The Rest Of My Life Is For You

Chapter 1192 - Give Me a Hint!

Chapter 1192: Give Me a Hint!

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“If Xinxin can learn things faster, Grandfather can rest earlier. It isn’t hard on Xinxin at all, it’s tougher for Grandfather!”

“Grandfather’s the best to Xinxin, Xinxin loves Grandfather the most!”

“Xinxin will be filial to Grandfather and never marry in future just to stay by Grandfather’s side…”

Just these few words were enough to make the elderly head burst with joy.

He went on about how the best thing her father had done in his whole life, was to produce such a quirky granddaughter for him.

For someone who had been dignified his whole life, he seemed to have turned into a playful child with his granddaughter by his side.

He even said that she could enter the living quarters of the head of the family freely, somewhere even the elders of the Mo Family could not enter as they wished.

Grandfather would buy her anything she wanted and allowed her to act in whatever way she wished.

Her mother had often said that her grandfather had maintained a dignified composure his whole life, but it was only when he saw her that he would turn into an amicable elderly and had pride in the joy of having a family…

The images that appeared in Nian Xiaomu’s head started to flash past repeatedly, and the voices of these memories rang in her ears. They seemed near, yet far at the same time.

As they resurfaced, those images clashed with the scene of the elderly’s dying face before her, stimulating her pupils over and over again.

It was as if there was a huge rock pressing down on her chest, causing her heart to wrench in pain.

She bit her lip before asking, “Didn’t they say Grandfather only needed to rest quietly, why is his condition so serious?”

Nian Xiaomu had taken up nursing, and seeing the set-up and surrounding medical equipment, she could tell that Mo Chengxian’s condition was serious.

It was no wonder that Mo Kun was not afraid to let her see her grandfather.

Now that her grandfather had no chance of walking or speaking, there was no way he could help her accuse Mo Kun even if he could see her.

Of course, Mo Kun had nothing to fear!

“Your grandfather couldn’t take the blow when he heard what had happened to you and had a sudden stroke. The doctor checked and said he could actually recover slowly, who knows… he’s old and that’s why he isn’t getting better.”

Mo Chengliang stood by the edge of the bed and gazed at the older brother, who was once well-respected and dignified, now lying motionless on the bed. His eyes became slightly red.

“Since the doctor said he could recover with time, how did his condition turn more serious?” Nian Xiaomu walked to Mo Chengliang and enquired.

With an ordinary stroke, as long as the patient was saved in time, even if his condition could not fully recover, with time, he would at least have some recovery.

There was no way a stroke patient would be like her grandfather, in a deep coma and unable to speak.

Despite them only being inside for a few minutes, he had no consciousness at all.

“About this…”

Mo Chengliang seemed to be perplexed as well and raised his head to look at Mo Kun.

Mo Kun took the chance to remind them that the doctor instructed that Mo Chengxian needed to rest quietly, thus asking them to leave the room to talk.

Nian Xiaomu was unwilling to leave and was just about to go forward to take a look at her grandfather, but, just when she had reached his bedside, Mo Yongheng reached out to stop her on behalf of Mo Kun.

He reminded her in his low, deep voice,

“If you disturb Master, it won’t do any good for his condition at all!”


Nian Xiaomu stopped in her tracks and narrowed her eyes, sizing up Mo Yongheng before her.

The expression in her eyes became complicated.

Was this the fiancé her grandfather had picked for her?

He should be the one most filial towards Grandfather, but why is it that even when he could obviously tell that Mo Kun had done something to Grandfather’s condition, he was acting oblivious to it and even helping Mo Kun to hide this?

Did his conscience not prick him?!

“What if I’m bent on waking Grandfather up?” Nian Xiaomu’s gaze was powerful and determined all of a sudden, as she stressed each and every word clearly.

As soon as her words had been heard, Mo Yongheng grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her out of the ward!

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