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Chapter 959 - The Intelligent Robot Dudu

Chapter 959: The Intelligent Robot Dudu


Xi Xi looked at her mother in confusion. She didn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to eat these things. Moreover, her classmates always liked to share the food they liked with her.

Du Du suddenly blinked and its eyes shone with red light as it said, “Master, your mother is right. You shouldn’t be eating food from others because we can’t be sure whether the food is safe to eat. Statistics show that 90,000 people have died from eating poisoned food that had been given to them by strangers on an annual basis.”

Xi Xi bit her lips. Du Du sounded so serious that she couldn’t help but take its words seriously.

He Xiyan ruffled her daughter’s hair and said, “Xi Xi, your dog is right. You can’t simply eat anything without giving this matter more thought.”

“I am not a dog!” Du Du said angrily and two beams of red light shot out from its eyes and landed on He Xiyan’s face. It sounded like a sulky child as it retorted that it wasn’t a child.

He Xiyan was so shocked that she dropped the biscuit tin and all its contents spilled onto the floor.

She looked at this little robot in disbelief and she was surprised to realize that this robot had feelings.

“I’m an intelligent robot,” Du Du said angrily and retracted the red beams from its eyes.

Xi Xi smacked Du Du’s head.

“Du Du, why are you so upset? My mom only called you a dog because you look like one. You should look into the mirror if you don’t believe my words,” Xi Xi said with a smile. She really wanted to take out a mirror to show Du Du what it really looked like.

She used to call Du Du a dog in the past as well and had always been amused by Du Du’s indignance.

Du Du scoffed coldly and turned its head away from her.

It said, “I hate the fact that my designer had given me the body of a dog. Su Ye must be an idiot.”

Xi Xi burst into peals of laughter.

He Xiyan was completely speechless.

She watched on in shock and felt as though she couldn’t wrap her head around how smart Du Du was. She was surprised to find out that intelligent robots were now so advanced and that they had feelings and emotions like normal humans.

She suddenly looked at her daughter and said, “Xi Xi, you’ll have to return this robot to your aunt one day, right?” He Xiyan thought of all the robots she had seen at Shu Man’s place and recalled Man Man saying that Su Ye had personally participated in the design process of these robots and that he had spent a lot of time and effort on this. She wondered if Su Ye would fly into an angry rage because Xi Xi had taken one of his precious robots.

Xi Xi replied with a smile, “Mom, she had given Du Du as a present to me. However, she said that if I don’t like Du Du, I could always exchange Du Du for another robot.”

“I’m the best,” Du Du piped up.

He Xiyan didn’t know how to react.

Xi Xi made a face at Du Du and burst out laughing one more.

Du Du said, “None of the other robots are as knowledgeable, or as smart as I am. However, I must admit that they are better looking.”

He Xiyan had just taken some tea but she spat the tea out before she could swallow it.

She pursed her lips together and she couldn’t hold back her laughter.

This was truly an eye-opening experience for her.

Xi Xi laughed even harder before she stroked Du Du’s head.

“Alright, Du Du. I won’t send you back, so don’t worry. You must not be as handsome as An An, Micky, Jake, and the others, but you’re the cutest of them all. I love how cute you are,” she said with a smile.

Du Du scoffed coldly and closed its eyes.

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