The Rest Of My Life Is For You

Chapter 1194 - Famous for Being a Genius

Chapter 1194: Famous for Being a Genius

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Nian Xiaomu narrowed her eyes and asked, “Which doctor is it? Could the doctor in charge of Grandpa be bribed?”

Before Mo Kun could speak up after listening to her speculation, Mo Chengliang had already reached out to touch his white beard and laughed.

“Even if there weren’t a hundred doctors who have treated your grandfather, there must have been dozens. It would definitely be not easy to bribe every single one of them without having the act revealed. If it were you, would you be able to do it?”

The Missy of the Mo Family was famous for being a resourceful genius.

If she could not do it, how could others do it?

The rest of the elders of the Mo Family were very clear on the importance of the position of the family’s head, not just Nian Xiaomu.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing that something had happened to the head of the family.

They had been extremely meticulous and checked on the case over and over again. However, they really could not detect anything suspicious.

The people who were personally taking care of the elderly head were Mo Yongheng and Mo Qian, and they were the ones whom he trusted greatly.

There was absolutely no reason for the members of the Mo Family to kick a fuss out of it.

Three years later.

If Nian Xiaomu had not suddenly appeared, three years later, and accused Mo Kun of impersonating Mo Qian, the other members of the Mo Family might still be trusting Mo Kun deeply without any doubt.

“Little grandpa, no matter what, Mo Kun has got rapacious thoughts and my parents were indeed killed by him. Even if you don’t believe my words now, you should not allow Mo Kun to continue taking care of grandpa!”

Nian Xiaomu grabbed onto Mo Chengliang’s arm tightly and pleaded with him sincerely.

Before Mo Kun could question if she was taking the chance to take Mo Chengxian away, she had already explained herself.

“I am not thinking of taking grandpa away. Even if I am not allowed to take care of grandpa personally, I still hope that little grandpa could take grandpa back to your place! As long as he is not with Mo Kun, anywhere is fine!”


Mo Kun’s eyes turned chilly the moment he heard that Nian Xiaomu had requested that Mo Chengliang take the elderly head away.

He overruled the suggestion without hesitation.

“The one who is sleeping in the ward is not just the head of the Mo Family, he is also my father! What would the other members of the Mo Family think if he was taken to uncle’s place instead of being under the care of his son? What if my father woke up without me and Yongheng in sight and have his health affected because he thought that something had happened to the Mo Family? Who would be responsible for this?”

Before Mo Kun could finish speaking, Nian Xiaomu had already knelt down before Mo Chengliang with a thump.

Mo Chengliang was so shocked that he retreated a step.

“Missy, what are you doing… Quickly get up!”

Nian Xiaomu remained silent and kowtowed to Mo Chengliang respectfully.

Choking with emotion, she said, “Little grandpa, I cannot explain what happened three years ago to you now. However, you watched my dad grow up from a kid, haven’t you had any doubts if this person in front of you is indeed my father?”

“…” Mo Chengliang’s sparkling old eyes flickered and a dubious look appeared beneath his eyes.

“I would not dare to beg you for other things, but this matter involves the safety of my grandfather. You can take it that I am spouting nonsense, but for his safety, please take grandpa home with you for a period of time. It would definitely be logical and reasonable for you to send him back after we have clarified everything!” Nian Xiaomu added on hurriedly when she noticed Mo Chengliang’s hesitant gaze.

“Mo Kun had mentioned earlier that Mo Yongheng was the one who had been taking care of grandpa all this time. As such, Mo Yongheng could still be the main caregiver for grandpa and he would not feel any unfamiliarity if he managed to regain consciousness now.”

Just as Mo Kun took a glance at Mo Chengliang’s softened expression and was about to object to her suggestion, Nian Xiaomu kowtowed to Mo Chengliang yet again.

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