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Chapter 1193 - Mo Yongheng Who Was Acting Strangely

Chapter 1193: Mo Yongheng Who Was Acting Strangely

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Nian Xiaomu tried to break free from his grasp, but suddenly quietened down and allowed Mo Yongheng to pull her out of the ward.

Mo Chengliang and Mo Kun were a step behind and followed after them.

They could only watch as Mo Yongheng and Nian Xiaomu glared at each other as if they were about to start a fight.

Mo Chengliang frowned and muttered, “Yongheng, Missy was only concerned about Master, how could you lay a hand on her just because of that!”

In the Mo Family, other than the Master, the one whose status was the most respected was definitely the Missy.

She was the chosen successor hand-picked by the elderly head.

Even an elder like Mo Chengliang would not usually dare to directly address her by name.

Who could lay a finger on her as they wished?

“Don’t be angry, Uncle. When it comes to being concerned about Father, who could beat Yongheng in it? Ever since Father fell ill, it has been Yongheng who has stayed by his side to take care of him. If my earlier behavior had not threatened Father’s condition, he wouldn’t have gotten so worked up.”

Once Mo Chengliang’s words had been spoken, Mo Yongheng had yet to respond when Mo Kun beat him to it by explaining on his behalf.

He added, “It’s still too early to say if Nian Xiaomu is our Mo Family’s Missy. Yongheng only pulled her out of the ward, he didn’t go that overboard.”

These words, spoken by Mo Kun to defend Mo Yongheng, went completely ignored by Nian Xiaomu.

She merely glared at him before turning to Mo Chengliang.

“Little Grandpa, I only felt that Grandfather’s condition wasn’t quite right and wanted to check on him. I didn’t want to harm Grandfather at all!”

“You don’t need to say any more, I know. But, as you’ve seen, your grandfather is in a good state. Mo Qian has not mistreated him. Can you rest assured now?” Mo Chengliang swung his arms in the air as he asked.

Nian Xiaomu’s pupils constricted as she retorted,

“Little Grandpa, do you really think Grandfather is in a good state? Grandfather has been wise and farsighted his whole life. Even when he’s old, he should remain the same. But, look at how he is right now. He can’t even walk or speak, nor open his eyes to look at us. The renowned King of Medicine is just downstairs, I’d like to invite him…”

“Nian Xiaomu, don’t push your luck!” Mo Kun abruptly cut in.

His thick voice was filled with rage.

“You’ve brought a whole group of unknown people to the Mo Family and caused such a huge ruckus by accusing me of controlling the head of the family and trying to take over the position. You’ve even insisted on seeing him, and I’ve agreed and brought you here. Now, what else are you up to?”

Mo Kun’s face fell and he swung his hands.

With the air of a temporary head of the family, he declared, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. You have the Mo Family warrant with you because you want to get someone to treat you as the family head. If something goes wrong and the elderly head passes away, you’ll be the rightful new family head, am I right? Do you really think everyone in the Mo Family is an idiot for you to fool them like that?!”

“If you don’t have a guilty conscience, why don’t you dare to let other people check on Grandfather?” Nian Xiaomu questioned.

Mo Kun responded, “What a joke! When did I not let doctors check on Father? The Mo Family has asked so many doctors and tried so many ways, do you even know about it? You don’t, and you still dare to stand here and make unfounded accusations. You dare to say you’re not an imposter?!”


Nian Xiaomu could not reply and turned to look at Mo Chengliang.

Mo Chengliang nodded and explained, “Since what happened to the family head, the Mo Family has indeed hired many doctors. Many of them were even hand-picked by myself. They were all experts in this area of disease, but, as you’ve seen earlier, your grandfather’s condition still did not improve. It was the doctor’s advice to let him rest quietly.”

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