sound could be heard in the room and soon, loud wails filled the room.

“Mom…” Mo Yixuan gripped his mother’s shoulders and practically yelled, “Mom, wake up. Wake up…”

However, Li Qin could no longer hear him.

Yuan Yuan burst into tears when he realized that his grandmother had passed away and he cried until his eyes were red and swollen. He knew that his grandmother doted him because she would often look at him even though she could no longer talk nor move. She would also smile every time he held her hand.

He didn’t have a grandmother any longer.

Yuan Yuan pursed his lips and he was truly grieving for his grandmother.

Mo Yixuan had completely broke down and it seemed as though no amount of tissues could wipe his tears away.

He sat in front of his mother’s bed and stared blankly at his mother who would never open her eyes again.

He was an orphan from this moment onward and this was the third time he had lost a member of his family.

He lost his father 8 years ago, his wife 5 years ago, and now, he had lost his mother. Over the past few years, his loved one had left him one at a time.

He still had many years ahead of him but he didn’t know how he was going to live out the rest of his life without his family by his side.

Li Qin’s funeral was held five days later.

Many people flooded to the Mo mansion including Li Qin’s family, those from the Mo family, Mo Yixuan’s industrial partners, classmates, employees, and friends. There were more than a hundred cars that drove beside the hearse and there were several hundred mourners present.

However, it didn’t matter anymore.

After someone died, it didn’t matter whether he or she was given a small or grand funeral.

He Xiyan only found out about Li Qin’s passing through a voice message from Yuan Yuan.

She heaved a long sigh when she heard the news but she wasn’t overly emotional nor did she derive a perverse pleasure from her passing. She had once addressed :i Qin as ‘mom’ and had once treated her like her mother, but later, she came to hate and detest her ex-mother-in-law. Now, all these feelings had faded away and she no longer felt anything toward her.

Yuan Yuan told her that his father was so upset that he hadn’t eaten in a few days and had lost a lot of weight. She gave this matter some thought but ultimately decided not to send him a comforting note.

She felt that she no longer had anything to do with both the Mo family and the Ye family after the divorce. These men who had once been part of her family were now familiar strangers.

Time could truly soften the edges of many emotions, including love and hate.

All she wanted was to treasure her life and her family. She only had three family members left; her two children and her younger sister. She also had several family members who were biologically related to her, such as her uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives. However, she didn’t intend to contact them because she had already seen their true characters after her mother had passed away.

She guessed that they probably didn’t even care about her happiness.

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