The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex

Chapter 958 - The Castle Would Be Returned to Her

Chapter 958: The Castle Would Be Returned to Her

Xi Xi went over to her mother’s place once more. She became more reluctant to return to the castle because she didn’t want to see Han Xue and Ye Chenyu.

“Mom, Dad said that he will chase everyone out of the castle in a couple of days, then I’ll be able to live there with you,” Xi Xi said happily.

She was thrilled at the thought of Aunty Han and Ye Chenyu being kicked out of the castle.

He Xiyan paused for a moment before she looked at her daughter in surprise. She was surprised by her daughter’s words.

“Did he really say that?” He Xiyan asked in confusion. She felt that her daughter was just joking.

Xi Xi pursed her lips into a smile and said happily, “He did. Mom, you’ll be able to move into the castle with me after he has chases them all away.”

He Xiyan pursed her lips awkwardly and stretched out her hand to pat her daughter’s shoulder as she said, “Xi Xi, will you be upset if I choose not to live with you in the castle?”

He Xiyan didn’t want to move back into the castle because it didn’t hold any good memories for her. She didn’t like that house.

“Mom, where do you intend to stay then?” Xi Xi’s eyes widened as she looked at her mother.

“Uh…” He Xiyan thought for a moment before she said, “I’ll buy a house near your aunt’s place. What do you think about that?”

“Near my aunt’s place?” Xi Xi scratched her head and thought for a moment. She knew that her aunt stayed in an area that had many mansions but these mansions were much smaller in comparison to the castle.

“Mom, these houses aren’t as big as the castle,” she said.

He Xiyan froze.

“Why, do you like the castle that much?” He Xiyan asked. She sensed that her daughter didn’t want to leave the castle.

Xi Xi chuckled and said, “Mom, the castle belongs to me, so of course I love it. Plus, I planted many of the trees within the compound and also rear my pet goldfish there. My swing and trampoline can also be found within the castle.”

He Xiyan was dumbfounded.

Then, she couldn’t help but chuckle. She felt that her daughter was extremely cute.

If Xi Xi wanted to live in the castle, she would give in to her daughter’s request and live with her in the castle. However, she knew that Han Xue would not move out without a fight.

The castle was the most valuable private property in Ye City and it was the most luxurious castle in the country. It was worth several billion dollars by now.

“Oh yes, mom…” Xi Xi suddenly took out her bag and pulled out a small box from her bag. She passed the small box to her mother and said, “My classmate gave me another present.”

“Was it the same classmate who gave you the clay figurine?” He Xiyan asked.

Xi Xi nodded and said, “Yes, mom.”

He Xiyan looked at the box in her hand. It was an exquisite small metal box. She opened the metal box and immediately, she could smell the fragrant scent of biscuits. The small box contained strawberry biscuits and she could smell a faint strawberry scent.

“Cheng Cheng said that his mother baked these biscuits,” Xi Xi said.

“Oh…” He Xiyan said as she looked at these biscuits. She had to admit that they were very well-made and even molded into the shape of animals. It was a design that would be very popular with children.

However, He Xiyan didn’t want to let her daughter eat these biscuits.

“Babe, we can’t eat these biscuits. Please remember not to accept any food that your classmates try to give to you in the future. Don’t accept any food from strangers either,” she said.

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