The Return Of The God Level Assassin

Chapter 1032  YUNYUE VS SANGUIS (VI)



THE vampire laughed as if that's the funniest joke he heard in a while. "First, I don't think so. Second, I don't have a 'sorry ass'. My ass is, in fact, glorious. And third, don't grimace too much. It's a waste of such a pretty face."

Luo Yan had almost forgotten that this guy was a big flirt who would probably go after anyone decent looking as long as they're walking on two legs. Instead of answering, he used [Strike Kill].

It's a one-hit move that could easily deal damage to an enemy. But that was under the assumption that the attack would hit. Of course, this bastard managed to dodge and then didn't hesitate to stab him right in the face.

Luo Yan had no choice but to jump back to avoid the attack and put some distance between them. But the other didn't let him and rushed forward, with his dagger out, ready to stab him.

Luo Yan knew that this dagger called [Red Fang] had a 'Bleed' attribute. If he was so much as scratched by it, his HP would continuously decrease until there's nothing left. HP potions wouldn't work, only a Priest's skill would be able to negate its effect. But that was obviously not an option for Luo Yan.

The other probably knew that, too. That's why he'd been attacking like a rabid dog. But he wasn't the only one who had an added attribute to their dagger. His daggers also had a debuff effect from the Eternal Lotus. Which this guy probably also knew. And yet, he was charging at him without any care.

He didn't know if he should commend him for his fearlessness or criticize him for being reckless. His thoughts paused. Maybe he could use this against the other.

Because he had to rush to save Eclipse, he didn't have time to place the relic at the altar. So, he had to put it down somewhere first. Thankfully, he had an item that could temporarily conceal it where he left it.

Truthfully, if he could just leave the relic covered under his Invisibility Cloak for the remainder of the time, their team would win. But sadly, when he covered the relic with the cloak, a system notification appeared in front of him;

[To ensure fairness in the game, the effect of the Invisibility Cloak will only last for three minutes.]

When he read that, he thought, well, that's fair enough. But this also meant that he only had three minutes. No, it's less than that now, to deal with this vampire.

Once that time limit was over, Alucard would definitely notice the relic. And then it would definitely be harder to fight against the other while also defending the relic. He only had this short time to think of a strategy to 'kill' this guy.

Taking note of Alucard's recklessness, as well as the other's seemingly obsessive need to stab him, a strategy was forming in his mind at lightning speed. And all of this was happening inside his head while the two of them were exchanging blows.

"By the way, where is the relic?" Alucard suddenly asked, as if reading the thoughts swirling in his head moments ago. "Since you're not holding it and it's not on the altar, did you hide it on your way here?"

Luo Yan finally found the opening he needed to pull the plan he had thought of.

"And why should I tell you?" he said while glaring at the other.

He didn't forget to glance in one direction. Of course, he did it in a way people would think that it's instinctive and not on purpose. There was also that tense acting, as if he was trying to act tough when he was really nervous about something.

"Poor you, having your team leave such an important mission to you alone, you must be very nervous," Alucard said, obviously buying into his act. "Let me put an end to your suffering."

"You talk too much," Luo Yan said. He acted as if he was trying hard not to look in one direction, but his eyes still turned 'instinctively' to one side.

As if wanting to cover that up, he jumped to the opposite side of where he was glancing. When he did, Alucard suddenly laughed out loud.

Unlike earlier, when he rushed to follow, he stopped and looked at Luo Yan as if he was disappointed.

"Do you really think I will fall for that act?" Xu Ru asked. "I expected better from you, my pretty elf."

When he saw the other glancing in one direction, he really thought at first that the relic must be there. But when Noctis did it the second time, he knew the other was acting. Noctis was glancing in that direction because he wanted him to go there. If one's opponent wanted them to do something, it wouldn't be for their own good. It would be because it's a scheme to fool them and screw them up.

It was a pretty good acting that he almost fell for it. But when he noticed that the other was trying too hard, he just knew that something was wrong. Which meant that the relic wouldn't be there.

It would be at the place where Noctis jumped to.

He looked up at the timer floating in the air. Ten minutes had already passed since the start of the match. It was now time to end this. He glanced back at the beautiful elf standing before him. The shocked expression on his face, as if he didn't expect him to not fall for his act, was actually kind of cute.

"Hey, if my team wins this game, can we go on a date?" he asked in a playful manner.

The shock expression on Noctis' face quickly turned to anger, looking extremely offended. Which was also pretty cute.

Xu Ru didn't wait for the other's response and turned himself to blood mist to rush where he was. Because of this form, he arrived behind Noctis at breakneck speed. He didn't hesitate to stab the other.

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